Balloon Belly / New Media

  • Homestar Runner: In "A Jumping Jack Contest", The Cheat tries to ruin Homestar's performance at the jumping jack contest by offering him glass after glass of melonade. Homestar drinks every single one, and winds up with a big, sloshy belly and a desperate need to urinate.
  • There are animated banner ads out there that advertise ways to trim inches off your belly. Because most of these ads are poorly animated, their portrayal of a person losing weight typically consists of an otherwise skinny person with a large belly "deflating" so to speak, rather than having realistic body proportions for their before and after weights.
  • We Are Our Avatars: Micheal takes after his mother. At some points, it's only made even worse: Michael ate over 1,000 burgers and had a harder time working it off. He then gained huge amounts of weight as a result of faulty nanomachines, to the point where even working it off would not work.
  • The Wiki Rule applies to this trope.
  • There are many videos on YouTube of people eating or drinking until they become bloated.