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Badass: F Ilm

Film - Animated

  • Arguably, all the adult Vikings from How to Train Your Dragon, but from the main cast, definitely Astrid. She's the best at hand-to-hand combat of her generation, is only second to Hiccup in handling dragons, keeps the rest of the group under control, is Genre Savvy and can nail you with her trusty axe from oodles away. In the TV show, she even thinks a great deal like the chief, who is unanimously thought of as the strongest fighter in the village.
  • Mulan:
    • Several. Mulan, who wipes out the majority of the Hun army with a single rocket and then flashes Shan Yu a smirk when he has his Oh, Crap moment. Shan Yu himself, who took the Great Wadll as a challenge, deliberately challenged the Chinese Army and curb stomped them, and when he was buried in the avalanche, he just burst right out. But the one who takes the cake is the Emperor. He's a noncombatant and the much younger and bulkier leader of the army that just crushed his own is swinging a sword at him. He doesn't even flinch. Well, he's voiced by Pat Morita so go figure.
    • The soldier in the opening sequence. He knows he is going to die, but he still fights as hard as he can to use his last few seconds of life to set off the Great Wall's warning-torch-system, and then stands up to the scary Shan Yu before his death. Thanks to him, Shan Yu fails.
    Soldier: "Now all of China knows you're here."
  • The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and Santa Claus in Rise of the Guardians. North (Santa) has swords, Jack used all his power to freeze thousands of Pitch's nightmares, and Bunnymund (Easter Bunny) is six foot tall and can hurl boomerangs, seriously injuring Nightmares. Nice.
  • Ronin from Epic, he's not the commander for nothing.
  • Kung Fu Panda
    • Tai Lung. Nowhere is that truer than when he escapes his prison: 1000 guards, giant crossbows, a holding cell a mile underground and personal restraints specifically designed to neutralize his kung fu abilities; the guards didn't have a chance. This becomes even more evident when you learn, as revealed in the Art of Kung Fu Panda, that a) the prison was built specifically for him, and him alone (after the creators decided this would build him up into even more of a threat) and b) he learned his signature nerve-paralyzation move from the very restraints holding him prisoner.
    • A certain "crazy old turtle" who defeats Tai Lung with a few hand gestures.
    • The Furious Five in that battle on the "Thread of Hope". Hell, the Furious Five in general.
    • Lord Shen in the sequel. Sure, Shen was more about brains than brawn, but when he does fight...
    • And of course, the title character. If defeating Tai Lung isn't enough to prove his badassery, he later goes on to defeat an entire armada of ships by catching the cannonballs and throwing them back.
  • Some of the MAIN Disney characters who qualify:
  • Tarix in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn was set up to be one, sadly the scene in which he beats down an entire squad of Skrall and tosses away his weapons to fight the largest one, beating him with a single punch, got deleted. In the finished film, he only does a Nonchalant Dodge. Then again, he has 1000 arena match wins under his belt, is a world champion on a planet where everything's settled with Gladiator Games, and is totally coolheaded.
  • The Book Of Life:
    • Maria Posada is a master swords-woman and a practitioner of kung-fu.
    • La Muerte won't hesitate to slap or verbally chew out her husband when he deserves it. And, as Mary Beth, she can quickly rapid-fire spitballs by the detention kids at ease.

