Awesome Music / Black Sabbath

What is this that stands before me? / Figure in black which points at me / Turn around quick and start to run / Find out I'm the chosen one / Oh Nooo!

  • The amazingly riffy Supernaut.
  • Four words: "I. AM. IRON. MAN."
  • One Word: "Paranoid". "SOITTAKAA PARANOIDI!!"
  • "War Pigs" is the best protest song in the history of forever, especially the parts starting at 3:20 and 6:07.
    • The opening riff of "War Pigs" is easily one of the most awesomely ominous E-chords ever strummed. It's not hard to imagine the apocalypse being ushered in by that note. It sounds just like THE BELL OF DOOM. And when the tempo changes, you know that this song is gonna be kickass!
    • Faith No More's cover is pretty damn good, too. As for Sabbath originals, there's "Die Young" or "Into the Void".
  • "Symptom of the Universe" is another biggie. It's a pile-driving number that helped inspire the thrash movement, but what really makes it awesome is that after completing the impressive main song, they float down with an effective acoustic coda.
  • If "Children of the Grave" doesn't have you headbanging by the first power-chord, you may not have a pulse. The opening instrumental "Embryo" should also get a mention for being so twisted and evil sounding. "Children of the Grave" has such a badass opening riff that it was used in the video games Brütal Legend and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
  • "Megalomania". The studio version is awesome enough, but this 1975 live version takes it to another level, especially after the 3:50 mark. Over the top of an absolute dinosaur of a riff, Ozzy jettisons actual singing for anguished shrieks, and sounds utterly possessed.
  • "The Wizard" is just bluesy enough to rock out, and just heavy enough to fist pump to. And it shows off Ozzy's harmonica abilities.
  • Can you imagine Bruce Dickinson singing "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"? It's awesome, really.
  • "N.I.B.", particularly the bass solo at the beginning. "OH YEAH!!!"
  • "Snowblind".
  • The title track from Heaven and Hell starts with a deep, pounding riff and beat, heavy and foreboding. Dio's vocals are a melodic wail, that complement the pounding rhythm, with a matching wailing guitar solo finishing it, only for halfway through to shift to an entirely-different-in-tone breakneck speed metal epic in its own right, completely with rapid fire lyrics. Almost sounds like entirely different songs, except the transition seems so natural, even inevitable, that the listener can't help but feel that the song becomes a whole entity, and incredible masterpiece. There's a reason the reunion of the Dio-led lineup took it as the band name for their tours and reunion album.
  • "Neon Knights" and "The Mob Rules" with Dio. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, you don't have any. "The Mob Rules" was used in a trailer to Brütal Legend. It will make you run with an axe too.
  • "I" by Black Sabbath during the Dio years. If there is any way to describe it, it's as taking a Large Ham, a healthy dose of magnificent bastardry, supreme arrogance, and a complete lack of a moral compass to a blender. What comes out is a magnificent "I Am" Song.
  • This version of "Behind The Wall Of Sleep", turning an above average track from their debut album into a head-banging masterpiece.
  • Their self titled song. Truly the greatest use of Tritone ever.