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Awesome: Wild Wild West
  • West and Gordon's attack on the Loveless's Spider Tank, using a flying machine Gordon just put together. Sure it didn't do all that much in the end but, it was awesome.
  • Riding into the Sunset on a giant mechanical spider was not only a subversion, it was an AWESOME one!!!
  • Gordon's Exactly What I Aimed At moment:
    Loveless: After all that, you missed?
    Gordon: Actually, I didn't.
    (One of the mechanical legs is leaking hydraulic fluid, and Loveless sinks to the floor, unable to keep pounding on West.)
  • How about those opening credits? The music makes it even better.
  • One of the mooks shows off his martial arts skills and claims he "learned that from a China man." West's reaction? Hit him in the face with a shovel and snark, "I just made that up."
  • President Grant's reaction upon being confronted by a lunatic Confederate terrorist riding a huge mechanical spider having marched right up to him:
    Grant: [Perfectly calm] Dr. Loveless. That's a fine spider you have there. What can I do for you today?
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