Awesome / Y: The Last Man

  • Yorick and Alter meet for the second time.
    • Also: "Enough."
  • Hero Brown, following her turn. On one occasion, she overcomes a heavy dose of sedatives to save her brother from being chopped by a ninja.
    "Rock beats scissors, bitch!"
  • One occurs off-panel, in 355's centric-issue, she stands prepared to face a large group of cannibals with a stick. The same issue had her prevent her mentor from assassinating Clinton, with two broken arms.
  • Doc Mann explaining why she won't let Yorick be killed.
    Allison: ...your hostage is my patient. Over the last four years, I have cleaned his wounds and emptied his bedpans, set his broken bones and cured him of a dozen different kinds of food poisoning. I have invested way too much of my medical genius on his pimpled ass to lose him on the table now.
  • Yorick taking down Alter to prevent her from shooting down the Soyuz return capsule. Despite her being armed with a rocket launcher and him being in one of the few types of handcuffs he can not escape from.
    355: You're a hero.
  • What the other Beth says to the deluded air traffic controller, and the fact that it works in convincing her to help land the plane. (See Take That!)
  • When Yorick, with the aid of nothing more than a church sound system, a robe and a levitation illusion, pretends to be God in order to save Beth II from an Amazon beatdown. Bonus CMOF points for hamming it up and correctly guessing that one of the Amazons was abused by her stepfather.
  • Dr Mann rescuing Yorick from her father. ("You never did pay enough attention to me"'.")
  • 355 defeating the previous 355 with both her arms broken.
  • "'Suka! 'Tchyo za ma ga'lima?!"
  • Yorick taking on Alter in his trademark gasmask, wielding 355's expandable baton.
  • Toyota sparring with Dr Mann. "Wow, I'm shocked! You're actually...not...that...good!" (stabs Mann in the shoulder) Dr Mann's earlier retort "I'm an Ivy League lesbian, bitch!" to Toyota is pretty awesome in itself.
  • Yorick's last great escape in the Distant Finale, after some last life-advice to one of his clones.