Awesome Music / RAY Series

From the upbeat techno vibes of Area 1's stage theme in RayForce, to the serene and atmospheric tunes of the fourth stage in RayStorm, and the surrealistic styling of RayCrisis' soundtrack, there's no denying that Tamayo Kawamoto has created some awesome music for the shoot 'em up series that made lock-on laser weaponry awesome.


The Sega Saturn version


The original music



Unlike the past two games' soundtracks, RayCrisis lacks per-stage BGM. Instead, the game picks one long track which then plays throughout the entire game up until the final stage. (In the consumer ports, the track instead jumps to the next section when transitioning from stage to boss or boss to next stage.) Each of the arcade tracks ranges from 12 to 16 minutes, giving the impression of a very contiguous play experience like no other.