Ax Crazy: Video Games

  • Senran Kagura gives us Yomi, Ryōbi and Ryōna. Yomi's tendency to pretty much go ballistic on anyone who happens to be a wealthy individual, and her obsession with bean sprouts ascends levels of violent and unnerving. Ryōna on the other hand is much worse. She's a Combat Sadomasochist with even more emphasis on masochist. She'll likely ask random people to perform harmful acts on her just for her satisfaction. What happens if you don't? Let's just say that it won't end well for you. Finally we have Ryōbi who is an absolute sadist that gets a lot of joy out of beating down her opponents.
    Ikaruga: Wait! You said you had to kill me to complete your mission! What is the meaning of this?
    Yomi: Those who sneer at bean sprouts will someday die by bean sprouts. That is the meaning of this.
  • Downplayed in Wolfenstein: The New Order. While much of it depends on your playstyle, it's made clear that B.J Blazkowicz is this-he's a bit too eager to go the extra mile in killing Nazis. Case in point, the fact that he can dual wield virtually every weapon in-game, he interrogated a nazi with a chainsaw, and stabbing people at the worst possible moment in cutscenes.
  • Xenogears has Id, also known as the Demon of Elru. Whenever he pops up, he goes around killing everything in sight, committing genocide, crashing a "space station" (killing all the people living inside), or just behaving like a "normal" serial killer, and murdering people one by one. In reality, Id is actually Fei's Split Personality. The guy has a lot of issues.
  • Captain Hayashi from Jet Set Radio will attempt to murder you for your petty crimes, sending in all the tanks and using a experimental Spider Tank
  • The Grand Theft Auto series is a Crapsack World full of violent and deranged criminals.
    • Catalina. In III, she already shoots two of her apparent love interests, but it goes even further in San Andreas: she has graves dug by her house, she sexually abuses CJ (and still thinks she loves him), she threatens to kill/castrate CJ, and she takes glee in killing any cops or civilians who get in her way.
    • T-Bone from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is brutally sadistic and impulsive when gets really angry. In "The Introduction" video, he gives a brutal beating of another band member, possibly to the point of killing him. He also threatened to rape and kill the family of CJ.
    • Ray Bulgarin from Grand Theft Auto IV and his sequel. While first referred to as extremely impulsive and aggressive tendencies, even worse when suddenly brutally shoots his sister, possibly killing her.
    • Some protagonists of the series also come here:
      • Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is aggressive and easily angered, and has no problem want to kill their victims with chainsaws (not for nothing was nicknamed "The Butcher of Hardwood"). Also one occasion he was sent by the leader of the bikers to kill civilians and wreak havoc in the city.
      • Toni Cipriani from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He literally dismembered a man with an ax, only to then take his remains to a butcher.
      • Luis Lopez from Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, is often accused by other characters as an Ax-Crazy. He has no qualms about violence and is very involved to enjoy it.
      • Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V game is, to say the least completely fucking nuts. The trailer alone showed him beating people brutally and committing destruction for kicks, but that merely scratches the surface: He's completely unpredictable, extremely violent and easy to piss off, he's a meth addict and an alcoholic, he is heavily implied to occasionally eat people.
  • The Prophet of Truth from Halo, who in Halo 3 rants and raves and comes close to his goal of activating the seven rings that will kill all life in the Milky Way. While his portrayal in the novels and Halo 2 is more that of a cunning and sane manipulator, he was apparently driven to madness after the events of 2, when 343 Guilty Spark revealed to him the full truth about the Halo Array's purpose (though he already had his doubts to begin with).
    • Ripa 'Moramee, the Arbiter from Halo Wars, is an even clearer example.
  • Sapphire of Disgaea 3 qualifies. Not as dangerous as some here, but still quite violent.
  • Fritz from Brain Dead 13, whose deranged methods of killing involve eggbeaters, harpoons, and a blender. Combine that with him being a Determinator, and, well... you're screwed.
