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Badass: Live-Action TV

Works with their own subpages:


  • 24:
    • Jack Bauer.
    • Tony Almeida and Bill Buchanan deserved to be mentioned as well.
    • As does Aaron Pierce.
    • Renee Walker, too. And Chloe O'Brien had a few badass moments herself.
  • Alias: Anyone whose last name is Bristow or Derevko, Anna Espinoza, Kelly Peyton, and Renee Rienne.
  • Andromeda: Tyr Anasazi.
  • Angel:
    • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who kept a girl in his closet, slept with the female Big Bad, killed his "father" and the Qwa'ha Xhan. You get the point.
    • Angel himself. While he has all of the strengths of a vampire, his true power lies in his intimate understanding of evil.
    • Doyle. While he may not often get a chance to show it, his demon side is extremely powerful.
    • Lindsey's got some fighting skills, but physically can't match Angel. His Nerves of Steel are his greatest badassery attribute though; enough to impress Darla and Drusilla to spare him when they massacre everyone at Holland's house.
  • The A-Team: All four of them. Hannibal even falls into Colonel Badass.
  • Battlestar Galactica:
    • Admiral William Adama (among others) beats a superhuman robot to death with a torch, goes head to head with a more powerful vessel to save two crew members and always has the best epic speeches ever written.
    • His best friend, Saul Tigh.
    • One of the first things Kara Thrace does in the miniseries is go at it with Tigh. Later she rams Lee's viper onto her own and pushes it backwards to land both ships in the nick of time. And this is just the miniseries! Later she crash lands on a moon, rips open a Cylon raider, and learns to fly it in a matter of hours, duct-taping her name to the wings.
    • Laura Roslin is a political Badass who becomes president on the same day she got asked to resign and found out she had terminal breast cancer.
  • Bones: Temperance Brennan is trained in several types of martial arts and she's not afraid to use them, usually doing so with total calm and a perfect deadpan. There's a reason she's usually not allowed a gun.
  • Breaking Bad: Many of the characters get their moments. In particular:
    • Walt, once engrossed into his Heisenberg persona is able to commit acts of great badassery.
    • Hank, despite initially appearing to merely be a loutish, politically-incorrect Cowboy Cop, proves himself to be EXCEPTIONALLY good at what he does, able to fight off some of the series's most dangerous villains with barely any warning or preparation and one time even without his gun.
    • Mike Ehrmantraut, complete with a badass voice and an Undying Loyalty for his boss, is probably the most consistent badass in the entire series.
    • Despite an affable and soft-spoken demeanour, when it hits the fan, Gus Fring also shows himself incredibly adept at handling himself.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane and Kendra Young. As Slayers, they kick vampire ass. Especially Buffy, who was doing it before the show even started.
      • Bad Ass is the second half of any Slayer's job description, right after "slaying vampires".
    • Slayers the only badasses in the Buffyverse? Giles would like to test that theory.
    • Angel. While he has all of the strengths of a vampire, his true power lies in his intimate understanding of evil.
    • Anya when a vengeance demon. However, she did kill a few demons and vampires as a normal human.
    • Spike. His fight against Nikki Wood squarely places him in this territory - the man fought and killed two Slayers not because of dumb luck, but just plain skill. Even Buffy at one point calls him the best warrior they had against The First's army. During Season Five, Buffy admitted that he was the only person besides her with a chance of winning in a physical fight against Glory. Bear in mind that Glory is a god.
    • Lothos. When Merrick tries to stake him he turns the tables and impales Merrick with the same stake. This happens in the movie, which means it's non-canon for the series, but still respectable.
    • The Master killed Buffy twice, once in the Wishverse and once in reality (thrice, if you count that time in "Nightmares"). Not defeated, not forced into a Heroic Sacrifice, but killed her flat out. Even after she returns, it takes a truly Rasputinian Death before he's done, and he still returns in Season 8 after she kills him, something that, to date, a Physical God, and an Eldritch Abomination have been unable to do. Background info reveals he's killed a Slayer besides Buffy, and forcibly sired another.
    • The Mayor. Yes, really. While not what most people might traditionally think as Badass, this man was constantly three or four steps ahead of Buffy and the gang, and the only reason for his death was that Buffy smashed his Berserk Button.
    • By the end of Season 8, Andrew has earned this title.
