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Badass Adorable: Fanfic
  • If Ugly Cute counts, then Tug of Calvin & Hobbes: The Series is this, given his extreme agility. To wit:
    Tug hit the wall straight on, somehow rebounded into a tuck roll, let his back right paw touched the ground for one-eighth of a second, launched twenty feet from that one push, and managed to hit Hobbes at roughly seven thousand miles per hour.
  • A Growing Affection has a number, mostly connected to Hinata; her familiars Sol and Lune, her 'pet' Ni-ne a.k.a. the Two-Tails Cat. Also the Goddess of Death appears as a cute little girl.
  • Mariko Aratani from the Lucky Star fanfics Holiday Vacation and Lucky Star After Story definitely qualifies. She is a cute tomboyish girl with a badass streak. In Chapter 11 of After Story for instance, during an earthquake, she saved her best friend Chiyoko's life by jumping on top of her when part of the building came down on top of them.
  • In the semi-genderbent Sword Art Online fanfiction story The Kirita Chronicles, Kirigaya Kazuta is capable of being badass both in the real world due to taking karate classes and in the virtual world.
  • Megami No Hanabira: The main characters are all highschool girls, and quite adorable. They’re also VERY good at handling demons.
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