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Awesome Music: Post-Punk
  • Public Image Ltd. - "Religion I" and "II", "Fodderstompf", "Public Image", and the entire Metal Box album.
  • The Clash - "Sandinista!" certainly qualifies with its weird dubby atmosphere.
  • The Birthday Party- Nick Cave's first band. "Mutiny in Heaven", "Release the Bats", "Sonny's Burning", "The Friend Catcher", "Big Jesus Trash Can", "Happy Birthday", and many, many more.
  • The Fall - "How I Wrote Elastic Man".
    a life should be full of strangeness
    like a rich painting
    but it gets worse day by day
    I'm a potential dj
  • Joy Division is completely atmospheric and dense in their music, with some seriously haunting lyrics by Ian Curtis.
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "From Her To Eternity", "Let Love In", and "Henry's Dream".
  • Bauhaus is more than just a goth band. "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" is brilliant, even as it is Ripped from the Headlines. "God In An Alcove" is very ethereal without going too new age-y, and "Spirit" (single version) definitely counts as a CMOA.
    • "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is not just a goth masterpiece, but also a dub masterpiece.
  • Big Audio Dynamite's "This is BAD!"
  • Cardiacs. Listen to Nurses Whispering Verses and try to deny the awesomeness!
  • Magazine. Listen to Motorcade, listen to Back To Nature, listen to Permafrost! Now! It will change your musical life!
  • U2's "I Will Follow".


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