Awesome Music: LapFox Trax

Because one is definitely needed:


  • EVERYTHING on Because Maybe! It's not "THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF RENARD MAY 2009-JAN 2010" for nothing. "Sinisterrrrrrrr", "Spacedragonstyle Raggamissile", "Dracula", and "Banned Forever" in particular are fan favorites.
  • Though its ways are mysterious, there is no denying that TUMBLR GOT SOUL is one of the funniest instrumental tracks ever made.

Jackal Queenston


  • Arcadepunk, a Concept Album about the rise and fall of arcade gaming. Exactly 15:00 long and starts out on a happy note, becoming more and more cynical as tracks go on. Easily the Magnum Opus of Klippa, and one of the select few albums Ren uses as an introduction to the label as a whole.


  • Knight, RQ's debut album. The entire album is about Ren's journey of self-discovery after coming out as nongendered, and the musical invention and complexity really show.
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