    • Simone can go toe-to-toe with Buffy, quick to use guns when she won't, and manipulative enough to make Xander betray Buffy to try and save Dawn.
    • Dracula. What did you expect, it's Dracula.
    • Raidon takes out two Slayers even without the powers stolen from Dracula.
    • Kumiko almost kills Willow, who is only saved by the timely intervention of Buffy.
    • Kennedy even before she became a Slayer.
  • Burn Notice:
    • Michael. Sure, he can kill you with one of his eyebrows. But he can also manipulate you into fashioning the noose around your own neck.
    • Sam Axe. Not only is he played by Bruce Campbell, but he's more than capable of keeping up with Michael and being a hell of a Cold Sniper.
    • Fiona Glennane.
  • Chuck: Agent John Casey is badass to the point of hilarity. Just don't let him catch you laughing at him.
  • Community: The episode The Science of Illusion Annie and Shirley quibble over this title in their buddy cop duo.
  • Criminal Minds: The BAU. Every single person on the team gets multiple moments of badassery, from Badass Bookworms Hotchner, Reid, and Prentiss to Chessmasters Rossi and Gideon to Genius Bruiser Morgan to Gunslinger JJ and Elle to the Oracle of Quantico herself, Garcia.
  • Dark Angel: When Zack turns himself into the police and Manticore to keep Max safe, he is taken off in a humvee, as it drives off.. He GRINS SMUGLY at the guards.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Master. Holds up the entire universe at ransom and kills the Doctor in "Logopolis", and when the Earth seemingly ends at the end of "The Sound of Drums", he dances to a pop song.
    • The Ninth Doctor. Able to make Daleks, which supposedly don't fear, just from raising his voice, not to mention willing to wipe out both the Daleks and the Time Lords just to stop the horrors of the Time War.
    • In the episode "Forest of the Dead", the Tenth Doctor reminds the advancing Vashta Nerada (shadow predators who can render victims Stripped to the Bone in a matter of milliseconds) that they're in the largest library in the universe, then tells them to look up "The Doctor". They do. Then they immediately back off.
      • Eleven gets a similar moment in his first appearance, telling the aliens of the week who are about to destroy Earth, "Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically, run." They do.
    • Ace, who once beat the crap out of a Dalek with a baseball bat.
    • The Third Doctor, who was played by a real-life former spy. What other Doctor got to chase a villain in, successively, a car (while standing on the runner at the side of said car), a helicopter, a futuristic car designed by himself that flies (the Whomobile!) and an inflatable raft (driven over water and any land that got in the way)?
    • And most recently, Canton Everet Delaware III. Practically the Whoinverse's answer to Dirty Harry, he absolutely Shot Him.
    • Rory Williams. Guarded a stone cube holding his near-dead wife that was in stasis for nearly two thousand years, making it out of the London Blitz, all while at the time being made of plastic Shot a Dalek in the eye, stared down a Cyber Commander with a dismissive 'Oh, don't give me those blank looks', standing stony-faced while he a whole Cyber Fleet was blown up behind him for emphasis, then leading a hopeless-seeming battle against Headless Monks and winning. He also punched Hitler. He's made of Badass!
    • Really, most of the Doctor's companions achieve some level of badass after awhile with him.
    • Leela, a knife-fighting savage who doesn't take any crap from the Doctor or the Monster of the Week. She tends to advocate personally dealing with the baddie at hand with her knife and huntress skills, and unlike most of the Doctor's female companions, she only ever screams once — and that's when a gigantic rat is chewing on her leg. Total. Badass.
    • Rose Tyler. Directly saved the Doctor more than once, accepted supposedly imminent death that would save the world without even pausing for thought in "World War Three", and stared down a Dalek when she knew it wasn't able to kill despite its threats in "Dalek".
    • River managed to make a Dalek beg for mercy three times in a row, while wearing a very small, very cold smirk on her lips. Then in the second episode of series 6, she killed an entire room full of the Silence without breaking a sweat while flirting with the Doctor, before being asked by Rory what exactly she's a doctor of and remarking "Archeology" while getting her gun back out of its holster to shoot a Silence without turning around. Keeping in mind that you forget about the Silence the moment you can't see them any more.
  • In Torchwood every member of the initial team of the team has done some hardcore stuff (and not just who they've slept with), though one of the most badass team members would be Owen Harper, a Combat Medic who literally fought Death itself and won!