  • Drakengard
    • Arioch is an Ax Crazy Elven Action Girl. Due to the loss of her children (presumably right in front of her eyes and in some gruesome way), she's now a cannibal, and has a preference for small children. She's also on the player's side.
    • Caim, our "hero", also qualifies.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, every now and then one of your dwarfs may snap and start killing anything and everything in sight. The usual cause for this is their happiness falling too low, although there are others. Often from having seen/being attacked by another dwarf that had this happen to them.
    • Memorably, in the Something Awful Let's Play fortress of Boatmurdered, the fortress deteriorated to a level where it was in a constant state of anarchy, with dwarfs becoming so annoyed by the smoke and miasma that they snapped and went on a rampage, invariably killing a dwarf that was the relative of another dwarf, driving that dwarf into a homicidal rage, and so on. Probably the best individual moment of this was when one of the former governors of the fortress, who was possessing of insane strength, managed to beat several other dwarfs to death incredibly messily. DID I MENTION HE IS ON FUCKING FIRE!??
      • A (rather appropriate) meta example from that very Let's Play comes in the form of StarkRavingMad, one of the appointed overseers of the fortress, who devises a plan to finally end the siege of elephants that was threatening to kill them all:
    StarkRavingMad: I've started project 'Fuck The World,' a top secret attempt to funnel magma to the outside. I'll kill those elephants. I'll kill all those fucking elephants.
  • Sheogorath, the Daedric Lord of Madness in The Elder Scrolls series (appearing in the flesh in the expansion pack of Oblivion) is an Anthropomorphic Personification of this trope.
    • For someone who ends all his conversations with "Visit again or I'll pluck out your eyes!", he is surprisingly nonviolent. Even if you attack him, he doesn't attack back directly, just scolds you and teleports you into the sky, causing you to fall to your death. Just don't make him too happy or talk to him while he's contemplating on having Brain Pie for lunch.
      • He's actually not technically in control of "Axe Crazy" only but Madness as a whole. Mehrunes Dagon and or maybe Boethiah might be more "Axe Crazy" since they're both a lot more violent and associated with violence. And well, actually having an Axe also used as a symbol of their sphere of influence. Dagon likes to sent you on a mission to kill people who he dislikes, if he's not trying to smash you himself.
    • Glarthir, from Oblivion. He believes three of the other NPCs are conspiring against him, and sets you to tail them. Not a single one of them actually is — but if you tell him this, he'll assume they've turned you as well, and whip out an axe to take you out before you get him. If you lie, he'll ask you to kill whoever you fingered, or do it himself if you refuse.
  • The Psychos and most other human enemies from Borderlands and Borderlands 2.
    • Krieg, the playable Psycho, deserves special mention for taking this trope literally.
  • Several major villains and anti-villains in Kingdom Hearts.
    • Larxene show this trait throughout her life as a nobody. She often mocks and ridicules allies as well enemies for a fake feeling of enjoyment and seemingly enjoys inflicting physical as well emotional pain on others.
    • Axel displays this trait the much. Like Larxene, he pretended to enjoy hurting others and also flashed a wide grin at such moments. He carried out a series of betrayals throughout the series and killed several of his allies ruthlessly for his own motives and sometimes just for his personal enjoyment.
    • Roxas also shows this trait after realizing the truth of his existence, attacking both of best friends ruthlessly and killing one while injuring the other, in the process. He also recklessly destroys the central computer of Virtual Twilight town, and keeps attacking Di Z's hologram in spite of knowing that he could not attack Di Z in real. He even goes to the extent of attacking his own somebody, Sora.
    • Sax exhibits this in his lunar-powered state.
    • Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Justified given that he is the pure incarnation of Ven's darkness.
  • Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. This is a man who reduced the planet to a burned-out shell because he could, and then randomly took out the remaining pockets of civilization with a Wave Motion Gun whenever he got bored. That's during his encounter with the Warring Triad. Beforehand, he was, while relatively normal, a man prone to breaking into fits of hysterical laughter when doing atrocious crimes, had brainwashed Terra and ordered her to torch fifty of his own soldiers alive, attempted to burn Figaro, poisoned Doma (and in that particular case, he also mused maniacally about his joy about listening to "music" revolving around hundreds of people screaming in unison), brutalized various Espers in the Magitek research facility while maniacally declaring himself to be a god, massacring various Espers at Thamasa as well as burning Thamasa to the ground.
    • His backstory reveals that he was the first Magitek Knight, but the process was imperfect, and that he became insane after the process, which is heavily implied to involve brain surgery, meaning that the Empire broke his brain.
  • And in a vein rather similar to Kefka, there's BlazBlue's own Hazama/Terumi Yuki. He trapped the world in 725 time loops of 100 years each through which the world, during just the first 10 years, got ravaged by an enormous, hydra-like monster. This is also arguably one of the less horrifying acts he has done, solely because the result of it was a continuously repeated impersonal and indiscriminate mass-slaughter on over 50% of the human race... Y'see, it's not until Hazama/Terumi gets personal with people that his maniacal depravity really shines through.
    Carl: Oh, please don't die yet, Miss Tsubaki...
    Tsubaki: ... U-Ugh...
    Carl: Well, if you'd be so kind as to tell me the whereabouts of my father... Preferably before you bleed to death.
  • Jade Empire's Black Whirlwind is a hot-headed hulking brute who carries twin axes, has killed innocent noblewomen, burned down temples, and more, most if not all while drunk, but he's on your side.
  • Ignus, a fire mage, from Planescape: Torment, who nearly burned down the city of Sigil before being stopped, can join your party. Ravel Puzzlewell, who almost destroyed the city of Sigil before the Lady intervened, is connected with your character. The Xaosects/Chaosmen, represented mainly by the insane Starved Dogs Barking thugs, prowl The Hive (though you can speak to one, Barking-Wilder, and turn him briefly sane). Acaste, the Ghoul Queen, hungers for flesh, though that's pretty standard procedure for a ghoul. One of your own past incarnations was quite ax crazy and damn near impossible to kill, to boot. You can use a fossilized arm of his as a weapon.
  • The crown king of all Ax Crazy RPG villains is Luca Blight from Suikoden II, hands down. Nothing is safe from his wrath...not even small children. In fact, Luca rewrites the book on Bad Ass, as it eventually takes as many as eighteen of your party members, several volleys of arrows (each one shown capable of immediately killing one of his soldiers), and after all this, a duel to the death with the main character to bring him down in a suitably epic Climax Boss battle.
  • Albedo from the Xenosaga series. The particularly disturbing "Ma-Peche" scene gives testament to this, especially when he tears his own head off to prove a point about how he can not die.
    • In the Japanese version, he cuts it off, but the edited scene in the English release actually manages to be more disturbing than the original.
  • Omega from the Mega Man Zero series is a mechanical embodiment of this trope. His sole purpose is simply to kill. His bloodthirsty nature rivals even a Khorne Berserker.
    • Who may actually be Zero's Superpowered Evil Side and/or Evil Counterpart inhabiting a separate body.
      • Worse than that, he's exactly what Dr. Wily had intended the real Zero to be. In fact, Zero is indeed Ax Crazy, before his Heel-Face Turn.
    • Omega's own creator, Dr. Weil, also qualifies. Destroying a whole neighborhood just to capture the Dark Elf? Check. Making humans' lives completely miserable, with the choice of either dying or living under his rule? Check. Setting a Kill Sat to destroy a human encampment? Check. Plus, going completely nuts after the Kill Sat is set and fired against himself, initiating a Colony Drop with him inside the satellite, believing himself to survive the crash...
      • And before all that, the fact that Weil's schemes in the Elf Wars caused The End of the World as We Know It and claimed the lives of 60% of all humans, and 90% of all Reploids. Sheesh...
