Awesome Music: Dangan Ronpa

Pretty much every track qualifies, as the music was done by Masafumi Takada (of No More Heroes and God Hand).

Dangan Ronpa
  • The opening theme. It fits the mood of the game extremely well.
  • Monokumaís theme is consistently a fan favorite.
  • Mister Monokuma's tutoring. When you hear it, you know something bad is going to happen.
  • "New World Order", which usually plays at the conclusion of each chapter, is also quite popular. Notable example of awesome, at the end of chapter 4, when Kyoko reveals the identity of the sixteenth student, with this song as the background music.
  • BOX 16, a remix of the normal "investigation" music that plays during the final two investigations. It conveys the "this is the climax" message quite well.
  • The music that plays during the executions is excellent. It's slightly different each time (in fact, each execution gets its own track) but instantly recognizable.
  • Beautiful Dead, a very calming and peaceful theme, which usually plays when you're investigating a new floor.
  • Buzzkill, which plays during tense scenes.
  • Desire for Execution, a very melancholic and slow theme.
  • All three discussion themes: "Discussion-BREAK-" the basic version, "Discussion-HEAT UP-", which starts playing when things get more intense, and "Discussion-HOPE VS DESPAIR-, which is used at the very end of each trial.
  • Welcome to Despair Academy is a perfect theme for the sad scenes.
  • Climax Reasoning plays when you are adding the missing pieces to the manga. It really makes you feel like you're figuring out the entire incident.
  • Climax Return, which plays when the manga is actually shown.
  • The end credits song, Saisei -rebuild-.

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