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Awesome: Word Bearers
  • Kol Badar leads a single squad of Chaos Terminators and manages to board and destroy an Imperator Titan in Dark Apostle.
  • Magos Darioq, an individual who's robotic tendencies and social abilities make him border on being a Cloudcuckoolander, gets one in Dark Apostle. He doesn't flinch when he calculates that the ruptured front half of a Thunderhawk gunship will come just shy of crashing into him. He was right, but he cinches it when he kills a surviving Chaos Terminator with ease.
  • In Dark Creed there's The Warmonger's Heroic Sacrifice where he manages to temporarily destroy the Undying One's body. (He gets better, but with a name like The Undying One, what did you expect?) Even better is that for the first time in the series we read it from his perspective and see that the Warmonger thinks he's killing the God-Damned (pun intended) EMPEROR OF MANKIND, giving a nice sense of closure for the character.
  • Every time the Ordinatus is fired in Dark Apostle.
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