Awesome Music: Radiohead

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     Pablo Honey 
  • "Blow Out". And people say "Creep" is their best song off Pablo Honey.
  • "Creep", the emotion in that song, and the self loathing.

     The Bends 

     OK Computer 

     Kid A 
  • "The National Anthem". ESPECIALLY the horns section at the end.
  • "Everything in Its Right Place" for being beautiful and sort of terrifying. The awesomeness may be either increased or diminished for you once you figure out what he's saying...
    Yesterday I woke up sucking on a lemon.
  • "How to Disappear Completely". All of it. Especially when the trumpets come in in their strange arpeggiated patterns, they don't fit in but they just... do. Thom even at one point called it his best song, for good reason.
  • "Optimistic". Need we say more?
  • The big giant Apocalyptic disco beast that is "Idioteque" is the musical definition of CMoA. Not just the beat, but the vocals paired with the lyrics are superb.
  • "Motion Picture Soundtrack" is quite possibly the most simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting song in the universe.


     Hail to the Thief 
  • "2 + 2 = 5", the moment when Thom loses his ever-loving shit about halfway through and starts screaming: "YOU HAVE NOT BEEN! PAYING ATTENTION! PAYING ATTENTION!" See also: "DON'T QUESTION MY AUTHORITY OR PUTMEINABOX!!"
  • The climax of "There There". Take some guitars, heavy drums, "WEEEE ARRRRRE AAAAACIDENTS WAITIIIING TO HAPPENNNNNN!!!!" and a video with Bagpuss and Thom Yorke grabbing golden clothes and experiencing its tree-morphing side effects and you've got yourself the Crowning Alternative Rock Anthem of Awesome. It is, somehow, both ominous and uplifting.
  • "Myxomatosis", with its strange time signature and awesome guitar part, not to mention the chilling part where everything drops out but the vocals and drums. "But now. I. Don't. Know. Why I. Feel. So. Tongue. Tied." And then it all comes back in again and goes on to become more and more awesome.
  • "A Wolf at the Door" is just amazing and unlike any other Radiohead song, with brilliant pattering lyrics.
  • "Backdrifts". The small piano solo is pretty cool, and the beat sounds like a malfunctioning steam train. It's like Industrial, Ambient, Glitch and Hip Hop were thrown into a blender...
  • "Go to Sleep". OVER MY DEAAAD BOOO-OOODY!!

     In Rainbows 

     The King of Limbs 
  • "Morning Mr Magpie" sounds like Radiohead trying to do Funk music in their own way, and it works beautifully.
  • The epic brass background in "Codex" is amazing. It's scary and apprehensive and beautiful and nostalgic all at once.
  • When the wall of distorted vocals singing "into your arms" hits at about the 3 minute mark of "Give Up the Ghost".
  • The basement version of The King of Limbs. That is all.
  • On February 18th, 2011, a gleeful fandom began its The King of Limbs experience with "Bloom," quite possibly Radiohead's best opening track yet. The wailing, echo-y vocals are just eerie and ominous enough to set the tone of the album.
  • Meanwhile, a contender for best closing track is "Separator". The beat is strangely addictive... and after the heartbreaking double of "Codex" and "Give Up the Ghost," this song wraps up the album on a comforting, calming and hopeful note. "If you think this is over, then you're wrong..."

     Other Songs