      • He's such an incredibly dangerous person to have around that even after his bodily death, his sheer loathing and insanity leached into the surrounding wreckage, giving inanimate material the ability to feel hatred and desire complete obliteration of all sentient life on the planet. Even so killed and diffused, he's still so thoroughly evil that mere proximity to fragments of this wreckage can drive a person to insanity, which eventually becomes a major plot point in the sequel series Mega Man ZX.
    • Vile from Mega Man X. Similar to Galvatron, an accident regarding his brain led to him developing a disturbing relish in not only terminating Mavericks, but also causing as much collateral damage as he can while destroying the maverick in question. He also has a sociopathic hatred of X, and he revolts against authority namely to cause destruction.
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has Clover in the "Axe" ending chopping up Santa, Seven, June, and Junpei, over her brother's death.
    • The sequel invokes this again by making it look as if Clover killed Luna in a rage. Subverted, though, as it was an accident.
  • Super Paper Mario has Dimentio. It's not obvious at first, but about three-quarters of the way through the game he starts killing characters left and right, all the while cracking jokes and delivering lines like "It won't be so bad, I promise", in addition to being The Starscream. He's also referred to as being psychotic at least once in the game.
  • Half the freaking cast of Metal Gear:
    • Psycho Mantis from the original Metal Gear Solid. He joined Liquid's coup just to kill as many people as possible, and he's easily the most depraved member of Liquid's FOXHOUND unit.
    • Fatman in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. He views the explosions his bombs cause as artistic displays.
    • Colonel Volgin of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Highlights of Volgin's psychotic dickery include nuking his own country, trying to destabilise the Cold War, and randomly torturing and killing his own minions simply because he can. When Snake's eye gets shot out, he practically orgasms at the sight of it.
    • The Beauty and the Beast Unit from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is an Amazon Brigade full of Ax Crazy women driven insane by horrific war-time atrocities. They also have Powered Armor, so that's cool too.
    • Sundowner, Mistral and Raiden himself in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Sundowner is a war-loving murderous sociopath who uses scissor swords, Mistral butchered the murderers of her parents and arranged for Khamsin's death simply because she found him annoying, and as for Raiden, it's revealed that he always was somewhat Ax-Crazy ever since he was a child soldier, but only after a Breaking Speech by Monsoon does his darker side resurface.
  • Daniella the maid from Haunting Ground. She is a homunculus created to be the "perfect woman" by her master. However, she cannot feel pain or pleasure, which drives her to scream at her reflection because she feels she is not "complete". She becomes even crazier and hateful towards Fiona, who can feel what Daniella cannot. Daniella comes to a logical conclusion - she must obtain the vital essence known as Azoth, which Fiona possesses, in order to become complete. She plans on tearing the Azoth right out of Fiona, and pursues her relentlessly throughout part of the game. She is prone to fits of maniacal laughter (her head often spasms violently when she does so) and will shriek at random.
  • In the first MechWarrior, you can get pilots to help you in your group, each comes with a picture and a quote along with their stats, before you hire them. One of them is Killer, wearing a ski mask, with the quote "I want to burn villages and eat dead, burnt bodies, kill, kill, kill!"
    • The quote is from the 1969 movie Alice's Restaurant. Arlo Guthries character acts like he's crazy in order to get out of military service. But despite his best efforts he seems to be sane enough for them.
    • He gets an homage in MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries in the form of Jake "Killer" Ives, a cheerful psychopath who was also a cheap, effective pilot, noted in his hiring profile to be a sadist bar none, with Humongous Mecha as his tool of choice for hurting other people.
  • Akechi Mitsuhide from Sengoku Basara takes being a Combat Sadomasochist to new heights, often creating slaughter for his own enjoyment while giggling and swaying. However, his is a more coldly calculating kind of insanity.
  • Many of the bosses in No More Heroes, and more so in its sequel. Special mention goes to Bad Girl, who bats blindfolded gimps at you and beats you with a burning baseball bat, the insane superhero Destroyman, the pig-tail wearing Yandere Kimmy Howell, the damned soul of Matt Helms, and Jasper Batt Jr. after taking some Psycho Serum. In fact, most of the remaining assassins come off as Retired Monsters who got Bored With Insanity.
