Awesome / Yumekui Merry

  • When he first created his Lucid Gadget.
  • Pulling a spectacular Wounded Gazelle Gambit on Hercules, then destroying his source of power.
  • Where to begin?
  • Her introduction?
    • Not falling on Yumeji. Kicking Chaser John Doe's butt.
      • But based on recent evidence, he was holding back.
  • Her entrance before facing Chris Evergreen has her burst through the Aries astrological symbol stained glass.
  • The one to defeat Hercules isn't Merry, as one would expect, but Threepiece.
  • A lot of the big fights are just wonderfully choreographed and paced, making all of them pretty awesome. But the whole climactic battle against Pharos Hercules, complete with revelation that he's not the true mastermind after all, is just ridiculously awesome, complete with several aforementioned moments of awesome within it.