Awesome Music / Punk

  • "A More Not perfect Union" by Titus Andronicus. You might think a seven minute punk song about New Jersey and Civil War iconography bookended by a rendering of an Abe Lincoln speech wouldn't be awesome, but you'd be wrong. From "All the armies of Europe and Asia could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River," to "I was never trying to change the world, I was just looking for a new New Jersey," to "Rally round the flag, boys, rally once again, singing the Battle Cry of Freedom!" everything about this song is pure undiluted awesomeness.
    • "The Battle Of Hampton Roads". It's the epic "fourteen minute long" album closer of The Monitor, and it is made of PURE AWESOME. The entire thing moves at a whiplash pace, the lead singer sings what seems to be a hundred words a minute, and the whole thing builds and builds with guitar solos and shouted vocals and a refrain of "please don't ever leave me," all to a FREAKIN' BAGPIPE SOLO. OH MY GOD.
  • "The Vulture (Acts I&II)" by Gallows. Who knew that the same set of lyrics repeated several times could be so kick ass? The first couple times, it's all calm... then comes the huge epic crashes of distortion that last for almost too long... then the amazing punk song that takes the dark and grim lyrics of Act I and makes them ANGRY AS ALL HELL!
  • Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' "London Boys", which was a Take That! to the The Sex Pistols for their song "New York", itself a Take That! to Johnny Thunders' former band New York Dolls.
  • Dead Boys parent band Rocket From The Tombs, (and their songs "Ain't It Fun", "Sonic Reducer", "Down In Flames", etc.) who also spawned avant-garde band Pere Ubu. Their original version of "Ain't It Fun" kicks the Dead Boys' version to the curb. Other good tracks are "30 Seconds Over Tokyo", "So Cold", "I Sell Soul", "Amphetamine", and "Muckraker."
  • "Search and Destroy" from Raw Power by The Stooges. Unfortunately, due to a convoluted mixing process, both official cuts of the song are either hollow and quiet or LOUD ENOUGH TO SHATTER GOD'S EARDRUMS. Luckily, there exist balanced remixes in which every glorious note can be heard.