  • From The Mark of Kri we have Tati. This deserves special mention because her older brother Rau is the one with the ax, but he's remarkably calm and level headed. And he never speaks in anything except battle cries. Unless Tati turns to The Dark Side, in which he will utter her name once before Tati and the forces of darkness slaughter him. Tati, on the other hand, is very vocal and has moments of exceeding maliciousness. The way she slaughters single enemies with her knives looks more painful than anything Rao does with his ax, and considering the body count Rao racks up with it, that's saying something.
  • Barbatos Goetia of Tales of Destiny 2 is also an example of Ax Crazy trying to prove that he's the strongest out there, which caused him to be written out of history in the first place. It's not just his personality that is insane, his power is also insane that he can even be invulnerable against magic whenever someone tries to cast one. He also wields an ax. If you want more of his Ax Crazy stuffs, just listen him pull an Evil Laugh or his Kiai.
  • The main reason Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss banned replicating living creatures was that when he attempted to revive his mentor who he accidentally killed through it, the resulting clone was an ultra-powerful Bonus Boss with a sociopathic personality. No wonder he was a bit apprehensive about using it again.
  • Zagi from Tales of Vesperia, who, at about 3/4 through the game seems to have no reason for wanting to kill Yuri other than that he wants to kill Yuri. His Ax Crazy status is lampshaded by his one eye that's smaller than the other possibly because he's so insane that he can't be bothered to hold them both open. In one of the boss battles against him, he casts poison on HIMSELF! Most battles consist of him spouting random crap about wanting to kill Yuri.
  • Agria from Tales of Xillia. Her looks, posture, and frequent laughter make it readily apparent that she's got more then a few screws loose.
  • The Tales Series loves this trope. Way back in Tales of Eternia, there's Hyades. In Tales of Innocence, there's Hasta, who loves to disorientate the party and players alike with his creepy manner of speaking.
  • The God of War Melqart in Tears to Tiara 2, appropriately. Also Izebel.
  • Karel from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword is a rare Anti-Hero example of this trope. Although twenty years later in Sword of Seals, he has mellowed out quite considerably.
    • Jerme, the Black Fang assassin nicknamed Death Kite from the same game, fits this one like a glove. He says to Lyn: "You! Woman! You have beautiful skin. If I sliced you into lovely red ribbons with this, would the pieces be as soft and delicate as silk?"
  • Several of the playable characters from Team Fortress 2:
    • The Scout considers hurting people to be his purpose in life.
    • The Soldier, after being refused entry by the army during early WWII, took a ship to Europe and fought "the nazis" until 1947.
    • The Heavy really likes fighting, and sometimes takes advice from inanimate objects ("What's that, sandvich? Kill them all? Good idea!").
    • The Pyro is a literally Ax-Crazy Psychopathic Manchild who sees the world as a Sugar Bowl full of giant lollipops and infantile cherubs. When s/he's killing people with a flamethrower, from his/her point of view s/he's just blowing bubbles and rainbows at them.
    • And there's the ax-wielding Horseless Headless Horsemann, the NPC from the Scream Fortress update, who attempts to hunt down and behead every player he encounters.
  • Needles Kane the driver of Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal series, especially his Twisted Metal Black incarnation.
    • The cast of Twisted Metal Black is made up of delusional priests, hillbilly psychos, and doll faced murderers. The sanest characters in the whole thing are Calypso, Agent Stone, and John Doe. The last two are genuinely good and sane people, who are in it for just reasons, and were institutionalized for severe PTSD and amnesia-related conditions. Still, the fact that the Big Bad is saner than most of the cast is somewhat... disturbing.
  • Aran Ryan from the Wii version of Punch-Out!! Most of the other characters emit grunts of pain or anger when you've landed a massive combo on them. Him? Deranged laughter.
