Awesome Music / Spiral Knights

  • Battle for Firestorm Citadel, which is used whenever you step on Party Buttons that activate enemy gauntlets in the FSC. The level itself also has two other themes, Something Stirs In the Citadel and The Clockwork Citadel, both of which are ominous and can tell you what awaits within the depths of this burning place.
  • The title theme, appropriately called Cradle, is also used for the Clockwork Terminals, where you can purchase recipes and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges that await deeper down.
  • All three themes that play in Haven are nothing short of amazing.
  • Encouter Clockwise, As the Clock Ticks and The Gears Keep Turning, which are used in the normal sections of the Clockworks without any elements overriding them. The latter two are also used in Guild Halls and the Advanced Training Room. The other themes are also great, such as Shocking Synthesizers, Noxious Descension (In Search of a Cure), A Perfect Snowball and Things Are Heating Up for Shock, Poison, Freeze and Fire-themed strata, respectively.
  • Forgotten Castle and Storming the Fortress, which are used inside the walls of the Scarlet Fortress, are both soothing and sad.
  • Pit Stop (But Don't Stay Too Long), easily one of the most somber tracks in the game, which is appropriate, since they are used for the Town of Restless Spirits, Moorcroft Manor, and Emberlight, the town of Gremlin Outcasts.
  • As awesome as the normal Clockwork themes are, none of them can top Around the Clock Workshop, which is used for the Deconstruction Zones, and is easily the best track in the game and really gives you vibes that you are in Gremlin territory.
  • Throughout the game, you'll regularily hear the Main Theme, a remixed version of Cradle, which is a glorious theme that plays in the RJP, the IMF, and the final levels of the Concrete Jungle, Dark City and Starlight Cradle. There are also other remixes of the Main Theme. Crash Course, a toned down version of the Main Theme, plays during the starting sequence. On the other side of the spectrum, Shadow's Swarm is an excellent Dark Reprise that plays when you are fighting the Swarm. As one commenter puts it, "When you hear this theme, it's not because you're about to complete your mission. It's because you're struggling against an entity that is barely understandable by the Spiral Order. An entity that was not meant to be.", and A Good Knight's Rest is an utterly beautiful track that plays in The Sanctuary, a safe haven from the Swarm's grasp.