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Warlords of Draenor
  • Gorgrond
  • Say, remember some of the awesome music from Warcraft III, like "Doomhammer's Legacy?" Or how about "Blackrock and Roll", particularly that amazing bit at the end? If so, you'll definitely want to listen to this.
  • An excellent piece comes at the end of the Tanaan Jungle intro, where you and your allies are running as fast as possible to the docks, with the Iron Horde in hot pursuit, and this playing in the background, with Grommash Hellscream roaring that there is no place for you to run in his world.
  • Malach fits the Auchindoun Dungeon, and later when you are fighting the three warlocks Teron'gor has summoned and the last boss himself, the part at 2:33 in the video starts and you feel ready to tear shit up in Auchindoun and kick some demon ass.
  • As usual there is tons of music in each expansion that doesn't make it to the OSTs (mostly for raids added later). In Draenor we have Smack The Giant for fighting Gronn and The Shadows Awaken for one particular quest in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • World of Warcraft has the dubious distinction of creating music so epic that it took years for the developers to find a place in the game worthy of it: "The Shaping of the World".
  • The music that plays in Shadowfang Keep is pretty darn awesome.
  • The music in Arcanist Doan's room in the Scarlet Monastery. It plays elsewhere as well (including one place in the Molten Core). It's the last few seconds of a track called "Legacy" from the main game's OST (the rest of the piece isn't used).
  • The log-in music is pretty awesome.

  • Anduin's theme takes parts of Stormwind's theme and gives it powerful vocals.
  • Last Stand, a song that plays when the Burning Legion starts invading one of six zones in Azeroth... a zone you just happen to be in!
  • Mardum, the Demon Hunter starting zone. It also plays during Invasion Points in Azeroth.
  • Canticle of Sacrifice.

  • Some of the Burning Crusade's ambient music is subdued but spectacular, be it the haunting swells of organs and strings in Terokkar Forest, or the ominous chants of Shadowmoon Valley.
  • The music for Shalandis Isle took new Blood Elf players by surprise, but in a very good way. It was so popular that Blizzard has since stuck it in Night Elf inns and the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus (possibly providing the first reason to hang around the city).
  • Sit back, buy a drink, set your Hearthstone, stay awhile!
  • A Call to Arms doesn't appear very often, but you've gotta love the epicness of the second half. And the nice lead-in from the first. An upgraded version of it appears in the Wrath of the Lich King log-in music.
  • The distinctive leitmotif of Illidan Stormrage, found inside the Black Temple and in various places across Outland. (Unfortunately, the best examples can only be heard by going into the game's .mpq files.) A melody of ominous strings and bitter reed instruments.
  • And then, there is Arthas, My Son, that song playing behind the incredible intro cinematic for WOTLK.
  • The melodies of the Storm Peaks are quietly dignified and tend to give a feeling of sadness and great age. Mountains of Thunder includes some of them.
  • The Culling of Stratholme for the Caverns of Time 4th dungeon.
  • Silvermoon City is the only city to have separate music for day and night (note that the first two minutes on those videos are the same, being the theme that plays in Falconwing Square regardless of the time of day). It's so awesome it made it into the title theme for both expansions!
  • Another beautiful piece of Northrend music can be found in the found in the Grizzly Hills, a gorgeous redwood forest with a distinct old American Midwest vibe, complete with lumberjacks, trappers, beavers, grizzly bears, and Native Americans-erm, trolls.
  • The foreboding and gloomy theme of the Un'Goro Crater and the Swamp of Sorrows is great, but the Sholazar Basin theme is also good. Another theme that fits the zone is the Burning Steppes theme: you can almost feel the heat. Unfortunately, the theme for the Battle of Mount Hyjal was not used in the raid instance itself. Fortunately, the Karazhan theme did eventually appear in the game.
  • The Joust music, new to the game from Patch 3.1, is also pretty amazing.
  • The eerie tribal music in Zul'Drak really sets the mood. Bonus points for the music around the altars of the troll gods, which features choirs chanting the respective gods' names.
  • The background music to the Trial of the Champion/Crusader instance is incredible at setting the tone of the instance. It's a lot more noticeable than the music in many other dungeons.
  • The 5-Man Dungeons for Patch 3.3 have some very nice dramatic/epic sounding pieces. Such as The Forge of Souls Dungeon and Boss Fight who is an Expy of James Brown no less, or The Pit of Saron which has so far been appraised as an improvement. The last of the three new dungeons where you finish with an escape from the Lich King. Certainly doesn't disappoint in the dramatic factor either.
  • The ambiance music in the Auchindon is absolutely fantastic.
  • The gunship encounter from Icecrown Citadel. Reused in Cataclysm and one scenario in Mo P: Gunships.
  • Tempest Keep's ambiance music. It's serene and kinda ominous at the same time. Perfect for a base full of pretty but villainous elves.
  • The Antechamber of Ulduar. The majestic brass and haunting chants echoing through the ancient Titan fortress's vast halls and corridors... Perfection. Remade as Thaurissans Reach in Cataclysm.
  • And now the Cataclysm Main Theme has been put up on Youtube. Contains pieces of previous themes and zones.
  • The theme for Stormwind definitely catches the heroic, righteous nature of the alliance. Listen to it here.
  • The Night Elves get a new theme in Cataclysm, and it is incredible.
  • The new Orgrimmar themefor Cataclysm is the perfect representation of the Horde.
  • And a new entry into the rolls of music tracks that really shouldn't be bad guy themes, Breath of Al'Akir is the sweeping theme of Skywall. Sadly, the main place players will hear this piece is the Vortex Pinnacle.
  • The theme from the Cataclysm cinematic, Xaxas. Bonus points for awesome: the voices of the Old Gods!
  • The Noble Tauren. Rest in peace, Cairne...
  • Nightfall. The anthem for all Death Knights.
  • Patch 4.3 released this awesomeness. It almost becomes Autobots, Rock Out! in some places, but it's done so incredibly well that you truly feel like you're fighting against a force that seeks to annihilate the entire world.
  • The music from Mists of Pandaria gives off an Asian vibe while remaining true to Warcraft. And it is awesome.
  • Warlords of Draenor's soundtrack is, from the serene tunes of Shadowmoon Valley and Frostfire Ridge, to the vibrant sounds of Gorgrond and the harsh barbaric and tribal tunes of the orc clans, just a glorious soundtrack.
  • Warlords of Draenor lets you in a sense revisit events from Draenor's past with a mix of Timey-Wimey Ball and Alternate Universe. In the original timeline, the Horde destroyed Karabor and it was a great loss for the Draenei. In WOD, the Alliance intervene in the middle of the Iron Horde's attack and successfully beat them back, turning a defeat in the original timeline to a major victory in this one. During the battle, you fly above on a dragon and shoot orcs while this plays in the background. It's quite amazing. Full video of the sequence here.
  • The Battle of Darrowshire, a fan-made music video.
  • Someone on YouTube went to the trouble of making a compilation.