Awesome Music / F-Zero

Whether it's the horns from the SNES game, the electric guitar of X, or the trance techno of AX/GX, they're all awesome in some form to fit with the intensity of racing at 2,000 km/h.
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     F-Zero (SNES) 
  • The famous song that made it into practically every F-Zero game (excluding Maximum Velocity), Mute City.
  • The second famous song that made it into every game, Big Blue.
  • The Title Theme, short but it gets you pumped to race.
  • Results, a rather calm tune once you beat a race (or rank out/explode).
  • Silence has a nice peaceful start before it picks up.

     F-Zero X 

     F-Zero: Maximum Velocity 
  • Cloud Carpet features some of best guitars on the Game Boy Advance with its Theme.
  • Bianca City makes up for the lack of a Mute City.
  • Tenth Zone East is easily one of the best songs in the game.
  • Silence. Interestingly, the track is actually unused due to the fact the only Silence track is available on Single-Pak Play and there's no music. Quite a shame.
  • Fire Field. Like every other Fire Field, this features heavy guitars. Funny enough, that means Fire Field has been in every game to date.
  • The Title Theme. Like the theme in the SNES game, this one also gets you pumped up.
  • Credits is a rather sudden shift from the rocking Cup Results theme but it's techno beat is rather soothing.
  • Results, which emulates the original game's results theme.

     F-Zero GX 

     F-Zero: GP Legend/Climax 

     Misc. (Smash, Remixes)