Badass Adorable: Visual Novels

  • They turn up in the KeyAni adaptations, of all places.
    • Mai Kawasumi from Kanon. Even if the demons she fights every night are emanations of her own powers resulting from her reluctance to embrace them, you have to admit she's pretty handy with a sword.
    • Tomoyo Sakagami from CLANNAD. Just ask the local biker gangs. Or Sunohara.
    • From the same series, Kyou Fujibayashi also qualifies as this.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Pearl Fey is a powerful candidate, since she's saved the day quite a few times by channeling Mia.
    • For someone who is ostensibly the series' main Damsel in Distress, Maya certainly makes herself useful under the direst situations.
    • An evil example of this trope would be Dahlia Hawthorne. Not everyone has the guts to jump from a bridge into a river known for its deadly speed just to steal a jewel.
    • Arguably, Ambassador Colias Palaeno from Investigations, who manages to really grow on a lot of players, and who shows up with a small army near the end and pressures the Big Bad into staying put with thinly veiled threats. And he keeps smiling while doing it.
  • Arcueid from Tsukihime is more well known for being a bit adorably ditzy than being sexy. Also known more for her outrageously broken strength.
    • The Nasuverse is peppered with this trope, come to think of it. The Fate/stay night girls all have their moments, and some would even regard Shiki as one.
    • Ilya is probably the most prominent there. Of course, she also happens to be a complete (but intensely sympathetic) psychopath loli who isn't as young as she looks.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: Most of the cast counts, really. (Mion and Shion fall into Cute Bruiser territory.)
    • We have Rena, whose primary prerogative on a normal day is to find cute things to take home. When pushed to protect herself or her friends, she can non-fatally swing around a cleaver like no one else.
    • Satoko, appropriately dubbed 'The Trap Master' by the rest of the cast, is somewhere between 9 and 12 years old and very frequently The Woobie, yet she can trap, confuse or outright take out trained, fully grown men with minimal effort on her part.
    • Rika, whose very presence in early arcs was basically to say something cute for Rena to Squee over, proves herself to be this when she goes it alone and tries to take out Shion with mace and a syringe. She failed, but it was still Badass. She's also Really 700 Years Old and eventually becomes determined to Screw Destiny.
    • Finally, we have Hanyuu, a little girl around Rika's age, cute enough to be kidnapped by Rena three times in two minutes, who is also Oyashiro-sama, a Physical God who is promoted from The Voice to a full cast member during the final arc.
  • Veridadia from Yumina The Ethereal, who can turn herself into a BFS capable of destroying anything in a single strike.