Film - Live Action

  • Rambo is a classical example of a one man army getting more badass with every movie of the series.
    • One of his most notable traits, the ability to go in with only a steel knife and showing what an underdog is capable of.
    • In fact, almost every character played by Sylvester Stallone.
  • Speaking of the Sergio Leone's films, The Man With No Name from the Dollars Trilogy is one of the most iconic Western badasses of his era.
  • The Dollars Trilogy aside, but Clint Eastwood in almost every movie he was in including and before Unforgiven.
  • Charles Bronson was a badass even in old age. In his later movies (Death Wish 4 The Crackdown for example) even though Bronson was in his 60s or 70s, he still manages to defeat bad guys half his age. In Real Life, he was mining coal at the age of ten.
  • Henry Fonda has his badass moments in some films, especially in The Longest Day and Once Upon a Time in the West.
  • Almost very character played by Robert De Niro, especially in Heat, The Godfather and GoodFellas.
  • Hey, I hear that cat Shaft is one baad Motha-
    • Shut yo mouth!
  • River Tam turns badass in the Firefly movie Serenity. She also had some badass moments during the series as well, such as taking out three of Niska's men with her eyes closed during Mal's rescue in "War Stories".
    • Mal, Book, and Zoe are pretty badass in that one as well. Ripping a torture device out of your chest shortly after dying and stabbing The Dragon of the villain with it? Badass defined.
    • Simon. A mild-mannered doctor who, against all his prior social conditioning, managed to get into a government facility and break his sister out of it- using nothing but subterfuge, a knockout weapon and eventually, River herself.
    • Wash, who is at is most calm and baddass when attempting to pilot Serenity through a Reaver attack, while mildly saying, "Here's something I bet you can't do.
    • The Operative fights both Mal and Inara to a standstill in the Companion Training Hall and gives Mal a fight on Mr. Universe's moon in the movie's final showdown.
    • Jayne Cobb, "Shiny! Let's be bad guys!"
  • Marv from Sin City, but then, his picture was on the main page. Still he is so badass he should be mentioned as many times as it takes, plus one.
  • Jason Bourne.
  • Tombstone: Doc Holiday! Only a real man can wear that snazzy purple vest and still shoot em up while dying from TB.
  • Pulp Fiction.
    • Jules Winnfield. Samuel L. Jackson has been a badass for most of his career. One good example is Formula51 (a.k.a The 51st State), in which he wears a kilt for most of the movie, hangs out with Robert Carlyle, and beats up skinheads with a golf club.
    • Butch
  • Zartan, from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, who breaks into the Pit, with Storm Shadow and The Baroness, stabs Cover Girl through the chest and almost does the same to General Hawk, and promptly escapes, posing as a traveling Bedouin — all the while whistling "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Oh, and he successfully impersonates the President of the United States
    • Zartan? I think Zartan would be more like a weasel than a badass!!! Ew.
    • Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. They always get to fight at the top of buildings and bring a sword to a gun fight. And they are so very cool.
      • Snake Eyes deserves mention for several feats. Among them doing handstand pushups, which in itself is impressive, except he was balancing on the tips of his swords, and then we get his ability to dodge projectile cars. Duke was considered a badass by the rest of the team because he was able to knock Snake Eyes down in one of the dozen sparring matches they had.
  • Anton Chigurh, "the ultimate badass", from No Country for Old Men.
  • The titular character of the Terminator movies.
  • Darth Vader, of Star Wars. Badass enough to conduct several invasions in the original trilogy, maintain an... umm, intimidating presence, and kill anyone that he pleases - even those who are more powerful than him. Taken Up to Eleven in the Expanded Universe.
    • The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of his prequel alter-ego Anakin, but try to look on The Dark Side of it.
      • Maybe not so much in the films, but in both Clone Wars animated series he has many badass moments.
      • Even in the films, you gotta admit he had his moments. Deliberately jumping out of a speeder several thousand kilometers in the air and falling a couple hundred meters to get the drop on Zam Wessell, for example, as well as the entire Battle of Coruscant. Also, the duel against Obi-Wan on Mustafar, especially when you consider how he simply refused to die, resulting in his becoming the Darth Vader we all know.
    • Princess Leia. Anyone who could stand inside the Death Star and snark back to Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin is made of Badass.
      • General Grievous started out as this in the Clone Wars micro-series. He was later characterized as a Dirty Coward, but was later given more Badass moments in later episodes of the CGI Clone Wars.
    • The other Sith Lords of the series also qualify, with Darth Sidious, Count Dooku / Darth Tyrannus and in particular Darth Maul each having plenty of Badass moments.
    • On the Jedi side, there's Mace Windu (Sam Jackson again), at least until Anakin takes off his hand. After that ... probably not.
    • There is also Kyle Katarn. As displayed in Jedi Academy, Kyle would use grapple attacks on Jaden like putting him in a head lock then throwing, or holding him with one hand and punching him with the other. During a lightsaber duel. To emphasize just how badass he is, "winning" doesn't mean killing or even injuring him. "Winning" in this case means dropping the ceiling on him and running for your damn life before he gets out.
      • One of his Idle Animations is trimming his beard with his lightsaber. You know, the white-hot Laser Sword that can cut through almost anything in the galaxy.
    • Star Wars has too many badasses to list. The most notable of which include Han, Vader, Lando, Luke, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett.
      • Fett only became truly awesome due to the fans. In the movies, he has a pretty ignominious fate.
      • He's badass enough to not be terrified of Vader and to talk to him man-to-man when he has to. Four others tried Obi-Wan (who was killed right after), Lando (though Vader used him as a doormat, implying Boba was badass enough to be worth talking to), Luke (thanks to him being family), and Palpatine (thanks to him being Vader's master).
      • Also, his fate in the movies is modified in the subsequent EU books. He didn't actually die in the Sarlacc.
