Badass Normal / Animated Films

  • Syndrome of The Incredibles has no powers, yet his technical skills and smarts allow him to create a robot powerful enough to eliminate dozens of supers. As well as an energy beam that allows him to move anything, regardless of its size, almost exactly like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. It may be that he has the one power of the Fantastic Four that no member of the Parr family has: His ability to invent things.
    • Arguably, he's a Deconstruction of Batman-like Badass Normal superheroes. He is undeniably a genius inventor, and he's hand's-on enough to use his gadgets in the field himself, but his lack of powers causes superheroes with powers to disparage him as just another Muggle who gets in the way. The difference is that Batman uses his genius for the greater good, while Syndrome becomes bitter and instead uses his genius creations to enact revenge on the perceived Smug Supers of the world, when their only crime was not recognising his potential and (perhaps rightly, perhaps wrongly) trying to protect what they thought was a reckless kid who was in way over his head. Hence, he hates all "supers" equally, including ones he's never met or ones who weren't even alive to disparage him in the first instance. This leads to the horrifying implication that Pixar's most dangerous villain and the Caped Crusader himself are Not So Different. If Bruce Wayne's life had sucked even more than it already did, who knows what he would've become?