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Badass: Fan Fic
  • One of the rules of Fanfiction, is anyone can be a badass. ANYONE
  • Robynne AKA Hottie II from Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World
  • In the Uplifted series, the historical figure of Mad Jack Churchill is one, such as when he ties a Gestapo officer to a truck and uses it as a battering ram. Justified, since he really was like that in Real Life, since he captured 42 Germans with a broadsword and went into battle with a longbow across his back.
  • Supetastic 6 Unlimited as a whole in Super Milestone Wars 2
  • The Tamers Forever Series has several examples but Chaos, Rika, Takato, Takeru, Tatsu and (as it is later revealed) Terriermon are by far the most noticeable examples.
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, characters are this, be they good or evil, for example Judgemaster Cid Randell, aka the strongest man in Jylland, Illua who showed some of her power in the first chapter and Ensei Rou, who defeated 120 mages, without taking any damage.
  • Light and Misa in Gods Of This New World but especially Misa who gets up and keeps fighting the Big Bad after being stabbed in the chest with a sword. Also L pilots a harrier jet and Sayu fights off Mello with her Gun Fu skills when he tries to kidnap her in an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
  • Minato from Fairly English Story After being framed for terrorism and escaping the city, when he comes back at 150 Mph in his motorcycle he jump, desmaterialize the motorcycle, run at the police and send 10 police pratrols meters in the air AT THE SAME TIME.
  • TV Tropes very favorite - Kyon Big Damn Hero. Delinquents? Yakuza thugs? Inter-dimensional Death robots?. Power of Friendship, some wonderful toys, a helpful hand from his associates and girlfriends. None stand a chance.
  • Konoha, one of Sylvia's brothers, from Sylvia The Sylveon. He defies his sadistic trainer, first by running off and evolving into the Pokémon he wants when his trainer had another evolution in mind, then, after a beating-up, destroying his Poké Ball, therefore freeing himself.
  • Chrono Cross fanfic Fellowship has some examples, but the most prominent examples are Draggy, Skelly, Yoshino, and especially Guile.
    • Draggy's tendency to fight with his fangs enables him to catch Guile's rod and throw Skelly across the sky (after evolving) with his teeth.
    • Being a Dem Bones, Skelly is able to reattach his bones to his skeleton if they are separated. He cancels out Guile's Unstoppable Rage with this ability.
    • Yoshino, despite being just an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl from the real world, doesn't hesitate to bash Genie's head with a stone and shove her away just to show Guile that she tries to atone for her acts: being a Domestic Abuser with a Freudian Excuse towards Guile. This act saves Guile's life and puts hers in danger.
    • Guile is a Black Mage who completely averts Squishy Wizard due to being Made of Iron, having Super Strength, and fighting with Good Old Fisticuffs for melee combat (after losing his rod). He also has the capability to do a Shockwave Punch, create lightning bolts via Badass Finger Snap, and cast a shadow/lightning Kamehame Hadoken. Unfortunately, his kind heart tends to hinder him from fighting with full power and turn him into a Stone Wall...until someone threatens and/or harms his friends, which leads to an Unstoppable Rage that turns him into a literal Person of Mass Destruction.
      • And no matter how bloody his fight has been, Guile never suffers a single wound on his back as he never runs away from a battle. If there is, it's usually caused by having sharp objects going clean through his front side, knocked away to a wall, or a foe sneaking from behind.
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