    • And if you think they're badass in the movies, you must not have seen the old Clone Wars cartoon, where everyone except battle droids is, and those who already were go beyond all reason. Grievous makes his first appearance by stomping a jedi to death and continuing to almost destroy a number of other jedi. Until they are saved by a troop of clone troopers who are themselves badass enough to drive Grievous off as well as performing a number of other such feats in the series. Asajj Ventress battles an arena full of monstrous gladiators without breaking a sweat. Shaak Ti fights several dozens of Magnaguards at once just after it has been established that they're badass, too. Yoda is even more Yoda than elsewhere. The list goes on, but the biggest badass is probably Mace Windu. I'm not even going to try to explain it, you need to see it for yourself.
    • The CG animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars has badass Jedi, Sith, Clones (Captain Rex), Droids (Commando Droids) and Bounty Hunters like Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, Embo.
    • Yoda is pretty damn badass in the prequels as well. He takes on a master Sith, and wins. Despite being several hundred years older than his opponent and being in such bad shape he has to use a cane to walk around. Also, he is about 1.5 meters shorter than said opponent, and possibly suffering from mild dementia.
      • Yoda's biggest moment of badass is when he lifts that motherfucking X-Wing out of the swamp.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi is made of badass.
      • Especially through that entire sequence on Utapau.
    • R2-D2. The only non-evil character to live through all six movies and remember it. The moment in ROTS when he makes super battle droids slip in oil and then lights it on fire and strolls away is his best, but that's just me.
  • Riddick, of The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black.
    • Riddick is so Badass he can actually physically transform a fragile tin teacup into a weapon able to penetrate a human sternum, and follows that up with a small pin-tab, which becomes so intimidating resting on the ground beside him that no one else takes up the offer to tango.
    • Indeed. Off-hand quips. Kill set-ups. Various gambits. Outracing the incinerating rays of a too-close star on a blasted planet. He's one big personified study of Badassery incarnate.
  • Xander Cage, of xXx. In fact, every action movie role played by The Rock or Vin Diesel.
  • Beatrix Kiddo, a.k.a. Black Mamba, a.k.a. The Bride a.k.a. Mommy in Kill Bill.
  • The odious Captain Vidal from Pan's Labyrinth. Despite being an unrelenting bastard, he leads from the front, never even flinches as his men are mowed down around him, beats at least one man to death with a wine bottle, fights off the effects of heavy sedatives, and, in one particularly painful-looking scene, stitches up his own face with a needle and thread.
    • Mercedes; the sheer courage taken to stand in Vidal's presence knowing what he would do to her if he were to ever find out that she was a rebel proves she has more balls than a Christmas tree. And her Crowning Moment of Face Slashing Awesome where she uses a knife she had very wisely kept about her person at all times to escape imminent torture and then stabs Vidal more than a few times with it . . . though not quite enough, unfortunately.
  • Doug Gordon, Captain of the Gotengo, from Godzilla Final Wars: "Listen, kid, there are two things you don't know about Earth. One is me; the other is Godzilla." This, to an alien who's just destroyed human civilization. Then he comes up against two heavily-armed aliens with just a katana...and puts down the katana by sticking it into a stone pillar. He's also got a Badass Longcoat and Badass Mustache to boot.
    • Even his SMILE is badass — it scared me when he tried to smile at a pretty lady, and probably made more than one little kid wet his pants.
    • And when passing his fellows, who have just been tied up by a really long firefight, acknowledges them in passing by muttering, "I thought I told you to get to the ship?"
    • At the end, when it looks like Godzilla is about to roast the protagonists, they respond by pointing their firearms at him. Gordon points his kitana.
    • Godzilla himself.
    • A few of Godzilla's enemies. King Ghidorah, Gigan and Destoroyah definitely qualify.
    • Mothra. She not only has the best record of any recurrent monster against Godzilla, her first movie was all about Mothra devastating Japan and defeating the Self Defense Force by simply CRAWLING/FLYING AROUND.
  • Vasquez, in Aliens.
    • For that matter, most of the marines in the same film. ( With the notable exception of Lieutenant Gorman, the guy in charge.) Although he does redeem himself.
  • Lieutenant Ellen Ripley throughout the entire Alien series, but especially in the climactic fight in Aliens: "Get away from her, you bitch."
  • Indiana Jones. He's not afraid to fight dirty, causes so much havoc for the Nazis that Hitler himself orders the Nazi army to pursue him, and, even in old age, can still throw punches like it's nobody's business.
  • Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.
    • Agreed. He was a true badass, whereas Jack was more of a lucky trickster. Elizabeth turned into a budding little badass too.
  • As of Evil Dead 2, and more so in Army of Darkness, Bruce Campbell's character Ashley Williams is equal parts Badass and Jerkass. At one point, he replaces his left hand with a chainsaw. These movies lead to an apparent Law of Story: If you replace the lead of a horror movie with a Badass, it becomes an action movie.
    • "Groovy!"
  • Sean Connery. Always. Exhibit A: James Bond. Exhibit B: The Rock. Exhibit C: The Untouchables. Exhibit D: The Wind and the Lion.
    • Exception: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
      • Professor Henry Jones: "I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky." EXCEPTION DENIED.
      • That's not an exception, the guy brings down an airplane with an UMBRELLA!
      • Also, lest we forget, he figured out who the German spy was long before Indy did. How? "She talks in her sleep..."
      • Word of God even said, they wanted Sean Connery for Indy's father because they needed someone who had already done it bigger, better, and with more beautiful women, so who else could they use? Sean Connery is only in the film because his is more Badass than Indiana Jones!
    • Zardoz, bitches.
  • Everybody in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • James Bond, whatever the actor.
  • Chow Yun-Fat in any movie made by John Woo.
  • Every single one of the Spartans in 300 fitted this, but in particular King Leonidas. Considering The Spartan Way was the real life training method used in Sparta of Ancient Greece, anybody who survived would have to have been a Bad Ass.
  • Chev Chelios from Crank. The entire movie revolves around the fact that if he stops doing absolute feats of badassery for more than a few minutes, he will keel over dead from poison. Really, just Jason Statham in all his roles.
  • Any character portrayed by, or based on, Bruce Lee (who was truly a badass in Real Life).
