Awesome Music / Devil May Cry

One reason the party's always so crazy in DMC is its selection of music:
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    Devil May Cry 1 
  • Capping off the game overall comes Dante and Trish: Seeds Of Love, a credits theme that starts off with the rock and flare of the battle and boss themes before transitioning to a vocal variation of Eva and Trish's theme.

     Devil May Cry 2 
  • Shoot The Works, the second of Dante's regular battle themes, keeps the hard rocking of the first game and turns it up several notches
  • After completing both Dante and Lucia's campaigns, you're allowed to listen to Heads Or Tails, a song rather similar to that of Seeds of Love from the original game: Starting off hard rocking but breaking down into something much more mystical.

    Devil May Cry 3 

    Devil May Cry 4 
  • The Time Has Come, Nero's battle theme, and by association, Shall Never Surrender, the closing credits. "The Time has Come", being a battle theme, is very in tone with the music of the past games, whereas the second half, "Shall Never Surrender", is more soothing, almost displaying how Nero's come to terms with his demonic side, as has Kyrie, and his relationship with Dante being much closer than at the start of the game.
  • Sworn Through Swords, the theme of Berial, would fit right in with the OST of the third game. But then, the vocals ARE by Shaun Mc Pherson, vocalist of the tracks in said game.
  • "Swipe of Sword" is almost the successor to the original game's "Ultraviolet".