Awesome / Winnetou

The Movies

  • The railroad workers rerouting the rails so the train can crash into the saloon.

The Novels

  • The way Old Shatterhand handles the buffalo hunt, and the grizzly fight the next day. Not to mention his taming of Mary, Sam Hawkens' new mule.
  • Old Shatterhand not only stealthily rescuing Winnetou and Intschu-tschuna from the Kiowa, but also managing to snatch a hair lock from Winnetou while releasing him, without either the guard or Winnetou himself noticing.
  • Old Shatterhand manages to win several battles in quick succession in the matter of a few hours. First, he kidnaps and threatens Tangua in order to free the Apache prisoners. Then he fights a duel to the death with Kiowa giant Metan-Acva (Lightning-Knife) in order to save the lives of said Apache prisoners — and manages to kill the guy in about two minutes, including the requisite trash talk here. Then the rest of the Apache troops attack and he is forced to knock out Intschu-tschuna, and then immediately do the same to Tangua in order to prevent him killing the Apache chief while he was out cold (sustaining a knife injury from Tangua in the meantime). And then Winnetou shows up, thinks Old Shatterhand had killed his father, and things go downhill from there: he nearly paralyzes Old Shatterhand with a rifle butt blow to the shoulder, stabs him through the jaw and tongue, then they end up wrestling and Old Shatterhand manages to knock him out as well. And then an unknown Apache warrior shows up and knocks Old Shatterhand out with a blow to the head. The fact that the greenhorn survives the heavy wounds is, in Winnetou's own words, nothing short of miraculous.
  • The way Old Shatterhand manages to save the lives of both himself and his friends, punish Tangua for his lies, gain the respect of the Apaches and, most importantly, Winnetou's trust and frienndship, all by being a very cunning swimmer. (And hanging on to that hair lock we mentioned above.)
  • Old Shatterhand rescuing Sam Hawkens from the Kiowas by kidnapping Tangua's favorite son, Pida.
  • Old Shatterhand surviving the hurricane at the beginning of "Winnetou II".
  • Old Shatterhand kicking the crap out of Santer — while he is lying down, the Kiowas are tying him up and Santer himself tries to simultaneously take Winnetou's will from Charlie's pocket and strangle him. Old Shatterhand punches him, kicks him and headbutts him hard enough to send him flying each time. The Kiowas pretty much stare in respectful amazement at the display, until he tells them to get on with the whole tying him up thing.
  • Old Shatterhand getting so pissed off at Santer that he manages to break free of his leather bonds (and almost uproots the torture pole he was attached to in the process). It takes the entire Kiowa tribe to restrain him again, and they get pretty banged up in the process, though they are so impressed with his strength they don't actually seem to mind.