Foo Fighters guarantee several [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Crowning Songs of Awesome]] per album.

* This album earns a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome for being written and recorded completely by Dave Grohl.
* [[ "This Is A Call"]]
* [[ "I'll Stick Around"]], basically saying "fuck you" to Music/CourtneyLove.
* [[ "Big Me"]], with Mentos parody video. Footos, the Fresh Fighter.
* [[ "X-Static"]]. [[note]]Well, OK, Dave Grohl didn't play absolutely ''everything'' on the first album. "X-Static" features a guest guitar part from Greg Dulli of Music/TheAfghanWhigs.[[/note]]
* [[ "Wattershed"]], easily the band's most punk-rock track.
* [[ "For All The Cows"]].

[[AC:The Colour and the Shape]]
* [[ "Monkey Wrench"]]. Also note the "Big Me" [[TheElevatorFromIpanema elevator music]] at the beginning of the video.
* [[ "My Poor Brain"]]
* [[ "Enough SPAAAAAAAAAACE"]] was written specifically to make European audiences jump up and down to the song. It worked right from the first time they played it.
* [[ "My Hero".]]
* [[ "Everlong",]] with its ''[[SurrealMusicVideo insane]]'' video by Creator/MichelGondry.
** Especially epic when the first ''VideoGame/RockBand 2'' trailer came out and Music/FooFighters floods the eardrums.
** Check out the acoustic version of "Everlong" that Grohl did on his own. It turns down the volume but cranks the awesome up to eleven.
* [[ "Hey, Johnny Park!"]] doesn't get much love, but has very high {{Earworm}} potential.

[[AC:There Is Nothing Left to Lose]]
* "Stacked Actors" rocks hard enough already, but when Dave [[ plays a drum solo with Taylor]], it becomes 200% cooler.
* [[ "Breakout"]], later included in a strange Creator/JimCarrey [[Film/MeMyselfAndIrene movie]].
* [[ "Learn to Fly"]] and its hilarious video. Note the Everlong elevator music and Music/TenaciousD cameo.
* [[WordOfGod According to Dave]], [[ "Aurora"]] was the first time the (then three) members of the band really clicked, and oh boy, does it show.
* [[ "Next Year"]], and [[ "Ain't It The Life"]] are two of the band's most [[SweetDreamsFuel mellow]] tracks.
* [[ "M.I.A"]] is a brilliant closer.

[[AC:One by One]]
* The band has said that if a concert is feeling lackluster, playing [[ "All My Life"]] will make it all better.
* [[ "Times Like These"]], you learn to live again.
* [[ "Tired of You"]], which even has [[Music/{{Queen}} Brian May]] on guitar in an uncharacteristic TearJerker song.
* [[ The "Have it all" demo]] from the Million Dollar Demos. It kicks the pants off the finished version that ended up on the album.

[[AC:In Your Honor]]
* It's hard to pick the best songs out of the DistinctDoubleAlbum, so just listen to it yourself. [[ Here's a taster.]]
* "[[ Best of You]]". Especially when watching [[ this AMV.]]
* [[ No one's getting out of here alive!]]

[[AC:Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace]]
* [[ "The Pretender"]], the obvious choice.
* [[ "Long Road to Ruin"]]
* [[ "But, Honestly"]].
* [[ "Once and For All"]], sadly only a bonus track.
* [[ "Stranger Things Have Happened"]]
* [[ "Summer's End"]]
* [[ "Let It Die"]], never confirmed but widely suspected to be a '''very''' bitter TakeThat towards Music/CourtneyLove for the role she played in the end of Music/{{Nirvana}}.
* [[ "Statues"]], with its calm piano, gives off a very classic rock vibe. Simultaneously melancholy and uplifting, it's a truly great addition to the album.
* The instrumental [[ "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners"]], partially because that's exactly what it is.

[[AC:Greatest Hits]]
* As a greatest hits compilation, one would expect it to be ''made'' of awesome music, but the two new songs on the album, [[ "Wheels"]] and [[ "Word Forward"]], fit right in with the band's best stuff.

[[AC:Wasting Light]]
* [[ "Bridge Burning"]]
* [[ "Rope"]]
* [[ "Arlandria"]]
* [[ "These Days"]]
* [[ "I Should Have Known"]], featuring [[Music/HuskerDu Bob Mould]] and [[Music/{{Nirvana}} Krist Novoselic]].
* [[ "Walk"]], featured in Film/{{Thor}}.
* The sheer fact that this album won the Best Rock Album Grammy, as it was recorded in Dave's garage and edited with older editing techniques. A feat the band had ''already managed before'' with ''There Is Nothing Left to Lose'' (which was also recorded in Dave's garage and edited oldschool), ''One by One'', and ''Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace''. As of now, they have won that particular Grammy the most; U2 and Sheryl Crow are tied for second place.

[[AC:Sonic Highways]]
* [[ "Something From Nothing"]], the lead single from the album, is pure unadulterated awesome with [[Music/CheapTrick Rick Nielsen]] on guitar.
* The desert rock sound of [[ "Outside"]] is nearly hypnotic.
* [[ "I Am A River"]] could quite possibly be atop the plateau with "Everlong" and "Aurora." It is just ''that damn good.''

* Their live performances of [[ "Rock and Roll"]] [[note]]with Taylor on vocals[[/note]] and [[ "Ramble On"]] with [[Music/LedZeppelin Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones]] are nothing short of amazing. Dave is so obviously amazed and enthusiastic about getting to play with two of his favourite musicians, it's really endearing.
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