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Badass Adorable: Tabletop Games
  • Many Scrappy Kids in Feng Shui definitely qualify as this.
  • In the German game Plüsch, Power & Plunder (about living plushies), every Player Character and many NPCs are this, essentially. And is there a better example?
  • For a given value of cute, kobold player characters may qualify in Dungeons & Dragons.
    • A wizard's familiar or a ranger or druid's animal companion might be this, since they look like normal animals but have enhanced abilities due to being linked to the magic user.
  • Lini the iconic Pathfinder druid, to an extent. She's a tiny, quirky, big-eyed gnome woman who travels the world with a giant fluffy kitty (okay, a snow leopard) bigger than she is.
  • While the predominantly teenage default characters of Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine qualify more often than not (Chuubo, for example, is a geeky kid with a thing for ice cream who occasionally turns into a giant monster and, in the later stages of his arc, gets actually pretty good at that), the real standouts are the rats of Fortitude, whose entire culture is founded on the spiritual ideal of Reepicheep from The Chronicles of Narnia, and who, without ever not being wide-eyed and friendly rodents, still ultimately consider doing cosmic raid dungeons against Eldritch Abominations to be an important cultural trait.
  • Rook Catchfly in Nobilis is a spunky kid who's going to be a spunky kid indefinitely due to being "stuck" at around nine years of age...and has Aspect 4, which is about enough to beat up the entire US Marine Corps for their lunch money.
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