Awesome Music: World of Mana

Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2
  • Danger, the boss battle theme. Fast-paced, segues from fast to dangerous to victorious to slow and about to burst and back again, and really gets a person's blood racing.
  • The Oracle, used for the Dark Lich battle. Starts out with three ominous gongs and just gets creepier from there. Fun trivia: most of the sound from the song comes from the Indonesia chanting called Kecak. Kecak is comprised of 5 different groups chanting in different patterns in unison, which gives it its unique sound. And true to this form, 5 sound channels out of eight on the SNES audio chip are dedicated to the chanting.
  • Meridian Dance. The final boss music. Words do not do it justice, just listen.
  • On the calmer side of things, Fear of the Heavens, the opening theme, begins with the distant cry of a dragon, and fully pulls the gamer into the ambiance of the game.
  • All three Flammie themes qualify.
    • Flight Into The Unknown is a happy affair, highlighting the sense of freedom the player gets from receiving a white dragon as a Global Airship.
    • The Dark Star, however, is a heavy-hearted, somber tune. Appropriate, as it replaces Flight Into The Unknown after The Lost Continent, and the Mana Fortress, rise from the sea.
    • And Prophecy, the theme that plays after the Mana Fortress rises, is a fast-paced, exotic-sounding tune, making good use of bells.
  • The overworld theme, Into the Thick of It, never manages to get old despite playing very often in the game.
  • A Curious Tale which plays in Southtown and on Gold City. This is one of the best town themes in all RPGs. Suffice to say - there's a reason that the composer is the 2nd credit listed in the opening.
  • The incredibly soothing "Still of the Night", theme of Puritas. The song really conveys that the player set foot in a sacred place, untouched by humans. The Genesis version (from an Arrange album) of the song is even better.

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