Awesome Music / Touhou Modern Windows Era
aka: Touhou Windows Two

This page covers the music from Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object, Hisoutensoku, Double Spoiler, Great Fairy Wars, Ten Desires, Hopeless Masquerade, Double Dealing Character, Impossible Spell Card, Urban Legend in Limbo, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Antinomy of Common Flowers and Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

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    Mountain of Faith 

    Scarlet Weather Rhapsody 

    Subterranean Animism 

    Undefined Fantastic Object 

    Hisoutensoku, expanding on SWR 

    Double Spoiler 

    Great Fairy Wars 

    Ten Desires 

    Hopeless Masquerade 

    Double Dealing Character 

    Impossible Spell Card 

    Urban Legend in Limbo 

    Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom 
  • The main menu theme "The Space Shrine Maiden Appears" sounds strange and fantastical, readying you for the journey to come.
  • The first stage theme, "Unforgettable, The Nostalgic Greenery has an alien feeling, reminiscent of the PC-98 days.
  • By 12 May (which is the second day after the demo release), there was already a well-done piano arrange by Komeiji Records of "The Rabbit Has Landed", the boss theme for the Stage 1 Boss, Seiran. This 8-bit arrange was published on the same day as the demo release.
    • Like techno with your jazz? Jericho's Law has your back.
    • Have another excellent 8-bit arrange.
    • TatshMusicCircle serves an electric METAL RABBIT with a surprising guitar accompaniment.
    • Combining tango, waltz, and bossa nova is the amazingly upbeat and danceworthy Strawberry Tango by Ringing Volcano, which mixes this theme with September Pumpkin.
  • Going to the secret base by the lake in the Youkai Mountain, we are treated to "The Lake Reflects the Pure Moonlight". The heavy atmosphere of the theme is also present in this 8-bit remix.
  • From the demo, it looks like Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom will be a ton harder than the other games. Not surprising, then, that "September Pumpkin", only the Stage 2 boss theme, is awesome enough for a final boss battle. And there were arranges released on the very same day as the demo.
    • dBu provides an interesting take to the mix, combining techno with traditional music in a fast-packed piece.
    • How about a jazz/funk remix made by xi-on?
  • The third stage in the Dream World brings "The Mysterious Shrine Maiden Flying Through Space" and a sense of flying through fantasy. This orchestral arrange further adds a touch of the regal and playful to the pile.
  • Doremy Sweet, the stage 3 boss, has "Eternal Spring Dream". It certainly sounds very dreamy. Melodic Taste, on the other hand, turns it into a bombastic arrangement worthy of an orchestra.
  • The fourth stage theme, "Frozen Eternal Capital", lonely and cold as well as very mysterious. It really makes you wonder "What happened here?". It also bears a similar feel to Imperishable Night's stage 4 theme to tie in the lunar feel both games bore.
    • This orchestral arrangement from the circle Melodic Taste ironically conveys quite a bit of life as well as triumph and calm.
    • If you like piano, then have a lovely piano arrange by Aka Kyuketsuki.
  • The theme of the fourth stage boss Sagume Kishin, "The Reversed Wheel of Fortune" is strange and off-putting, and invokes a sense of power. Fitting, given she is a Lunarian with a terrible power.
  • Over the Sea of Tranquility, "The Sea Where the Home Planet is Reflected", the final stage theme, perhaps the most beautiful and tragic ever composed.
    • This music box arrange makes the theme even more beautifully simple.
    • The original might be sad, but this remix turns it instead into a triumphant march.
  • Reprising the stage theme, the simple elegance, and straight-forward raw power of the final boss track; "Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart".
    • Here is a piano-only version. As with everything piano-only it sounds a lot sadder and more tragic than the original which considering Junko's history is entirely appropriate.
    • An epic orchestra arrange by crescentia that starts low and slow, but eventually picks up its power without going overboard.
    • Another orchestral arrange that goes full-power from the start and never lets up.
    • A techno arrange that will induce even more sweat than fighting against Junko herself on Lunatic difficulty would, while staying true to the "spacey" sound of the original.
    • Yet another orchestra arrange, this time going strong with the string intruments and powerful trumpets.
    • It really says something about the song's sheer power when an 8-bit Gameboy remix still sounds like a Pokemon Champion battle in terms of epicness.
    • A beautiful orchestra-metal arrange with Chinese lyrics here.
  • The Extra Stage theme, "A Never-Before-Seen World of Nightmares", sets an ominous yet energetic tone for the long and difficult road ahead, as well as the dreaded rematch with Doremy.
  • Hecatia Lapislazuli's theme, "Pandemonic Planet", has a mischievous and chaotic tone to it. Partially through the song, there's a pause followed by a more dramatic and energetic melody—which usually coincides with the first time Junko hops in for her turn during the battle.

    Antinomy of Common Flowers 
  • "Immortal Red Soul", which plays in the Bamboo Forest, will have you rocking out to it as you duke it out. Interestingly enough, it seems to sound like a mix between "Last Remote", parts of "Bamboo Forest in Flames" and the Power Rangers theme.

    Hidden Star in Four Seasons