    • In between rounds, he shouts to Mac, "Keep hitting me! I love it!!" Then, when he gets back in the ring, he punches himself several times, then makes an insane smile at the camera. His fighting style involves him running around the ring and attacking from the side, as well as jumping off the wires and trying to punch. This guy was perfectly normal in his first appearance.
      • "Your wimpy little punches won't even faze me." There's taking a hit and then there's getting your jollies from it.
    • Bald Bull from the same game gives a similar impression, both in that before matches he'll beat himself over the head for no apparent reason, and the way in which he rises from a knockdown in Title Defense mode is downright terrifying.
  • HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic is a sadistic killing machine who enjoys nothing more than the slaughter of anything and everything around him. Fortunately, he's on your side.
    • Twitch, a Rodian arena fighter on Taris, seems to be this.
    • Many of the students in the Korriban Sith Academy have Ax-Crazy tendencies.
    • In the sequel, HK-47 is back again, and it's possible to pick up a truly psychotic Wookie named Hanharr. Atton is also implied to have more than a little of this. Much more than a little, if you encourage it...
  • Meria from Knights in the Nightmare is a lovable example.
  • Batman Arkham Series has Quincy Sharp, who is by all appearances normal when you speak to him except in the Spirit of Arkham, where it can be seen that he is an absolutely insane Knight Templar.
    • The main villains of the plot, some of the absolute craziest of Batman's rogues gallery. Zsasz, Joker, Killer Croc...
    • And of course, anyone who has been injected with some form of the Lazarus Vector: Lazarus Elixir, Lazarus Phoenix Pinion, Venom, or Titan. Who made these potions and how they are interconnected in the series is a major spoiler, but is responsible for about half of the plot. And yes, Batman also took it.
    • The Penguin. Not as obvious as The Joker, but he is extremely sadistic, bloodthirsty and cruel. His methods of torture are pretty brutal.
    • In a strange way, the player character makes Batman crazy. What else would you call gliding around Gotham City and Arkham Asylum looking for gang members to horrendously punch, explode, electrocute, freeze, glue, hang, and humiliate, all while leaving them alive and in tremendous pain / fear? For "EXP" so that you can equip Waynetech that Batman already has? OR leaving criminals to do their thing while you scour the map looking for trophies that look like green hooks?
  • The Burning Blade clan in Warcraft II and World of Warcraft deserve a mention, as a clan of Ax Crazies that were held in check by a large group of ogre enforcers. The Horde "was not willing to employ them except in the most extreme cases, for fear that they might turn on other clans or even each other".
    Guns don't kill people, I do! (cackles insanely)
    • Though decidedly one of the less maniacal cases of insanity, it is heavily implied that the Ghosts in the StarCraft universe would've liquidated the universe if it weren't for the inhabiting implants in their brains.
    Whenever I see a world untouched by war, a world of innocence, a world of lush forests and clear rivers... I really just wanna nuke the crap out of it!
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors has both Chainsaw Maniacs and traditional ax-wielding Evil Dolls. The sounds of a chainsaw revving offscreen coupled with insane children's laughter serve to keep you awake at night.
  • God of War has Kratos, who slaughters his way through the gods and monsters of Greek mythology in all three games.
  • Pick a Dead Rising boss, any Dead Rising boss. We have Crazy Survivalists, chainsaw-juggling clowns, "Humanitarians", pyros, infidel-slaying cultists... Maybe going berserk is something of an advantage in a zombie infestation.
  • The Big Bad Elizabeth Greene from Prototype is so Ax Crazy that she forces Alex Mercer (who is quite violent in his own right) into an alliance with Blackwatch in order to bring her down. The fact that her mind was fried by Carnival II some time ago might have something to do with this.
  • Material-L, Fate's Evil Twin from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's: The Battle of Aces.
  • Penny from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin vacillates between being an Ophelia and being Ax Crazy, mainly depending on the wishes of her stuffed Mr. Bear.
    Penny: "Hee hee! Penny likes you...but Mr. Bear HATES YOU!"
    Will: "Why are you helping me?"
    Penny: "...Because Mr. Bear told me to."
