Awesome / Witch Hunter

  • Tarras finally stopped being the Butt Monkey and putting the smack down on those witches in Bairong!
  • Tasha, in general.
  • Anything Varete does. Anything. She would be a Hero Killer if she actually bothered to kill anyone instead of merely giving them a violent lesson in how weak they are in comparison to her.
  • Lee is indubitably a villain and a fratricidal Jerk Ass, and the entire situation is a real Tear Jerker when you know the back-story, but see if you don't cheer just a little when he intervenes to stop the Mind Hive-possessed Xing from killing Yue, then proceeds to No Sell a massive attack with a Punch Catch.
    • Moments later, Lee ends the fight spectacularly. Just as the emperor had finished his grandiose speech about revealing his true power, even.
  • Ryuwhan curb stomps just about everyone. And for those he can't, he still puts up a good showing.
  • Tasha sniping Rose's supporter and Halloween clearing the way, showing off just how much they improved.