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Badass Bookworm: Fan Fiction
  • In Tails Of The Old Republic, Miles "Tails" Prower of Sonic the Hedgehog fame is now 14 years old, up from his canonical age of 8, and he can both kick ass and take names in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. When it's not trying to kill him, the technology he's surrounded with makes him drool like a kid at a candy store.
  • The Second Try has Shinji and Asuka becoming milder examples of this trope by necessity, since they had to accumulate and learn the sum total of human knowledge after they're left being the only two humans left alive on Earth, and are pigeonholed into being a civilization of two.
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness shows just what happens when you get the Ravenclaws seriously riled up.
  • In the Pokémon story Brave New World, the first new addition to Team Aurabolt is a fat basement-dweller Squirtle with tenuous grasp on the difference between fiction and reality. He starts things off by pounding the crap out of the protagonist (who has already defeated entire armies) via Confusion Fu, proceeds to predict half the plot turns in the story, defeats homicidal demons via children's card games and a manifestation of the futility of life using nothing but logic, stores entire arsenals in his shell, holds his own in direct combat, and generally embodies Crazy-Prepared and Crazy Awesome.
  • The protagonist/narrator of Travels Through Azeroth And Outland fits this description.
  • Yuuki Nagato of Suzumiya Haruhi No Seitenkan is even more Bad Ass than the original Yuki Nagato.
  • The fic Mortality shows what happens if you really get a mild-mannered doctor like Watson seriously pissed off. It's NOT pretty. If you really manage to get him pissed, this mild-mannered doctor WILL calmly kill you.
  • Tara "Green Shield" Strong from DC Nation. Yes, she is a Snark Knight first and foremost, but this is someone who has a Masters at 19, is getting her M.D. by apprenticing under Doctor Mid-Nite, and got her abilities by playing Professor Guinea Pig on herself to try and prevent her crooked boss from taking credit for her work. She's even studying alchemy in order to better keep up with the magical trouble the JSA attracts.
  • John in With Strings Attached qualifies. In Real Life he was a voracious reader, and a songwriting genius. In Strings, he's transformed into a guy who can fly and lift half a ton (though not at the same time) and given a magical charm that makes him powerful enough to lift a river. Not that he actually wants to do anything to you—unless you fuck with him or the others.
    • Paul and George probably qualify as well.
  • Harry in Harry Potter And The Invincible Technomage. Not only is he on his way towards being as brilliant as his adopted father Tony, he also gets regular physical training from Hell by Captain America.
  • In The Age of Wings and Steel, Cranberry uses her knowledge of ancient history to save the team's quest in the north.
  • The Pony POV Series has Twilight Sparkle, of course, but there's also Dark World Spike, who's spent the last thousand years as Discord's slave doing pretty much nothing but read to pass the time, from which he's learned a number of fighting techniques.
  • Harmony Theory: Star Fall is a scholar, magic talent, spy and powerful (by modern standards) mage, able to use her abilities in a fight.
  • Starr from Pokeumans, despite being seen often in her dorm reading, has certain moments of awesome. The best of which being when they infiltrate Pokextinction's Pine Barrows base.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Princess Luna, from Nightmares Are Tragic and All The Way Back, is one of the two strongest Alicorns in Equestria, a highly-skilled mage and mistress of numerous weapons and fighting styles. She is also extremely knowledgeable in science, technology, history and the arts.
    • The Celestia Code features Twilight Sparkle again, as an alicorn. Her approach to dragon negotiation is step 1, offer barter; step 2, carefully applied violence. She also uses applied topography to change a spherical magical shield into a buzzsaw.

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