Badass Grandpa / Theatre

  • The Lion in Winter references this trope right in the title. The play opens with King Henry outfighting his teenage son.
  • The Warriors at Helgeland by Henrik Ibsen has Ørnulf from the fjords, a cool old guy and warrior poet, an old warrior who is so incredibly awesome that people in Norway named their sons after him. He assails the biggest champion of the age with a spear, knowing him well enough to know when to back off, gets an honorable flesh wound from him and chants a poem about it on the spot. Later, he loses all his sons in combat, and the youngest of them because of a misunderstanding, but is genre savvy enough to let the killer live, because that man is a trusted friend. Upon burying all his sons, he makes an elegiac poem about them, stating that they ended well, and moves on to help the man who killed the youngest of them.