Awesome Music: RuneScape

Sometimes, MIDI can work better than expected...
  • First things first, the game's old main theme, Scape Main. Utterly. Epic.
  • Runescape's MIDI power! becomes apparent in "Route Of The Problem", which is the second in a series of amazing tracks, all based on the same theme. The first is "Alternative Root" and the third is "The Route of All Evil."
  • Temple Desecrated is among the best songs heard in the game. It plays when you face down the Balance Elemental in While Guthix Sleeps.
  • Other good tracks are Battle of Souls, which plays when you fight Nomad in Nomad's Requiem; The Sound of Guthix (plays on your way to the Stone of Jas (also WGS)); Face Off plays during the fight with Zanik in The Chosen Commander; But We Can Fight plays at the Wham Line of The Chosen Commander; and lastly The Void Stares Back plays when you fight the Pest Queen.
  • Return of Lucien takes Temple Desecrated to a next level.
  • Another from The Chosen Commander, during the cutscene with Zanik in the caverns, and then after you defeat the avatar of Bandos. The music makes things even more heartwarming.
  • You will never forget the moment you step into the Duel Arena Hospital and hear this.
  • Destiny, unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Christmas Caverns. For a Christmas song, it manages to reach the heights of numerous modern Christmas songs in terms of quality.
  • The "Deathcon II" quest of Halloween 2011 provides "DCII Mash-up (Infinity Mix)", an awesome techno track mixed by the talented spider DJ Infinity, previously known as Minstrel Web. As a remix, it's actually said to bear similarity to two other great tracks, "Zaros Stirs" and "Zaros Zeitgeist".
  • Upir Likhyi is about as rousing a boss theme as you'll ever hear.
  • "One Piercing Note" is a quest designed around sound and music, and is the first quest to be entirely voice acted. When you first walk up to the abbey, you hear Valerio the troubadour playing an impressive tune. When you enter the abbey, you learn that they practice music in their worship. Their choir sings about St. Elspeth, and is also quite impressive. As you continue the quest, you'll wander between Valerio and the abbey a few times, and the music will change accordingly. At the climax of the quest, one more new track starts to play, "Citharede Requiem". It switches between the choir singing their song about St. Elspeth, and Valerio singing outside about the woman whose death you've been investigating. The two songs complement each other perfectly, providing an excellent backdrop as you chase the killer throughout the abbey.
  • Tzhaar Supremacy I, a fine example of a good use of heavy percussions.
  • Wending Through the Willows, which is beautiful enough to be a quest reward.
  • Sub Way, played during the sub chase at the end of Some Like It Cold.
  • Super Furry Animal, the track that plays in the Big Chinchompa D&D.
  • Final Showdown, for the last battle in "Diamond in the Rough."
  • They've even started updating old tracks too! The tracks "Tears of Guthix" and The Power of Tears have been updated along with the Tears of Guthix D&D rework.
  • Blue Wizards, The Harmony of the Runes, the reworked Vision, and Bloody Foundation, which are all part of the two quests introducing the Signature Hero Ariane.
  • Memories of Guthix, from The World Wakes.
  • Many of the remastered tracks from the Runescape 3 update add a new level of awesome to tracks that have been around since the early days of the game.
  • The updated Pest Control music perfectly captures the chaotic nature and gravity of the fight against the alien incursion.
  • Nightmare at the Cradle, a rousing piece used in the frantic Hold the Line segment of Fate of the Gods.
  • Scape Summon, a variation on the Runescape theme released with the Summoning skill in 2008. The song has a primal energy to it that perfectly fits Summoning's core concept.
  • Book of a Thousand Songs. Hard to not remember your past adventures in Gielinor while listening to this song.

  • Born to do this, a heroic main theme of Daemonheim. Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizen's theme puts a new take on that.
  • Not to be outdone, Night-gazer Khighorahk.
  • Adorno VII, one of the furnished floor battle themes.
  • Rammernaut says hi.
  • The track for Luminiscient Icefiend starts slow and ominous, then grows to a glorious (read: Lord of the Rings) peak just before the end.
  • Most of the Dungeoneering tracks really do fit with the atmosphere in the theme you're currently dunging on. On frozen floors there's random 'chilling' sounds showing that you are actually in a freezing area. The music is often rather slow too. In the Furnished floors the music makes you feel like you're breaking into a castle full of armed guards, hence the fast-paced themes. On the occult floors things get freaky what with all the necromancers, reanimated zombies and demons. The music is full of church organs, drums and ominous incorrehent chanting. The ambient sounds inbetween battles sound freaky too, as if the place was haunted. Finally, in the Warped floors, music becomes heavy, twisted, random and intriguing, fit with the theme of being too close to whatever grand power warps the guard dogs', rats' and brutes' bodies.