  • Planet Terror (Robert Rodriguez's half of the Grindhouse double feature) takes the insane stunts aspect of Badass to the limit, especially in the characters of El Wray (especially when he fights his way through an army of The Infected with a pair of butterfly knives) and, later, Cherry Darling, who loses her leg to a zombie and has it replaced with various weapons, including an M-16 assault rifle with attached grenade launcher, and a minigun!
    • The 3 women in Death Proof! Especially the driver. They managed to turn the initial psychopathic badass into a snivelling grease stain on the highway. Hooray, ladies!
  • Nearly everyone in Dog Soldiers, Spoon and Sarge especially. Spoon, for example, fistfights a werewolf — and almost wins. And then his last words, "I hope I give you the shits you fucking wimp!"
  • The Descent — almost everybody is one. If one considers that the cast is female, this becomes a wonderful thing — there really aren't enough women on this list. The story is: six extreme sportswomen go into a cave, and find themselves trapped when Juno reveals she lead them deliberately into an unexplored cave (read: Death Trap.) They soon realise that They Are Not Alone. It's fortunate then, that Juno is a raging, mother-frikking badass, who breaks all sorts of tropes by overpowering the people-eating humanoid cave monster that attacks her and killing it with an ice pick. She then goes on a rampage of destruction that leaves you feeling sorry for the cannibals. She is matched only by Sarah, who after finding out her dead husband cheated on her and granting her best friend's request for I Cannot Self-Terminate, primally kills the cave people in such charming manners as shoving her thumbs in through their eyes and biting out their throats. LEGENDARY.
    • Right after the I Cannot Self-Terminate, when a crawler is on top of Sarah without knowing she's there and her face remains completely emotionless, it's actually a little freaky in it's badassery. Normal people don't behave like that! She is crazy.
    • Besides the obvious two, there's also Sam, who didn't do much in the way of Bad Ass for most of the film, but went out hanging from the ceiling, climbing onto a fighting crawler's back in midair and stabbing its ass off the cave roof, all with her fucking throat slashed.
  • Because Neil Marshall doesn't just like his badasses, he loves them, Doomsday. Bloody Doomsday. The movie itself and damn near everyone in it. Have you SEEN this car chase? It's insane.
  • Mel Gibson usually plays one variety or another of badass.
  • Sonny Chiba. He probably can't shop for groceries without killing thirty people and a bull.
  • Toshiro Mifune in most of his films, especially when he plays Ronin characters. Subverted in Rashomon.
    • Even the shoe company executive he plays in Tengoku to jigoku (a.k.a. High and Low) is a badass. When colleagues try to persuade him that they should make cheap, fashionable shoes, he responds by tearing up their shoddy sample with his bare hands.
  • The masterful and quiet Kyuuzo, from the movie Seven Samurai. In his first scene he coolly cuts down an arrogant challenger with a single sword stroke. He also, at one point, volunteers to steal a gun from the bandits during the night, and comes back the next morning unharmed and successful, although a little tired. As his starry-eyed admirer Katsushiro said, "It was like he had just gone on a picnic!"
  • John McClane, from the Die Hard movies. In fact, most of Bruce Willis's roles qualify. John McClane has in fact gotten more and more badass with each film, going from "Everyman in extreme situations triumphs against improbable odds" to "middle-aged-man power fantasy.".
  • In the movie Shoot 'Em Up, in which Clive Owen's character, Mr. Smith, kills hundreds of people while skydiving, having sex, and delivering a woman's baby (although not all at the same time). Oh, and eating carrots, too.
    • And he also kills people with carrots.
  • Most of Jean Reno roles in films. He is usually portrayed as a high profile mercenary with just over-the-top competence.
    • In his French-language movies he's most often a cop; still utterly Badass, though.
  • The character of Zatoichi, played by Shintaro Katsu in 26 films and 100 television episodes, certainly qualifies. Not only is he a fantastically skilled swordsman, he's also blind. About once a movie they have some spectacular set-piece in order to show just how very badass he is. For example, from the very first film of the series: Zatoichi, kneeling on the floor, reaches up and takes a lit candle from a stand. He balances it in his hand for a moment, tosses it up in the air, then whips out his sword and resheathes it in an instant. The candle falls to the floor. It's been cut in half lengthwise. The wick in both halves is still burning.
    • The newer iteration, played by Takeshi Kitano, is also nine kinds of awesome.
  • Aragorn and Boromir from The Lord of the Rings: The latter was so tough he actually managed to get hit by 4-6 Annoying Arrows by the end of the first movie and still had enough strength to single-handedly take out a division of Uruk-Hai, while the former managed to hold off wave after wave of Uruk-Hai near the end of the second film.
    • Annoying arrows? From Boromir's expression, the very first hit alone was lethal.He just decided not to die yet.
    • Sam, who saved Frodo's life about six times.
    • Legolas takes down a giant elephant and the 20 or so people riding on it. Even with the girly tights, that's pretty Badass.
    • There's also Gothmog, the chief orc from Return of the King. When a piece of wall is catapulted in his general direction, the other orcs around him panic and run, but he just stares at it, only moving at the last second, and then just a step to the side, completely evading it. Oh, and then he spits on it.
    • Excuse me, no mention whatsoever of Éowyn? The Witch-King rants about how no man can kill him, then she proclaims "I am no man" and ends him.
      • Excuse you, no mention of Merry, the little hobbit that stabbed the Witch-King in the ankle with an elven blade, stopping the Witch-King from killing Éowyn, paralysing him and allowing a mortal blade to be able to damage the Witch-King at all. He does all that and the guy isn't even rembered for his act of badassary.
  • El Mariachi from the titular film, Desperado and Once upon a Time in Mexico is one of the best examples of such.
    • Another example is Agent Sands from the third movie, who develops a Disability Superpower after getting his eyes gouged out by Dr. Guevara, proceeding to take out no fewer than five people, including his ex Ajedrez.
  • Snake Plissken from Escape from New York & LA.
  • Ricky from The Story of Ricky (aka Riki-Oh, aka Lik Wong), takes this to ludicrous levels for live action. There are really too many things to mention, but how about the time he is being tortured by the bad guys? They fill his mouth with razorblades, tape up his mouth and then beat him round the head. Then, when they take the tape off, he says nothing, merely spits the razorblades into his questioners face. He is also, strangely for the trope, a genuine, kind-hearted hero.
