The ''[[Franchise/DotHack .hack]]'' series has some incredible music, it can create a mood perfect for its context and is enjoyable to listen to whilst not playing.

!![[VideoGame/DotHackR1Games .hack//IMOQ]]

* [[ Blackrose's theme]].
* [[ Aura's Theme]].
** It stays just as good when changed up a bit to [[ Macha Appears]].
* [[ Dun Loireag]].
* [[ Culture City]].
* [[ Sigma Sky Root]].
* [[ Skeith: The Terror of Death]]. Such an awesome song that most of the other Phases had remixed versions of it for their own themes.
* [[ Cathedral]].
* [[ Cubia's]] [[ themes]]. Rather unorthodox for such an epic encounter, in that they are very slow-paced and haunting, yet manage to be awesome in its own way, and very fitting for the battle.

!![[VideoGame/DotHackGU .hack//G.U.]]
* [[ Eight Keys]].
* [[ Hope of Dawn]]. Aura's theme gets a makeover and is even more beautiful.
* [[ I'm Right Here!]] Skeith has to have an awesome theme. It's kind of a requirement.
* [[ The Epitaph is Told]], Ovan's theme.
* [[ Everything in These Hands]], Azure Kite's impossibly epic battle theme.
* Cubia gets three themes this time: [[ The Third Crisis]], [[ Full Force]], and [[ Final Bout]]. All are pure awesome.
* [[ You Smiled Kindly]], one of the three {{Award Bait Song}}s for the games sung by Tomoyo Mitani, aside of her role in singing the choruses for the entirety of the saga's soundtracks. [[ The Whereabouts of Truth]] is excellent as well.
* [[ Yasashii Hikari.]]
* All of the themes for the Lost Ground areas are wonderful as well, such as [[ Dead World of Indieglut Lugh]], [[ Hulle Granz Cathedral]] and [[ World of Sin Ran Hati]].
* [[ Prepared to Lose]] should be mentioned too due to being a pretty impacting piece, especially due the scene where it's heard for the first time in-game.