Awesome / Will & Grace

  • During Jack's attempt to protest against NBC over a censored same-sex kiss on his favourite soap, Will joins him in a crowd scene with Al Roker on The Today Show. In part to get Jack to shut up about the issue, Will kisses him on live TV, demolishing Craig's assertion that "You will never see two men kissing on network television."
  • Karen getting revenge on the slime ball for releasing her fetish film by put on a glove on her hand to slap him. "You think let my bare hand touch your face, God only knows where it been!"
  • In the series finale, Will shuts up a homophobic churchy patient's declamation with a big kiss. After that, the patient says: "call me?"
  • In "Grace Replaced", after Grace and Val went from physically and verbally fighting each other, to talking it out at Will's behest, to almost immediately becoming good friends, complete with Val trying on Grace's clothes to replace the shirt she tore, Will laughs to himself and says "straight men must be out of their minds."