    • Some bad guys are pretty Bad Ass too, even though they get their asses handed to them by Ricky; Oscar, who, after realizing just how outclassed he is, slashes open his gut, grabs his intestines and tries to strangle Ricky with them.
  • Bill "The Butcher" Cutting from Gangs of New York. The reason he has a glass eye is because in a brutal battle against his rival and fellow Bad Ass Priest Vallon, he couldn't look him in the eye while the Priest gave what Bill called "the finest beating he ever took". In order to compensate, he cut out the eye that looked away and sent it to Vallon in wrapping paper. What's more at one point he gets shot in a theater, then proceeds to torture the man who did it (and takes his vest as a souvenir).
  • Every character with a name in the film Hero ... Until the end. Lame.
  • Sam Gerard in U.S. Marshals. Say what you will, a man bold enough to wear chicken suit in public is badass.
  • Quite a bit of the main cast from 28 Days Later. Selena in particular is better off here than among Badass Normal characters, as the only ones who are anything other than normal are psychotically infected pseudo-zombies. Major West is just a big, angry male Mama Bear.
  • Buddy from Six String Samurai.
  • Burt Gummer from the various Tremors movies.
  • Scarface (1983), aka Tony "You fuck with me, YOU FUCKIN' WITH THE BEST!" Montana.
  • Iron Man: Though Tony Stark needs a suit of Badass to do his feats of physical Badass-ness, the fact that he's able to construct a suit powered by a miniaturized reactor that thirty years of research hasn't been able to shrink down, using science and engineering that a fully equipped team of engineers in a state of the art laboratory all agree ''does not exist yet'' in a CAVE, with a box of SCRAPS, defines how much of a complete Badass he is.
    Tony: You HAVE a big gun, you are not THE big gun.
    Rhodey: Tony, don't be jealous.
    Tony: No, it's subtle, all the bells and whistles.
    Rhodey: Yeah, it's called being a badass.
    • Iron Man 3 blows all of the above out of the water with Tony's infiltration of the Mandarin's manor. After learning that his suit isn't ready for combat, he just goes to a hardware store and buys all he needs to make a tranquilizer nailgun, Christmas bauble flashbang/frag grenades, and a taser glove. Plus, earlier in the film, during a fight against an Extremis agent, he wins by opening a gas valve and microwaving a set of dog tags, creating a massive explosion that kills the Nigh Invulnerable super soldier.
  • The Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal Lecter. Supergenius Wicked Cultured Affably Evil Magnifient and Manipulative Bastard The Sociopath . . . the list just never ends!
  • Everyone in Wanted, but definitely the best examples belong to the most unassuming of the cast — Wesley Gibson, played by James McAvoy ("What the fuck have you done lately?"), and Sloan, played by Morgan Freeman.
  • Yulaw, from The One. He travels through dimensions killing alternate versions of himself in order to become more powerful.
  • Scott the cameraman from Quarantine killed one of the Infected (who had already taken down a cop and a firemen without trouble) that jumped out unexpectedly near him — using the camera. Apart from this, he was solid as a rock all through the movie, handling the situation in general far calmer than anyone else in the building. Also Angela, for realizing what the government was doing "quarantining," the residents and continuously heading towards the danger in order to get footage as evidence of what was really happening.
    • Angela from REC can kick Quarantine Angela's ass in three seconds flat.
  • The title character of Ip Man. Bruce Lee's master, mind.
  • Preston, the main character of Equilibrium, fits this in spades. His entire fighting style is designed around the premise that if you pull off cool enough poses while pulling the triggers of two pistols, you can clear rooms full of opponents armed with assault rifles without even suffering a scratch. His badass level is such that, in one scene, he uses this style (the famed Gun Kata) to kill a dozen men in the defense of a puppy dog he rescued earlier.
  • Tran from Tropic Thunder. He is only a child, and yet he runs a large drug compound, has a cool tatoo all over his chest, can take Jack Black tackling him head on, and can expertly wield an RPG (not that kind) that is a third taller than him.
    • Kirk Lazarus would like to remind you what kind of farmer he is.
  • Marshal Rooster Cogburn from True Grit is known as the meanest guy around, shooting bad guys just like that. "Most people around here have heard of Rooster Cogburn, and some people live to regret it". Bonus points: Eyepatch of Power.
  • Frank Martin of The Transporter series.
  • "Popeye" Doyle in The French Connection. The man chases an el train in a car.
  • Bud White, played by Russell Crowe, in L.A. Confidential. At one point, he's confronted with a snarky lawyer who refuses to give him the information he wants. "Don't pull that 'good cop, bad cop' crap; I practically invented it", quips the lawyer. Bud's response? Throw him out the window.
  • Sulu from the new Star Trek: The man has a retractable katana, knows martial arts as well as fencing and can use them in tandem, oh, and he can quite competently fly a starship.
    • No mention of Kirk? Sure, he may have gotten beaten around for a while throughout the movie, but at the end when Ayel, Nero's second-in-command, is strangling Kirk and mocking him for not being able to talk, Kirk simply says four words.
      "I got your gun".
    • Regarding Kirk ... remember who and what were giving him the beat-downs. First time? Four-to-one odds with trained Security recruits. The rest of the time? Vulcans and Romulans, who have three times the strength of the average human, and Kirk managed to not get dead. So yes, Kirk wholly qualifies for this trope.
    • How about Pike? After being tortured with alien slugs that act as a Truth Serum by crawling into your mouth so they can Mind Rape you, he manages to kill 2 Romulans who are sneaking up on his rescuer. Not to mention he's so Badass that he manages to cow Kirk's attitude and get him to join Starfleet.
  • Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. The word Bad Ass is in the title!
  • Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 in Kamen Rider The First, a reimagining of the original Kamen Rider TV series. He was especially badass from the getgo during the time when he was still the Hopper during his first infiltration mission. He did a lot of sneaking but when the jig was up, he beat up the guards without so much as breaking a sweat as breaking out of his stride. He just stood there and then proceeded to disable three guards while looking the other way. Then he kicks one of them into the glass pane to "open" it and proceeds to rip an iron bar out of the door to get in. Then he punches THROUGH the ground and destroys his target before jumping off the building and landing harmlessly below with glass shattering around him like dust. And then he walks calmly away. Badass.