  • In Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, the Omnicidal Maniac Gig is a good example of this. Absolutely everyone on your side is Ax Crazy in the Demon Path.
  • Both the game and manga of World Destruction has the heroine, Morte, who is more than happy to blow up a city. The anime version, however, gives us the resident chick Rhi'a, who has no qualms to pull out her guns when she is pissed.
  • The Darkspawn of Dragon Age are a race of Ax Crazy Blood Knights. Being the embodiment of The Maker's condemnation of mortals (according to The Chantry), the Darkspawn exist to kill and do horrible things to the world. They will do their best to kill anything and everything they come across that isn't also Tainted; if they can't find anything nontainted nearby to kill they will readily try to kill each other. Only an Archdemon has the power and will to unite the murderous bastards and keep them from killing each other when they get bored. Unfortunately, Archdemons, being Tainted dragon gods, are also Ax Crazy. That's why Blights happen. Even some of the "freed" Darkspawn in Awakening are Ax Crazy.
  • Mortal Kombat has a few characters known for being lunatics. Not counting brainwashed victims and near-mindless beasts, the ones that stand out most are Baraka, Mileena, and Shao Kahn.
    • Probably Skarlet too. Never mind the fact that what she does to her opponent is violent even by the standards of this game (sort of justified, as her powers are supposedly derived from absorbing the blood of others) she seems so incredibly unstable that Shao Kahn had to keep her in chains when he didn't need her to fight or kill someone. (And despite that, she still showed Undying Loyalty to him; of course, she was one of his evil creations from the Flesh Pits, like Mileena, who also was incredibly loyal.)
  • Jack from Mass Effect 2. She gets much better in Mass Effect 3.
  • Lt. Carter Blake in Heavy Rain.
  • GLaDOS from Portal is less ax crazy than she is coldly and calculatedly crazy, but it ends up having the same net effect on the people she murders. Supplemental material for Portal 2 indicates that, at first, the researchers were only able to turn her on for a few fractions of a picosecond before she tried to kill everyone. So, calculated murder is actually an improvement.
    "It was a morality core they installed after I flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin, to make me stop flooding the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin."
  • Adele in Arc Rise Fantasia is an Unlucky Childhood Friend. She did not take it well.
  • Snow White from Fairytale Fights.
  • The pyromaniac Tatsuya Sudou in Persona 2. A schizophrenic, psychotic Serial Killer, with his own Room Full of Crazy.
  • In the Touhou fangame Koumajou Densetsu, Flandre Scarlet is portrayed this way with a pretty twisted sense of "playing".
    • And Yuuka Kazami was this in the PC-98 games. Genocide was just a game to her... It's been dialed back quite a bit for the 9th game in the series... Though she is still able to worry some characters, including Cirno of all of them. And there's very little that worries that ice fairy even slightly.
    • And now from Word of God, Kisume has been confirmed as this much to the fans surprise. This also makes her somewhat unusual for this trope as she is also a Shrinking Violet.
  • Ripper Roo from Crash Bandicoot, one of the very first evolved animals made in the series, speaks entirely in insane laughter and loves explosives. There's also the Evil Twins from Crash Twinsanity.
  • Marx from Kirby Super Star and Ultra.
  • False Peach and False Zelda from Super Smash Bros.. Brawl.
  • In The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Yuki starts out killing enemies with her teeth, and doesn't see much reason to stop.
  • In Double Switch, Eddie is revealed to be this.
  • The Legend of Zelda series has a few Ax Crazies:
    • Majora from Majora's Mask. Unlike most of the other villains in the franchise, it's main motivation for killing/tormenting/etc. its victims is for sheer fun and tries to take it to its logical extreme by crashing the Moon into Termina.
    • Zant from Twilight Princess, as shown with him killing the queen of the Zoras, enslaving the Twili against their will, and his unnerving confrontation with Link and Midna at Lake Hylia, where he tries to kill the latter. By the end of the game, the craziness fully manifests itself as he's reduced to a screaming, maniacal wreck.
