Awesome Music / The Chronicles of Narnia

  • "The Duel" from Prince Caspian has a slow, steady build, complimenting the build in intensity in the duel itself, underscored from time to time by intermittent reprises from "The Battle", which never quite builds into the triumphant crescendo of the first film, showing quite clearly that this is not going to be the same clear triumph of the first film. Not until The Cavalry arrives, anyway.
  • In fact, the entire soundtrack for Prince Caspian is a Moment of Awesome for Harry Gregson-Williams, who'd composed the soundtrack to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and successfully retained the key feel of the series while introducing a Darker and Edgier flavour, making it clear that while this is still Narnia, this not the Narnia you knew. Many of the songs are either darker or sadder reprises of songs from the first film (as "Arriving at Aslan's How" is for "To Aslan's Camp") before the triumphant "Return of the Lion."