  • If he weren't crippled by the stupidity of his movie, Zap Rowsdower from The Final Sacrifice would be a real badass, as cool as any drifter hero in pulp fiction. He makes Molotov cocktails and breaks necks!
  • The Predator. He's even featured on the Badass of the Week list.
    • The protagonists count as well, Billy and Blain are the ones that stand out the most.
  • John Mallory, from A Fistful of Dynamite is a man who really likes to blow shit up. An awful lot.
  • You should all be ashamed that it's taken this long for his name to be added to the list: TALLAHASSEE!!!!
  • Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar. The air on Pandora may be unbreathable to humans, but he kicks open (a heavy steel) door without any breathing aid and goes right out to pursue the fleeing protagonists, because screw breathing. Only after the protagonists have fled and he's done shooting do his lackeys come up in oxygen masks and hands him one as well.
    • Also, later in the film, he has to escape an exploding ship. He jumps into his mech while on fire. He proceeds to strap himself in before putting out the fire. Because fuck fire. The following sequence involving him escaping the exploding ship further shows his manliness. Explosions and whatnot.
    • A little while later, he takes not one, but two giant Na'vi arrows (which are like giant spears to a human) to the chest before finally deciding to die. And this is after refusing to die after getting the mech punctured (he doesn't need to breathe, as demonstrated above), and stabbed right next to his face. And he pulled out that knife that was stabbed next to his face and used it as a weapon himself.
    • Of the more Badass Bookworm variety is Norm. During the big battle, Norm is out on the frontlines with a rifle. After his avatar is killed via several bullets to the chest, Norm (having felt those bullets rip through his body, essentially experiencing what it feels like to die) proceeds to strap on a mask, grab another rifle, and head into the jungle in his human body.
  • From the Tollywood film Alluda Majaka, we have this fellow, known only as Mr. Toyotanote .
  • Everyone in Streets of Fire except Rick Moranis's character, Billy Fish. But give him some points for trying near the end at the beginning of the final showdown between hero Tom Cody and Big Bad Raven. Billy at least tried to get Raven to leave with a warning, but despite getting brutally decked (and for the second time in the movie overall), that took guts.
  • Plunkett And Macleane's Will Plunkett cements his Bad Ass status surviving pistols at dawn and having a glorious Big Damn Hero moment.
  • No mention of RoboCop? He was a badass cop to start with in RoboCop (1987), but then after suffering one of the most gruesome deaths in movie history is brought back as walking tank to single-handedly decimate Old Detroit's criminal element. After being crippled and disarmed by "Directive 4", he still manages to damage and escape the vastly more powerful ED-209, survives attack by a S.W.A.T. team, and subsequent onslaught by Boddicker and his men armed with anti-tank rifles, steals one to destroy the ED-209 and then confront the Big Bad again. In the sequel he is torn apart, rebuilt, and then fries himself to fix his programming, and then takes on a cyborg bigger, faster, and more powerful in every way, and wins. And that's not even getting into the comics, where he takes on not only The Terminator, but survives complete destruction as a sentient computer program that hijacks Skynet's factories to create a freakin' army of RoboCops to fight the whole of Skynet in the future. Even more impressively, it's been shown the reason the RoboCop program wasn't expanded is because the pain and trauma is so great no normal human could ever endure it. Alex Murphy survived because of an epic sense of duty, and being made of pure badass.
  • In The Chronicles of Narnia the main cast is all Badass, although each movie switches between them.
    • Peter throughout The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as well as the White Witch, and Edmund at the end.
    • Susan and Edmund throughout Prince Caspian. In fact these two characters are the best examples of character growth in the whole series. Lucy gets a Badass moment at the end when she stares down the entire Telmarine Army.
    • Caspian, Edmund, Reepicheep and Lucy all count as Badass in The Voyageofthe Dawn Treader. Even Eustace gets a Badass moment when he attacks the Sea Serpent.
  • Most of the human characters in The Matrix movie series, but especially The Chosen One, Neo, who can take on the nastiest foes that the Machines can deliver (in and outside the Matrix) and survive it. He only loses a level in Badass when he must face the villain he created. He still wins the battle, in Messianic fashion.
  • Burt Gummer of Tremors didn't get the memo that he was in a HORROR comedy, and instead makes preparations to mount one of the films monsters on his wall.
  • Bryan Mills from the movie Taken. In order to rescue his daughter, who has been kidnapped by a ring of human traffickers, he starts a campaign to increase the public awareness of... ah, well, actually, he just travels to France the same day, tracks the man responsible for this down, kills them all with his nut-cracking CIA martial arts skills and wrecks their whole operation. For Bryan Mills, gentlemanly warfare means smashing your head against a wall until you stop moving, wine bottles are stabby things and a pair of rusty nails and a reliable power source are torture implements. After seeing this movie, you will never look at fire extinguishers the same way again.
  • Oh Dae-su from Oldboy shows what you get when you lock a man in a room for fifteen years - the first meal he has as a free man is alive.
  • X-Men:
    • Magneto is consistently shown as one of the most powerful and dangerous mutants in the films. His control over metal makes pretty much any standard army helpless against him, and he can exert some limited control over a person's limbs by manipulating metal objects they're wearing. This is also aside from his considerable intellect and knack for strategic planning.
    • Wolverine. Comes with being Wolverine.
    • Mystique. She gets into almost as many fights as Wolverine, and always comes out on top.
    • Storm takes down several powerful mutants, including Toad and Callisto, all by herself.
    • Cyclops.
    • Jean Grey is more than able and willing to get her hands dirty.
    • Victor Creed/Sabretooth.
    • Colossus easily trounces highly trained military operatives during X2: X-Men United and takes down numerous mutants during the battle at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand. In the Bad Future of X-Men: Days of Future Past, he takes down several Sentinels.
    • Kitty Pryde.
    • X2: X-Men United:

