Badass: Web Original

  • Pico didn't become Newgrounds' Series Mascot for nothing.
  • Tex from Red vs. Blue is The ULTIMATE female Bad Ass.
    • Especially apparent after her glorious reappearance in Revelation, where she utterly decimates Tucker and the Reds at the same time without getting hit once or breaking a sweat. A 7-minute beatdown.
      F.I.L.S.S.: Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.
    • Agent Washington became badass around the time he took down a Hornet solo in less than a minute. Nothing he has done since then has changed this, only added to it. Notable points are taking on the Meta with a chain gun and everything he does from episode 15 onward.
    • Several characters have done this via Took a Level in Badass, including Wyoming (who did this offscreen after the prequels), Sarge, Tucker and pretty much the entire Blood Gulch crew.
  • Both characters in Draw With Me. The boy tries to break through the unbreakable glass, and succeeds, but he loses his hand as a result. What does the girl do? She cuts her own arm off for him to use to draw!
  • A Survival of the Fittest example would be Bryan Calvert. Perhaps his best moment is when he dropkicks an attacker off a roof. Shotgun toting, agressive and incredibly blunt, Calvert is not somebody to be messed with. (And god forbid if you ever harm his girlfriend...)
  • Mecha Sonic, the Big Bad of Super Mario Bros. Z, definitely qualifies as this, especially in Episode 6 where he singlehandedly gives the Mario crew, the Axem Rangers and the Koopa Bros one of the most epic fights of the series so far.
    • Captain Basilisx, the first truly original character in the series, who hands Mario his ass in record time. And he does so in a pitch-black armored spiky shell with Wolverine Claws on his hands after petrifying the rest of the team just by looking at them.
  • Pretty much any main character, hero or antagonist (and even a few mooks) in the Madness Combat series.
  • Less Than Three Comics:
    • The Shadow, a teenager who fights crime on the streets of LA. His natural healing factor allows for such badass stunts as diving through the windshield of an oncoming car, forcing it to crash, and sending himself and the driver 20 feet through the air, and then standing back up to threaten the driver with more grievous bodily harm.
    • Firestorm, the Brat Pack's Lancer, during a fight with Gauss, one of the <3-Verse's top villains, found his body trapped in an oxygenless environment. He cut himself open, and used the oxygen in his blood to melt through his bindings, before throwing a fireball at Gauss. All to prove he was ten times the hero his dad was. No mean feat, considering his dad was a 'Nam vet, and was a founding member of the <3-Verse's Avengers equivalent. And His alter ego, the Pumpkin King, who teams up with the Shadow on a regular basis.
  • Oran is the best representative from Broken Saints for this bill, although Kamimura has his moments.
  • There Will Be Brawl features a few examples, but Mario stands well above the rest. He starts by subduing a rabid attack Yoshi with his bare hands, and finishes by single-handedly defeating about half of Ganondorf's army (with a Super Star) and then beating a Smash Ball out of the sandbag and using his own Final Smash to bring down the Kaiju-sized Octupus form of the Game and Watches. Mario is so utterly Bad Ass in the series that he made putting down a liquor bottle a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Nearly the entire cast of Darwins Soldiers.
  • Dangeresque.
  • Maddox.
  • Yes, it's redundant. Yes, it still bears mentionning. Badass of the Week. That is all.
  • Zeke Strahm of The Slender Man Mythos. He's one of the few characters who decides to face Slender Man with human awareness; his first reaction is to get a handgun and start shooting at him, even if he's ineffectual. He later decides to find the facts on Slendy, and work out a weakness.
    • Similarly, Evan from Everyman HYBRID attacked Slendy with a baseball bat. It doesn't work out so well, but attack him in melee range and still come out alive is incredibly awesome.
    • Maduin is this full stop. from crazy acts like handing slenderman 20$ to dressing up a proxy to look like slendy to freak it out
    • Marble Hornets gives us Jay, who in entry #52 flying tackles and then fights with The Operator. Yes, Jay gets his ass kicked, and he has a killer case of amnesia afterwards, but he's the only one who's been willing to go mano a mano with everyones favorite Eldritch Abomination.
    • Noah has a rather epic moment when Slendy appears in his hallway. Rather than run, he pulls out a gun, calls him "Buddy" and pops off four shots before Slendy goes One-Winged Angel and forces Noah to retreat.
  • MSF High Forum: Yosah, Sam and Vaeden.
  • Achilles, Badass Normal leader of the titular team of heroes in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe.
  • GASP! The Chief?! I heard that guy drinks tiger blood milkshakes for breakfast and can only orgasm when he wins at Russian Roulette! (The bullets bounce off of his head.)
    • Sarge counts his pushups using the names of dictators he's defeated, smokes cigars made of the rolled up constitutions of nations he's overthrown, and will pluck eyeballs out places you didn't even know you saw out of.
  • Squidington, the squid that lives in Gamechap's pond outside his house, is completely invincible. He not only scared a creeper into running away and knocked Gamechap into the air when he fell in the pond, but also survived a Herobrine Biome Buster, something that completely decimated everything within an enormous radius.
  • The assorted cast of That Guy with the Glasses have proven themselves Badass on several occasions, including:
  • SCP Foundation:
  • Worm has quite a few, but the most badass of them is probably Glaistig Uaine. In her backstory alone, she singlehandedly wiped out entire teams of capes sent to apprehend her, and killed the original Gray Boy, one of the most terrifying villains in the world. When we actually get to see her in action, she does not disappoint, managing to actually hinder Scion in direct combat more than the rest of the cast combined.
    • Skitter is also one of these, using her power to control insects to defeat foes that should by all rights defeat her easily. This includes no less than two capes ( Siberian and Alexandria) who are effectively immune to outside forces.
  • Dakero from GameFAQs.
  • Name a character in RWBY. Go on. Okay, just to give you an impression, here are the protagonists, and they're small-fry compared to many people in their setting.
  • Fighter Mc Warrior of 8-Bit Theater is this trope Played for Laughs. At one point, he manages to survive a mile-high drop... by blocking the Earth with his swords. Somehow.