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Badass Adorable: Pro Wrestling
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. A tiny little guy with big Puppy-Dog Eyes who would look like a kid playing superhero in his backyard, almost across the border into Moe...except he's held as many or more titles than any giant in the ring twice his size and can usually be found, especially recently, whomping the hell out of those same giants.
  • Daniel Bryan. Especially in his current persona, he looks absolutely adorable when talking to people backstage (most notably the Bella Twins of late) and then turns into a figurative wrestling giant when he gets in the ring.
  • Many of the female wrestlers, like Sable and Sunny, during The Attitude Era fits this trait, even going as far as being on the same grounds as the men. During that time, male wrestlers were allow to deal with women just as long they were their opponents, even leading to Chyna, so far the only diva, winning the Intercontinental title.
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