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As a Spiritual Successor to Guilty Gear, BlazBlue has no right to not to have AWESOME music. All hail Daisuke Ishiwatari.

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    Character Themes 

    VS. Themes 
  • Under Heaven Destruction, played for Ragna vs. Jin matches. Madness and rage collide!
    • The LA Vocal Version of "Under Heaven Destruction".
    • Under Heaven Destruction II, which adds a larger sense of duality to the song when you imagine Ragna represented by the chaotic, pounding guitar, and Jin represented by the elegant, yet crazed violin. And to top it all off, the ending has been regarded as so beautiful it has actually moved people to tears.
    • The BlazBlue Alter Memory Version of "Under Heaven Destruction".
  • Imperial Code played for Jin vs. Noel matches. It also serves as the theme of the NOL. Imperial Code II takes the original's sense of hostility and turns it into full-blown insanity.
  • White Requiem, played for Ragna vs. Rachel matches. A brilliant mix of elegance and chaos. White Requiem II sounds more chaotic and hectic than the original, while still keeping the sense of elegance that comes from it.
  • Weak Executioner, played for Litchi vs. Arakune matches. It really conveys the tragedy of these two characters.
    • LA Vocal Version of "Weak Executioner", which puts the tragic tale of the two into lyrics.
    • Weak Executioner II remains faithful to the original, while adding some intro and outro sections that bring F-Zero to mind.
  • Nightmare Fiction, played for Ragna vs. Hazama matches. Perfect for two monsters tearing at each other. One sympathetic, the other... not so much. Nightmare Fiction II somehow manages to keep the menacing feel of the original while sounding significantly calmer and more grandiose.
  • Memory of Tears, played for Noel vs. Tsubaki matches.
    • Don't Look Back, the vocal version.
    • Memory of Tears II completely forgoes the original's tragic feel and instead opts for a more chaotic tone, reflecting Tsubaki's deteriorating mental state.
  • Blood Pain, played for Mirror Matches. As of Chrono Phantasma this actually plays during a story battle between Jin and Hakumen. Blood Pain II completely overhauls the original, giving it a new intro and middle section which almost compels one to fight.
  • Childish killer, the vocal version of the new Jin vs. Tsubaki theme. The instrumental version is called Cross Line. Childish killer II makes it sound even more like a Nightwish song, and now better reflects Jin and Tsubaki's current predicament.
  • X-matic (Crossmatic), the Carl vs. Relius theme. A song that perfectly captures the sad history of the Clover family, as well as having a string-instrument motif (because they're both puppeteers). X-matic II switches the sad melody to a one which makes it sound like Carl is finally ready to kill his father.
  • SIX-HEROES, which plays when... members of the Six Heroes (Hakumen, Hazama/Terumi, Valkenhayn, Platinum) fight each other. Truly badass and gives off an intimidating aura which reflects the power of each and everyone of them. In Central Fiction, Nine gets added to the list, although for story purposes, Hazama and Platinum don't have this theme play for them anymore.
  • Black & White, the new theme song for Ragna VS. Hakumen matches. While the theme probably should have been around since the first game, it's better late than never and a true testament to theme of Order Versus Chaos in the series.
  • Sector7, the theme song for matches among members (Kokonoe, Tager, Makoto, Azrael, Lambda, Celica and, as of Centralfiction, Bullet) of said organisation. A song that befits the mysterious organisation with a mix of techno beats to reflect their technological superiority.
  • Dissonance, the badass theme song for Valkenhayn VS. Relius matches.
  • in JUSTICE for Hakumen VS. Izayoi matches. Truly a clash of ideals and Justice.
  • Bloodline for Ragna & Jin vs. Izanami. An epic song that switches between the evil orchestra representing Izanami and the Epic Rocking representing her brothers, showcasing that this is the final battle, but with a very tragic air to it befitting the fact that these siblings are at odds with one another, and only one of them can leave alive.


And did we mention that we just listed the whole soundtrack?