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Awesome Music: Black Sabbath
What is this that stands before me? / Figure in black which points at me / Turn around quick and start to run / Find out I'm the chosen one / Oh Nooo!

  • "Changes" and "Heaven And Hell" to start it off.
  • The amazingly riffy Supernaut.
  • Four words: "I. AM. IRON. MAN."
  • One Word: "Paranoid". Though just about anything from Black Sabbath qualifies.
  • "War Pigs" is the best protest song in the history of forever, especially the parts starting at 3:20 and 6:07.
    • The opening riff of "War Pigs" is easily one of the most awesomely ominous E-chords ever strummed. It's not hard to imagine the apocalypse being ushered in by that note. It sounds just like THE BELL OF DOOM.
    • Faith No More's cover is pretty damn good, too. As for Sabbath originals, there's "Die Young" or "Into the Void".
  • "Lost Forever", "When Death Calls" (With guest apperance from Brian May!), "Call of the Wild", "The Law Maker", "Jerusalem" etc. Seriously, the albums with Tony Martin deserve more love.
  • "Symptom of the Universe" is another biggie. It's a pile-driving number that helped inspire the thrash movement, but what really makes it awesome is that after completing the impressive main song, they float down with an effective acoustic coda.
  • If "Children of the Grave" doesn't have you headbanging by the first power-chord, you may not have a pulse. The opening instrumental "Embryo" should also get a mention for being so twisted and evil sounding.
    • "Children of the Grave" has such a badass opening riff that it was used in the video games Brütal Legend and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
  • "Megalomania". The studio version is awesome enough, but this 1975 live version takes it to another level, especially after the 3:50 mark. Over the top of an absolute dinosaur of a riff, Ozzy jettisons actual singing for anguished shrieks, and sounds utterly possessed.
  • "The Wizard" is just bluesy enough to rock out, and just heavy enough to fist pump to. And it shows off Ozzy's harmonica abilities.
  • Can you imagine Bruce Dickinson singing "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"? It's awesome, really.
  • "N.I.B.", particularly the bass solo at the beginning. "OH YEAH!!!"
  • "Snowblind".
  • "Neon Knights" and "The Mob Rules" with Dio. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, you don't have any.
    • "The Mob Rules" was used in a trailer to Brütal Legend. It will make you run with an axe too.
  • "I" by Black Sabbath during the Dio years. If there is any way to describe it, it's as taking a Large Ham, a healthy dose of magnificent bastardry, supreme arrogance, and a complete lack of a moral compass to a blender. What comes out is a magnificent "I Am" Song.
  • This version of "Behind The Wall Of Sleep", turning an above average track from their debut album into a head-banging masterpiece.
  • Their self titled song. Truly the greatest use of Tritone ever.
  • "Hand of Doom" from Paranoid.
  • "The Writ", one of the few songs where the riffing takes a back seat to Ozzy's vocals.

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