Awesome Music: Touhou PC 98 Era

aka: Touhou PC 98
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    Highly Responsive to Prayers 
  • Alstroemeria Records does their techno/vocal thing with "Civilization of Magic".
  • Now we have here a remix of "Now, Until the Moment You Die" that makes it sound like a church mass music.
  • The one by a-TTTempo proves to be able to hold its own as well.
  • "Where do you go when you die in Hell? I guess when I get to you, Time Will Tell". (T. Stebbins AKA Odyssey.)
  • Iris, the nice ending theme. Made awesome with this remastered version.
    • It gets this rare remix.
  • When ZUN made Mystic Square, he included all of the music from previous games in the music test, except the original music from this game. Instead, he re-arranged them. Akyu's Untouched Score uses this version of the soundtrack.
  • What's better than PC-98 Touhou music? Updated remixes of it by ZUN himself, of course. Check out "Oriental Bizarre Tale" and "Eternal Shrine Maiden".

    The Story of Eastern Wonderland 

    Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream 

    Lotus Land Story 

    Mystic Square 

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