Bad Ass / Walking with Dinosaurs

If Walking with Dinosaurs has so many Stock Dinosaurs it has its own page, so many Rule of Cool examples it has its own page, and so many Science Marches On examples it has its own page, and it has a ton of Bad Ass creatures, why not give them their own page?
    Walking with Dinosaurs 
  • New Blood: 220 million years ago, Arizona
    • Coelophysis: A small but tough predator.
    • Postosuchus: The top predator of the era.
    • Plateosaurus: The only creature big and strong enough to chase away an adult Postosuchus, and a herd of them does so in the last scene of the episode.
  • Time of the Titans: 152 million years ago, Colorado
    • Allosaurus: Top predator of the era, it attacks a herd of Diplodocus that are much bigger than it.
    • Diplodocus: In the final scene, a fully grown Diplodocus hits an Allosaurus with its tail.
    • Stegosaurus: Even the Allosaurus is afraid of its tail spikes.
  • Cruel Sea: 149 million years ago, Oxfordshire
    • Liopleurodon: Portrayed as the biggest and strongest carnivore of all time. Its size is vastly exaggerated in the show.
  • Giant of the Skies: 127 million years ago, Brazil
    • Ornithocheirus
    • The unidentified plesiosaur, probably Plesiopleurodon
    • Utahraptor
  • Spirits of the Ice Forest: 106 million years ago, Australia
    • Koolasuchus: A giant amphibian that acts like a crocodile.
    • The "polar allosaur", possibly Australovenator
  • Death of a Dynasty: 65.5 million years ago, Montana
    • Ankylosaurus: A beast with unpenetrable armor. In the final scene, one of them breaks the leg of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • The unidentified crocodile, likely Deinosuchus
    • The unidentified dromaeosaur, revealed in a book to be Dromaeosaurus
    • Torosaurus
    • Tyrannosaurus
    The Ballad of Big Al 
145 million years ago, Wyoming
  • Allosaurus
    Walking with Beasts 
  • New Dawn: 49 million years ago, Germany
    • Gastornis
    • Ambulocetus
    • The giant carnivorous ants, likely Titanomyrma
  • Whale Killer: 36 million years ago, Pakistan
    • Basilosaurus
    • Andrewsarchus
    • The unidentified shark that eats an Apidium
  • Land of Giants: 25 million years ago, Mongolia
    • Hyaenodon
    • Entelodon: Referred to as a "boar from Hell", it's portrayed as vicious and aggressive.
    • Indricotherium: The largest terrestrial mammal ever lived, no beast can defeat an adult Indricothere.
  • Next of Kin: 3.2 million years ago, Ethiopia
    • Dinofelis
    • Deinotherium
  • Sabre Tooth: 1 million years ago, Paraguay
    • Smilodon: An enormous sabertooth cat. Enough said.
    • Phorusrhacos: Also known as "terror bird".
    • Doedicurus: An armored creature with a club of spikes at the end of its tail, practically a mammalian Ankylosaurus.
    • Megatherium: One of them kills a Smilodon and chases away another one from its prey, to scavenge on it.
  • Mammoth Journey: 30 thousand years ago, Belgium
    • Woolly mammoth
    • Megaloceros
    • Woolly rhinoceros
    • Cro-magnon: Prehistoric humans that hunt woolly mammoths, despite being much smaller than them.
    • European lion
    Chased by Dinosaurs 
  • Land of Giants: 100 million years ago, Argentina
    • Argentinosaurus: Referred to as the biggest dinosaur ever lived.
    • Sarcosuchus: Never Smile at a Crocodile, especially a 12-m long one.
    • Giganotosaurus
  • The Giant Claw: 75 million years ago, Mongolia
    • Velociraptor
    • Tarbosaurus: A close cousin of T. rex, and equally badass.
    • Therizinosaurus: The owner of the titular "giant claw", and despite being a gentle herbivore and looking like a giant goose, it efficienly hurts and chases away a Tarbosaurus.
    Sea Monsters 
  • All the top predators of each ocean.
    • And how about the guy who's traveled through time to dive with them?
    Prehistoric Planet 
All Bad Ass creatures from Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking With Beasts apply here, except:
  • Plesiopleurodon
  • The shark in Whale Killer