    • Ghirahim from Skyward Sword. He has unabashed bloodlust, first promising to beat Link within an inch of his life, then burn him alive, and then finally torture him until he's deafened by his own screams. Makes perfect sense when you find out he's actually a Living Weapon.
  • The main enemies in the final level of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • The Assault Bomber in Bomberman Generations is both a Mad Bomber and Trigger Happy.
  • Big Bad Mordred from the Black Mirror games.
  • Nikolai Diavolo in Everything or Nothing. Though he never shows this trait within the game, M reveals that even the KGB tried to kill him. To make matters worse, his mentor was the VERY ax-crazy Max Zorin.
  • Saints Row: Johnny Gat in 2, the Boss him/herself in 3.
  • Lilarcor the talking sword in Baldur's Gate II. It's a fairly powerful sword that houses the soul of a bloodthirsty idiot. Every bit of Lilarcor's dialogue consists of it whining about how its not killing anyone at the moment and asking you to hurry up and kill someone with it.
  • Dark Souls has Lautrec, who is a loner vagabond who uses and kills Anastacia, the fire keeper of Firelink Shrine. The Darkwraiths you meet in game became Ax Crazy after becoming Drunk with Power and undead that have lost all their remaining humanity are insane, violent shells of who they once were. That said, some hollows you find are docile and often huddle themselves into corners, crying.
  • Captain Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line starts out as a run-of-the-mill Action Genre Hero Guy, but slowly turns extremely violent as the game progresses. His execution moves turn into outright Cold-Blooded Torture, and the player has the option to gun down a civilian camp for lynching John Lugo, your squadmate.
  • Scharlachrot in Arcana Heart 3. However, this is as a result of being Brainwashed and Crazy by the Drexler Institute. She snaps out of this in her ending, though.
  • A great many people in Far Cry 3, which the advertising for the game heavily emphasized.
    • Special mention goes to Vaas Montenegro, who's crazy even by everyone else's standards.
  • Street Fighter IV's Juri is probably the nuttiest character in the bowl that is Street Fighter. Psychotic with a heavy dose of Sex Is Violence, Juri is quite the unchained animal when left to her own devices.
  • BioForge: The victims of the cyborgization process kept becoming this until the Mad Scientist in charge found out how to stop this. (The player also has the option of acting Ax-Crazy themselves, as there are points where you can kill someone even though they pose no threat to you.)
  • In American McGee's Alice, well, pretty much everyone. Although with Alice, her goal is to win her sanity back.
  • OFF has both Japhet, who's been driven from perhaps the nicest guardian to a lunatic whose policy became "worship me or die" after a couple years of thanklessness, and any Elsen that's been deprived of their sugar for enough time, who will assault even the spectres if they dare be in the same room.
  • Birdman in Galerians and Parano in the sequel.
  • Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4. When you're the ghost of a Serial Killer who's murdered around 20 people before the game even starts, it comes with the territory.
    • Also Eddie when you meet him for the last time in Silent Hill 2.
  • The Splicers in BioShock 1 have been reduced to this from repeated use of the Psycho Serum ADAM. Later you learn that they've been targeting you specifically because the ADAM they've been using has an additive that makes them susceptible to Mind Control by Andrew Ryan. If it weren't for that, they'd probably going ape on what's left of each other as well. By comparison, the Splicers in the sequel seem to be in better control of their faculties, if still mentally unstable and in the habit of constantly talking to themselves; the Spider Splicers may be an exception.
  • Archibald Grims from Super Robot Wars, an Evil Brit terrorist-for-hire.
  • In Final Fantasy XIV, there's Garuda, the Primal of Wind, who is completely fucking nuts. Of the previous two Primals faced in the story, Ifrit wanted everyone to bow before him, while Titan merely wished to protect his "children". Garuda, on the other hand, wants to kill everyone on the planet except for her own worshipers, the Ixal, and absorb all of the world's aether to become the one almighty goddess. To drive the point home, she is constantly cackling insanely.