      Lady Deathstrike.

      Nightcrawler tears through the White House and beats the Secret Service like they stole something.
    • X-Men: The Last Stand:

    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

      Gambit puts up a good fight against Wolverine, and is the only mutant who managed to escape Stryker's prison on Three Mile Island.

      Wade Wilson. Hell yeah. So much that part of the Weapon XI hatred is for the expectations Wade Wilson raised.
    • X-Men: First Class:

      Surprisingly, Charles Xavier is quite the Badass. He essentially prevents the Third World War on his own with some quick thinking and telepathy, blowing up the ship carrying the Russian nukes through one of the Russian generals. And then, once the real battle begins, he holds a telepathic link in order to immobilise Shaw while Magneto pushes a coin through the Shaw's skull. Charles feels everything.

      The rest of the cast gets their own moments of badassery as well. Erik spends the whole first act hunting down and wiping out former Nazis, Beast is just plain cool, Darwin shows no hesitation in taking a proactive role and even trying to take on Shaw. Banshee goes from scaring fish to helping avert nuclear disaster.

      Moira MacTaggert fearlessly heads into the Hellfire Club and suits up with the rest of Division X to fight Shaw.

      Even the bad guy and his goons are badass in this film. Azazel takes out virtually every guard in a secret CIA complex on his own in various awesome ways. Riptide acts as Shaw's primary muscle and intimidation tactic. Considering he can make tornadoes, he's like a Storm Lite. Sebastian Shaw is virtually immortal and likes to show this off, Guy takes a missile to the face and doesn't even blink. Needless to say, this makes him badass in the extreme.
    • The Wolverine:

      Wolverine, as usual. The gruff soldier with the metal claws beats down both yakuza thugs and ninja thugs and then squares off against an eight foot tall suit of Powered Armor.

      Viper does pretty well against Wolverine.

      Shingen Yashida. As much of a bastard as he is, it can't be denied.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past:



