Badass Grandpa / Web Comics

  • The Beast LegionMaster Surya unleashes a powerful Ice spell to stop Xeus's Beast form.
  • Charby the Vampirate — Victor's grandfather John Marlowe is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable Hunter of Monsters.
  • MAG ISA — Fr. Jose fits this trope. He can beatup a guy half his age.
  • Feng from Sluggy Freelance is supposed to be one of these, but his combat skills remain an Informed Ability.
    • Until he fights Kusari on even terms.
  • Thaco from Goblins.
  • Old Man-Man from Dresden Codak.
  • Clark from Shape Quest, who is a wizard.
  • Ten Winds, from Keychain of Creation.
  • Raven in a more recent story arc in El Goonish Shive.
  • Girl Genius: The Foglios are pretty fond of this trope. In part this is because it's a World of Badass, and any serious contender who isn't dead yet is obviously not to be crossed.
    • Klaus Wulfenbach - the Big Bad(?) of the series - is actually a prematurely aged father, but has the two qualities of (a) looking elderly and (b) dominating every other mad scientist in Europe with an iron fist.
    • Dr. Sun, not just for his ability to make Bangladesh Dupree sit down and be good, or his willingness to tear apart a twenty-five foot mech with his bare hands, but for the expression of relief Klaus gets when their disagreement over the definition of bed rest does not end in a confrontation. Until it does.
    • Ol' Man Death qualifies as this and as a (semi-)Retired Badass. The guy 'rode with the Jaegers' in his youth, is referred to by Maxim as the greatest warrior ever, and despite his advanced age can toss a Jaeger (Maxim again) through a window without breaking a sweat. Keep in mind that Jaegers are immortal Super Soldiers who have been known to fight small armies by themselves.
      Ol' Man Death: No. Listen to me. I'm just a human. Rode with the Jaegers. Never. Lost. A . Fight.
    • Although Airman Higgs is quite a mystery, he is astoundingly capable once he drops his masquerade, and an increasing number of hints suggest that he is very old indeed.
  • Jade's Grandpa was this in Homestuck before he died which didn't happen yet as far as the Timeless Expanse in which many of the events take place is concerned.
    • His introduction (alive, anyway) involves him blowing up a butterfly with an old timey hunting rifle the size of a cannon.
  • Soul Symphony: Although physically a normal old man in real life, in Eric's Soul World his deceased grandfather is a dark, evil monster who fights in a shadowy suit complete with fedora and cane.
  • Discussed in this page of Real Life Comics.
    Do not underestimate the power of old-fu.
  • Remus gives us Marcus Laurent, a gruff, Two-Faced CIA agent who's part of Williams's grab squad.
  • From Schlock Mercenary is (retired) General Karl Tagon, who took on a squad of mob enforcers in the buff with nothing but a show-piece carbine and inflicted heavy casualties before they managed to stick his severed head in a jar. And he still managed to escape.
  • Commander Heroic in Evil, Inc. still fights crime when not in the hospital.
  • White Noise is one in Last Res0rt, who functions as the Captain of the Executioners (and thus, the other players on the show).
  • MS Paint Masterpieces: Dr. Light. He has giant robots and isn't afraid to take on a Robot Master.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! Nemesites are an alien race with a lifespan of about 2,000 years. Fructose Riboflavin is 1,900, and looks it, being incredibly frail-looking and haggard. He can still outmaneuver and disable a hulking guard robot and make it look easy... and then complain that his back hurts, but that's okay.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: Krillin (or "Kulilin" as the author insists on calling him), of all people. He seems to have mellowed out in his old age.