Awesome / Witness

  • It turns out to be the wrong thing to do but Book beating up the bully who's tormenting the Amish is very satisfying to watch.
  • Eli's speech to Samuel about why the Amish don't believe in violence.
  • A subtle one: Book and Rachel dancing to Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World". The whole scene is so oddly innocent that Rachel earns her subsequent indignation when Eli tells her bluntly that a relationship between her and Book can't work out. Even though he happens to be right.
  • The barn-raising. It shows in the quietest possible way just how close-knit this community is.
  • The entire district hurrying to Lapp's farm at the climax, enabling John to demonstrate to Schaeffer that he'll basically have to kill the entire town if he wants to get away with it.
  • Daniel covering for Book after Book beats up the tourist harassing him. It's more awesome since, Daniel doesn't really like Book, mainly because of Rachel's interest in him, but he's grateful of Book defending him.