Awesome Music: Devil May Cry

One reason the party's always so crazy in DMC is its selection of music:
  • "Legendary Battle" from the original game. It really gets your blood pumping for the final boss.
  • "Ultraviolet" from the original game.
  • "Taste the Blood" from DMC 3.
  • "The Time Has Come" from DMC 4.
  • "Devils Never Cry" the leitmotif of Devil May Cry 3 and its special edition rerelease.
  • All Three Vergil Battle themes.
  • "Ragnarok", the final boss theme of the otherwise uneven Devil May Cry 2, packs emotion, awesomeness, and just overall sounds incredible.
  • "Darkness Instinct," the theme of the suitably terrifying Argosax the Chaos manages to be both scary and AWESOME.
  • "Trish's Theme" from DMC1 is a beautiful piece, really fitting for the development Dante goes through at that point in the game.
  • DMC Devil May Cry uses subtle hints of dubstep and similar electronica as a marker for something being demonic in nature, from Mundas's leitmotif, to background music in the various nightclubs. But during the Mundas Battle, the walls between reality and Limbo are broken, and the demonic is layed out for all to see. What better way to drive that point home, than to let the previously (relatively subtle) Wubs take the center stage?
  • "Empty" from DMC Devil May Cry. DmC's tone (and music) was a far cry from the original games, but the slow, electronic beat that alternates to electric guitar give the fight a Circle Of Extinction feel as Dante and Vergil pace around each other, looking for an opening.