Like most of Creator/{{Konami}} 's franchises, ''Twinbee'' is rife with awesome soundtracks and songs.

* [[ The opening riff and melody of the first stage]] are considered classic - there's a reason that it was remixed for ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}} III''.
* The awesome vocal songs. Creator/MarikoKouda's album ''Twinbee Vocal Paradise'' deserves special mention, containing classic songs such as "Twin Memories" (opening of one of the animes), "Bokura no Suteki" (''Twinbee Yahoo'''s opening), "Kaze No Okurimono", "Fantasian", "Lights ~ Harukanaru Tabidachi", "HOPE", "Sanctuary", "Harmony", and "Magical Melody". "Twin Memories" received an official remix called [[ "Twin Memories W"]] in ''Tokimeki Idol''.
* [[ Twin Flight]] describes the Twinbee series at its best: it has been used many times after its debut game in other Konami games, like ''VideoGame/{{Parodius}}'', ''VideoGame/{{Otomedius}}'', and ''VideoGame/KonamiKrazyRacers'' as well.
* [[ Gift of the Wind]] from ''Detana!! Twinbee''.