  • Eric from Mystery Team. Made more impressive seeing as how he is seven years old.
  • Sheriff Buford Pusser from the 1973 movie, Walking Tall. From the outset, he was made out to be one, a champion wrestler and an ex-Marine. However, this gets turned Up to Eleven when he takes out the people who were cheating his friend at a craps table, people who had previously beat the tar out of him, slashed his body, and left him to die in a roadside ditch. And he does it all...with a big fucking stick.
  • Christopher Nolan's Batman. Sure, Batman is already in the comics section, but Nolan's Batman features a badass batsuit and batmobile. Combined with Nolan's talent for directing, complete badass.
    • And Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. No other villain in the series posed as great of a physical threat to Batman. How badass is Bane? He utterly curb stomps Batman in their first "fight".
    • What about Joker himself in The Dark Knight ? He spreads chaos in Gotham in few days, never miss a shot at his targets (all single single-handedly, no less) and even beats the Mob itself.
  • All of the Wolverines from Red Dawn (1984). It takes freakin' Spetsnaz to stop them at last, and then, they do a lot of damage. And two of them escape in the end.
  • Brodski from Jason X. He gets mortally wounded early in the film. And the proceeds to crawl halfway across the ship to give the protagonists a moment to dispatch Jason. He is then patched up with nanites. So what does he do next? He kills Jason. No, he doesn't 'stop' Jason or 'defeat' Jason, he rides Jason's body to Earth from space, disintegrating both of them. Being set in the future, this IS Jason's canon death. There is however two non-canon comic books argue otherwise.
    • Jason Voorhees counts as a villainous example. He was Made of Iron before dying. After dying and being resurrected as a Revenant Zombie, he pretty much became Nigh Invulnerable. In fact, that's what started off Jason X's plot: he was so hard to kill that the US Government decided the best course of option was cryogenic freezing until they could come up with a way to kill him. He still managed to escape his bonds, kill the soldiers, and mortally wound the heroine by stabbing his machete THROUGH the cryogenic tube's door into her stomach. All while racking up a body count high enough you could consider him a mass murderer.
  • The Expendables. Look at the cast!
  • Maybe the 7 of the 8 major Universal Monsters as well. Count Dracula can kill a guy by biting him hard enough to send him flying down a staircase. Frankenstein's Monster can survive an entire Windmill ON FIRE, The Mummy can shock a guy into madness and cause a guy to have a heart attack simply by looking at a pool and reciting a spell via hand gestures, and just looking at his eyes can hypnotize you, The Invisible Man, although he's supposed to be a poor chemist, is strong enough to throw a bike at the cops, strangle a policeman then kill him in one hit with a chair, send a car down a hill fast enough to make it explode, and cause a MASSIVE TRAIN WRECK that kills EVERYONE on the train, the Wolf Man can rip a guy to bits, the Phantom of the Opera can strangle a guy with HIS BARE HANDS, swing across a stage with a rope, saw hard enough for a whole Chandelier to fall, and Gill Man can kill a guy just by slamming his claw in his face, maul a speargun wielding diver to death underwater and nearly kill the heroine's boyfriend who's armed with a knife. As for the Bride of Frankenstein, We're not really sure.
  • (ex)Cia Agent Snow in Lockout. Breaks into a floating space jail to save the president's daughter from 500 inmates who have just woken up from stasis (and some have gone slightly crazy from the experience), and does it all while solving the mystery of who is selling CIA space secrets. Snow manages to look bored with the entire gig 95% of the time. Kills people with various guns, explosives, and delivers many awesome punches to faces, not to mention and absolutely ENDLESS assortment of good one-liners.
  • Elmont from Jack the Giant Slayer.
  • Nicolas Cage in Kick-Ass as the Vigilante Man Big Daddy who kills a dozen of mobsters in a warehouse... just by himself.
  • Cypher Raige from After Earth = General, monster-killer, "Ghost" warrior.
  • Every Kryptonian in Man of Steel but special mention has to go to Faora.
  • For the classic genres great part of characters played by John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Rock Hudson, Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, James Cagney were considered this.
  • Mullins from The Heat, full stop.
  • Gary King from The World's End. He takes on many blanks and becomes a professional wandering badass by the end of the film.
    • Andy Knightley and Sam Chamberlain also qualify.
  • Alpha Dog. As screwed up as Jake Mazursky's life is, he's a very brutal fighter. As soon as he finds out his brother has been kidnapped by Johnny Truelove, he busts into a house party regularly frequented by Truelove, and when the party goers get hostile at his confrontational tone, he beats up half the room.
  • Max and Kruger from Elysium.
  • Petty Officer First Class Billy Buddusky in The Last Detail. In fact, "Bad Ass" is his nickname, and he lives up to it very well (the fact that he's played by Jack Nicholson helps a lot, too).
    Buddusky: (after the bartender has made a backhanded racial slur to his fellow sailor) I oughta kick your ass around the block for drill, man!
    Bartender: Try it and I'll call the Shore Patrol.
    Buddusky: (pulls out his .45 and slams it on the bar) I am the motherfucking Shore Patrol, motherfucker! I am the motherfucking Shore Patrol! Give this man a beer!!!
  • This may be surprising, but Laurel and Hardy are certainly this trope. They can take gigantic amounts of damage and not die, can knock out people with one punch and defeat an army with nothing but tacks. They also possess huge amounts of strength-one such example being when they pushed a man hard enough to send him flying into his car, which also fell over.
    • Speaking of that, the The Marx Brothers count as well. Special mention to Harpo in A Night At Casablanca where he gets simply openly bored parrying the dueling strokes of one of the Nazis. And of course Groucho, a Karmic Trickster who doesn't even tremble in front of a death threat. And apparently fought an elephant that was in his pyjamas, and won!
  • Being a war film, most of the characters in Saving Private Ryan would count, although Reiben, Jackson, Mellish and Captain Miller are the standouts.
  • Pacific Rim:
    • Face it, if you pilot a Jaeger, you're a badass, no matter what anybody says.
      • Raleigh Beckett, pilot of Gipsy Danger. Immediately after feeling his brother die via neural link, he still manages to kill the Kaiju by overcharging the Plasmacaster in it's hand. And then he manages to pilot Gipsy to shore, while he's bleeding out and holding off a seizurenote .
      • Marshall Stacker Pentecost. When his Drift partner goes out of comission mid-fight, Pentecost takes solo control of Coyote Tango to utterly curb-stomp Onibaba.
      • The pilots of Cherno Alpha. Husky Russkies who defended their homeland for six years with nothing but wrestling moves and tesla fists.
      • But the ultimate badasses would have to be Hercules and Chuck Hansen. Even when Striker Eureka is taken out by Leatherback's EMP, Herc says that they're the only ones standing between Leatherback and a Hong Kong city. With no chance of backup, and seemingly no way to survive, they stand atop their Jaeger, and fire flares at the Kaiju, torching one of it's eyes. And all it does is piss it off.
  • Godzilla (2014):
    • Godzilla. He does not disappoint. He's able to crush the Mutos when entire armies have struggled against them and utterly dominates the battle whenever he fights either of the MUTO one-on-one.
    • The Mutos. These Kaiju are not pushovers - when working together, they can hold their own to Godzilla and came close to killing him more than once.
    • Ford Brody dismantles bombs for a living and doesn't hesitate to join in the fight against the Mutos.
  • The Wolfman (2010):
    • Lawrence Talbot.
    • Aberline. But then again, when has Hugo Weaving ever played anything but a badass?
  • Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid: When Gail falls into the water and is attacked by a large crocodile, Bill jumps after her to kill the crocodile with his knife. He wins.
  • Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy, has escaped 22 prisons, builds weapons from scraps, masterminds a planetary defense with a bunch of pirates, and bites.
  • Eric Draven from The Crow. He comes back from the dead to kill the city's worst scumbags who caused his death and his girlfriend's. He kills one of 'em planting all "his blades in all his major organs in alphabetical order" and shots all Top Dollar's henchmen dead in Guns Akimbo mode, using a katana when he runs out of bullets. While being immortal even after he loses his gift he's still quite able to fight.
  • In Dracula Untold, even before he became a vampire, Vlad is a good enough fighter that he can take on half a dozen men at once and kill them all.

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