  • Dollhouse: Paul Ballard. He takes down three Russian mafia toughs after being shot, then a few days later, while still in stitches takes down four security guys, even after they taser him. And his fight with the other cast badass, Boyd should be the stuff of legends.
  • Farscape: The cast was made of badass. Even tiny Rygel earned some badass points, decapitating the man who had tortured him years before and carrying his head around on a stick for the rest of the episode. In the words of Zhaan (a priestess, by the way), they've "kicked more ass than you've sat on."
  • Firefly:
    • Mal, Zoe and Jayne, as well as River during the big damn rescue in "War Stories" and Simon in "Ariel" as well as in the Big Damn Movie. Shepherd Book takes on extra points as, unlike the others, he doesn't shoot to kill..
    • Actually, the entire crew of Serenity is badass, let's just leave it there. Even sweet Kaylee helps Serenity pull a Crazy Ivan while unable to stand because of a gunshot wound to the stomach. And Inara in the Big Damn Movie uses her Ojou-ness, via a flashbomb disguised as incense, as a front to knock out The Operative so she and Mal can escape from him. And Wash gets kidnapped, tortured by a complete psychopath, proceeds to continue his argument with Mal while doing so, and upon rescue, promptly stands up and starts planning a suicide mission back into Niska's complex to get Mal back. And he's just the pilot.
  • Fringe: Olivia Dunham. So very much. Peter Bishop definitely has his moments.
  • Garo:
    • Saejima Kouga and Suzumura Rei. Both kick ass hard every time they fight. The fight in the final episode is the ultimate proof of this.
    • Saejima Taiga, Kouga's father is also a Bad motherfucker, Taiga was so badass when he was alive, that he was feared by most Horrors, even Messiah was supposedly afraid of him. Makai Priestess Jabi, Kouga's childhood friend is also a badass , capable of fighting powerful enemies without problem.
      • Any character that can fight is pretty Much a Badass this includes Kodama, the mute butler, GULM The Dragon for the series and even Legules from the first movie Beast of The White Night can qualify, since he can punch Makai Knights so hard, it KNOCKS THEM OUT OF THEIR ARMOR. Tsubasa Yamagatana from the same special also qualified, considering he manage to fight Kouga evenly and just get more awesome from there.
      • Makai Senki introduced more badass. From the protagonist side, we have Shijima Wataru, Kouga's instructor when he was a child and Leo Fudou, genius Makai Priest and secretly, a powerful Knight himself. From the antagonist side, we have Well-Intentioned Extremist, Sigma Fudou who was pretty badass, he even has a Black version of the Garo armor when he needs it in battle.
    • Barago took two trained Makai Knights and wipe the floor with them making little to no effort in trying to block their attacks, he's also Considered a Hero Killer since he was the one to take down Taiga.
  • Happy Days: Fonzie was the probably the closest thing you could get to Badass in a 1970's show imitating the 1950's. But still, he won every fight he was in, and always had a girl on each arm.
  • Heroes: Future!Hiro, HRG, Niki's alter ego Jessica, Sylar, and Claire.
  • House: Dr. House is as badass as a doctor can get.
  • iCarly: Sam Puckett. Threaten Carly, and you'll only survive if Carly lets you.
  • Jericho: Hawkins, who once frightened a man into giving up information by pretending he was going to be inflicting torture that would somehow involve Drano and knees.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Tendou Souji, who frequently displays confidence beyond the point of arrogance; to be fair, this rather unappealing trait is the reason his Zecter (henshin device) picked him as Kabuto in the first place.
    • Most of the past 3 decades of Kamen Rider protagonists fit this mold, especially the original, Hongo Takeshi; the precursor to Tendou, Kamen Rider Stronger; Kotaro Minami; and Hibiki of Kamen Rider Hibiki.
    • Probably the biggest badass out of any of Shotaro Ishinomori's works, however, is Ken Hayakawa, of Kaiketsu Zubat.
  • Leverage: Eliot Spencer, Christian Kane's character. The man held off three goons and a guy attacking him with meat cleavers using a saucepan, a whisk, and HORS D'OUEVRES! Then there's also the rest of the team as well, they managed to break a Steranko security system, which in the Hardison's own words "is considered overkill by the Department of Defense".
  • Life on Mars (2006): Gene Hunt.
