Balloon Belly / New Media

  • Both helium and ferret ointment are known to have this effect on The Cheat.
    Homestar: Woah, Marzipan, check out that ugly bird.
    Marzipan: Homestar, I think that bird is the Cheat.
    Homestar: No way! The Cheat is one fine-looking young man. That is an ugly bird.
  • There are animated banner ads out there that advertise ways to trim inches off your belly. Because most of these ads are poorly animated, their portrayal of a person losing weight typically consists of an otherwise skinny person with a large belly "deflating" so to speak, rather than having realistic body proportions for their before and after weights.
  • We Are Our Avatars: Micheal takes after his mother. At some points, it's only made even worse: Michael ate over 1,000 burgers and had a harder time working it off. He then gained huge amounts of weight as a result of faulty nanomachines, to the point where even working it off would not work.
  • The Wiki Rule applies to this trope.
  • There are many videos on YouTube of people eating or drinking until they become bloated.