Awesome / Witch Hunter

  • Tarras finally stopped being the Butt Monkey and putting the smack down on those witches in Bairong!
    • Whenever Tania enters battle is almost guaranteed to be this. She's awesome even in a two-page flashback.
  • Tasha, in general.
  • Anything Varete does. Anything. She would be a Hero Killer if she actually bothered to kill anyone instead of merely giving them a violent lesson in how weak they are in comparison to her.
  • Lee is indubitably a villain and a fratricidal Jerk Ass, and the entire situation is a real Tear Jerker when you know the back-story, but see if you don't cheer just a little when he intervenes to stop the Mind Hive-possessed Xing from killing Yue, then proceeds to No Sell a massive attack with a Punch Catch.
    • Moments later, Lee ends the fight spectacularly. Just as the emperor had finished his grandiose speech about revealing his true power, even.
  • Ryuwhan curb stomps just about everyone. And for those he can't, he still puts up a good showing.
  • Tasha sniping Rose's supporter and Halloween clearing the way, showing off just how much they improved.
  • Visul revealing her true powers, especially in Lee's flashback with her where she killed all of the Emperor's personal assassins sent after him. Even though in the present day, she undergoes the Worf Effect and has to get rescued by Tarras, as seen at the top of this page.