  • LOST:
    • Most of the characters have had their moments, but Mr. Eko and Sayid are badasses all the time.
    • Mikhail "Patchy" Bakunin from the third season of Lost. He is zapped by the sonar fence, only to come back a few episodes later. In the finale, he is shot in the chest with a harpoon gun, then comes back to life minutes later, only to die while blowing open an underwater window with a grenade.
  • NCIS: Leroy, Jethro, and Gibbs. Admittedly, though, all the others have turns at this role - Abby repeatedly shocking a bad guy in season three while wearing a court suit and yelling at him, Tony beating up a guy with a knife despite being tied to a chair, and Ziva shooting and knife-throwing her way through episode after episode. Even McGee sometimes gets into the act. Then there's the season 7 opener.
  • Nikita:
    • There is the titular heroine, Nikita Meers, as well as her lover/ally and former handler/teacher Michael.
    • Percy, Amanda, Roan and Ari Tasarov as well. Owen Elliot occasionally.
    • Other characters get moments that qualify them for this as well, including Nikita's former student, Alexandra Udinov, her CIA contact Ryan Fletcher, as well as Nikita and Michael's friend and ally, Seymour Birkhoff. Very nearly Worldof Badass.
    • And now ex-Navy Seal Sean Pierce.
  • Person of Interest:
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue:
    • Carter Grayson. People might complain about his lack of Character Development, but this is the man who tried to run over the Monster of the Week with his jeep in the very first episode. How do you improve on that?
    • Wes of Power Rangers Time Force, he had no prior training and managed to kill two robot gruntswithout ANY ranger powers, at one point he stood in front of a Black Knight charging at him untransformed, just having the pure balls to stand right in front of an opponent armed with a sword and in the Grand Finale was shown going in alone against an entire army of robots and managed to actually smash a few cyberskulls in the process.
    • What, no love for Tommy Oliver?
    • What about Flynn and Dillon from Power Rangers RPM?, the latter drove through a nigh-impenetrable security system meant to keep the forces of the series equivalent to Skynet at bay without a scratch to his car, the latter did the same in a bus (and IS SCOTTISH!).
    • The Power Rangers franchise has had a few Badass villains as well among them are Ecliptor, Diabolico and Lothor.
  • Pushing Daisies: Surprisingly, Olive Snook turned out to be the resident Badass. Surprising, because she's also The Ditz, usually manic, and less than five feet tall. Ned proved himself to be quite badass on a couple of occasions, especially his sword fight in "The Fun In Funeral".
  • Red Dwarf:
    • In series 5, they gave Lister a badass upgrade. He also had some badass moments in series 7.
    • Even Rimmer (that's Arnold Judas Rimmer, not Ace), cosmic butt-monkey and all around failure, gets a baddass moment in the finale of season 6. In a story where they meet their future selves (all of whom are jerkified versions of themselves), whom then open fire on the "current" crew killing Cat, Lister and Kryten - Rimmer takes a gun and blows the time machine to hell as Starbug is blowing up around him. Prior to this point Rimmer was a coward who was afraid of his own shadow, despite being virtually indestructible as a hard light hologram.
      • Actually, Rimmer makes the transition to badass just before that. When deciding whether to give their future selves the Time Drive, or fight, he asks Kryten if they have any chance of winning. Kryten replies that they have no chance at all. Rimmer then votes for 'fight', producing perhaps one of the greatest phrases in the series: "Better dead than smeg." When Death comes to collect him he kicks Death in the balls. That vending machine was pretty badass, considering its a vending machine, "I will destroy you".
    • Ace Rimmer...Everybody loves him! what a guy....
  • Revolution: Captain Jeremy Baker ("No Quarter"), Miles Matheson ("Home", "The Longest Day"), Major Tom Neville ("The Song Remains the Same"), General Sebastian 'Bass' Monroe ("Children of Men"), Nate Walker also known as Jason Neville ("Pilot"), Nora Clayton ("Ties That Bind"), Maggie Foster, Sergeant Will Strausser, Julia Neville ("Nobody's Fault But Mine"), Nicholas, Jim Hudson ("Ghosts", "Clue"), Priscilla Pittman ("Home"), Ray Kinsey ("The Plague Dogs"), Alec Penner ("The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"), Lieutenant Slotnick ("The Children's Crusade"), Ashley ("Kashmir"), George ("Chained Heat"), Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson ("Soul Train"), and Dan Jenkins ("The Dark Tower"). Charlie Matheson, Danny Matheson ("The Stand"), Rachel Matheson and Aaron Pittman ("Sex and Drugs") didn't start out like this, but they've gone up a few levels. In fact, it would be easier to list the characters that are not this.
