Awesome / Wolfenstein 3D

  • Episode 1, level 9: A fairly iconic, yet simple, boss level. The main foyer shows a door off in the distance, and your escape from Wolfenstein. However, Hans Grosse is waiting behind the door with dual Gatling guns and wishes your a good day before aiming his gats at you. ("Guten Tag!").

    Hans Grosse in Wolfenstein (2009) references this line before he kills somebody in a bar fight with his fists, and before he fights you as the Final Boss.
  • Episode 3, level 9. Aside from the Fake Hitlers, this is the all-too-famous level where you get to face Adolf Hitler himself. In a Mecha Suit armed with quad-Gatling Guns no less.
  • Episode 6, map 9 is the boss level of Episode 6. For some players, it can be That One Level, but for others, it's a balls-to-the-wall slug-fest where you mow down an army of Nazis and then face-off against a pretty interesting boss. If you enjoy rooms packed with a lot of guards to mow down, then this level is probably your thing.
  • Episode 6, map 10, the secret level of Episode 6, provides four quadrants to explore, a fun amount of guards to mow down and plenty of challenge. This is also the only map outside of Episode 2 where you can fight Mutants again note  Three of the four quadrants have an encounter with Hans Grosse who is just as strong as ever like he was in Episode 1. Besides one other level, this is the only level in the original series where you fight "Super-guards" like a more regular enemy.