  • Rome: Titus Pullo, and to a marginally lesser extent, Lucius Vorenus. Two great examples are how they casually kill all the brigands who stole the eagle in the pilot "The Stolen Eagle," and how Pullo killed or maimed half the roughnecks in a gambling den and then survived brutal ancient Roman brain surgery. Then there's the episode where the two of them kill a rabble of gladiators. And then there's another episode where they slaughter an entire gang of criminals, so that Vorenus can confront (and then decapitate) the Big Boss. And let's not forget the sequence where Pullo and his gang confront a rival gang. The rival gang leader calls for parley. Pullo apparently accepts, taking the man's hand. Then he pulls him towards him and bites the man's tongue out before throwing an axe into someone's chest and charging whilst screaming. He later relates the story of him doing this in the manner of someone telling an afterdinner anecdote. Really, they're the epitome of Bad Ass, the pair of them.
  • Sanctuary:
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron, to a lesser extent, Derek Reese, and to a greater extent, Sarah Connor.
  • Scandal: Olivia.
  • Scrubs: Dr. Cox is as badass as a doctor can get. However, this show definitely has the most badass janitor in the universe.
  • The Secret Circle: Almost every single character on the show is a highly capable individual. They are witches and warlocks after all, who possess powerful abilities.
  • Shameless: Yvonne Karib - uses her baseball bat to threaten or attack anyone who messes with her shop including debt collectors and armed soldiers.
  • Smallville:
    • Being a show about, you know, Superman has its share of these. Clark himself has become one of these as the show progresses, while Lionel and Lex Luthor were from the start. Then there's Green Arrow, an enormous Badass Normal, his Justice League of America, who define Badass Crew, Major Zod, who eventually graduates to Four-Star Badass without breaking a sweat, and Metallo who managed to take on Clark and Zod at the same time. Green Rocks or no Green Rocks, that is Badass.
    • Jonathan Kent was also pretty Badass when given the chance. More superheroes have also begun appearing: Hawkman is an enormous Badass, as are Action Girl Kara Kent, and the Martian Manhunter. Brainiac is a Badass Bookworm, and Badass Teacher par excellence.
    • Two words: Tess. Mercer. In a world increasingly populated by superpowered aliens and mutants, she stands as one of the few humans with the intelligence, determination, and resources to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Zod and other threats. She was tough right from the start, surviving and then leaving an abusive home to enter Harvard University at the age of 15 and going on to become both a marine biologist and a savvy businesswoman. She reorganizes LuthorCorp around the goal of saving the Earth, and will stop at nothing to defeat those who would threaten her and the things she cares about. One particularly badass moment from Tess is when she constructs a set of kryptonite brass knuckles to fight against Zod and other Kryptonians. Badass.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand: A solid majority of the the characters. The series is Rated M for Manly and set in a World of Badass. Aside from the occasional Upper-Class Twit, even most of the noblewomen are ready to personally commit torture and murder at will.
  • Spooks: The cast of this UK drama, but in particular Harry Pearce, Roz Myers and Lucas North, qualify as badass. If only they didn't have a tendency to get killed off so much.
  • Stargate Verse:
    • Teal'c, full stop. In "Affinity", he hits a purse-snatcher in the head with an avocado from about a hundred feet away.
    • Ronon Dex is the Stargate Atlantis equivalent of Teal'c.
    • Bra'tac, still kicking ass at over 130 years of age.
    • Sam Carter. BLOWS UP STARS!
    • Jack O'Neill. And Daniel Jackson. Actually, just say that most SG teams are made up of badass.
    • SGA is full of badasses:
      • Sheppard. He has a Wraith for buddy and he pulls off suicidal missions on a daily basis.
      • Teyla. She's essentially Xena on steroids, coupled with Mama Bear in the last season.
      • Even Rodney. It's a well-known fact that if you point a gun at his head, he can get shit done faster than Carter does.
    • The Asgard, as a race, are purified, weapons grade Badass with a capital B. You want Crowning Moments of Awesome as well as Badassitude? Just watch for an Asgard battlecruiser entering the scene. The Ori count as well.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Worf. He got a badass upgrade during the series, from defeating many Klingon Warriors all with a mek'leth in 'Way of the Warrior', to 'Call to Arms' where he faced 20 Jem'Hadar (who are also Badass Super Soldiers) in a consecuitive match, and killed them all until he was too tired and injured to even stand, much less fight. The First even said "I cannot beat this man, I can merely kill him."
    • Star Trek should not be mentioned on this page without mentioning Captain James T. Kirk. The man was hardcore.
    • Captain Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise was also pretty badass. In fact, it's pretty much a given that any Star Trek captain is a badass.
      • Malcolm Reed was also rather badass, kicking ass and taking names with his fists, phase pistols, Enterprise's shipboard weapons... Pretty much anything he could get his hands on. A word to the wise- he may be rather shy and quiet, but he will kick your ass if you threaten his crew or his captain.
  • Supernatural:
    • While they might look young, cute and vulnerable and act like slightly pansyish woobies, you do not want to mess with Sam and Dean. Just ask Meg (still exorcised back to hell by Dean even after she told him their father was still alive), Gordon (beheaded with barbed wire by Sam after he took a bite out of Dean) or the Crossroads Demon (shot in the head with a bullet from The Colt by Sam after she told him there was no way of saving Dean).
    • And that's just when Sam has his big brother around. When Dean is killed off by the Trickster (he gets better, for a while) in season 3 Sam shuts down emotionally and becomes even more badass than normal and we are treated to a montage that culminates in him cutting off his shirt, removing a bullet from his abdomen and stitching himself back up, alone, without drugs, in a seedy motel room.
    • Special mention also goes to Dean, who unlike Castiel and Sam has no supernatural powers whatsoever: spending forty years in Hell, clawing his way out of his own grave, and being so far the only human on the show who's managed to kill an angel.
      • Castiel's also been getting his fair share of total badass moments since he came on the scene in season 4.
    • Out of all the villains on the show Lilith has to be the biggest Bad Ass of them all. Unlike Azael managed to pull of an amazing mix of Bad Ass and horror incarnate. (the only reason she let herself die was to finish her plan to release Lucifer).
    • Lucifer himself. Just, for example, when he takes out a hotelful of gods, and one archangel, in about five minutes, without any noticeable effort.
  • Super Sentai: Lots of them. Some of the more notable: Gai Yuuki/Black Condor, Mikoto Nakadai/AbareKiller, Doggie Kruger/Deka Master, Wolzard, Gosei Knight, Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red.
  • Twin Peaks: Dale Cooper, as well as Sheriff Truman and DEFINITELY Deputy Hawk.
  • Ultra Series: All of them, but special mention goes to the original Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman King, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Zero and the evil Ultraman Belial.
  • Ultraviolet: Vaughan Rice.
  • The Unit: But, on a team of badass Special Forces operators, Sergeant Major David Palmer Jonas Blane is the biggest and baddest of them all.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • Almost every vampire on the show, but especially...
    • Damon, Rebekah, Pearl and Katherine. (vampires)
    • Elijah (one of the Original vampires)
    • Bonnie (witch)
    • Elena gets her moments, especially when she snaps Connor's neck. (vampire)
    • Caroline had one in the second episode. (vampire)
    • Stefan (vampire)
    • Meredith (human)
    • Klaus (hybrid: half werewolf, half Original vampire)
    • Tyler (werewolf, later became a vampire-werewolf hybrid)
    • Alaric (human, later became an Original vampire by a spell, although he wasn't actually from the first vampires).
  • Vengeance Unlimited: Mr. Chapel certainly qualifies: He will do anything and everything (except use guns) to give the bad guy his.
  • The Wire: Omar comin'!
  • WWE:
    • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin beat his boss up, poured beer on him, filled his prize Corvette with mixed concrete, and pulled various other stunts, with no lasting ill-effect on his career prospects, despite attempts at George Jetson Job Security. He would also beat up teams of four, five, or more wrestlers on a weekly basis. His template has since been followed by many other top faces (though with considerably less success).
    • There are other Professional Wrestling Bad Ass templates, such as 'The American BadAss' Undertaker. It's a common theme, with again varying degrees of success.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess, anyone? The titular Xena is probably the queen of television badasses!

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