Awesome / Whose Line Is It Anyway?

UK version:

  • Stephen Fry (yes, that one) has a very unique way of playing Number of Words (normally one of the harder games) here. You even see him counting off on his fingers a few times.
    Fry: I'm going to count... to six.
    • "Well, I'm sorry, but it gets." (Beat) "My goat to hear her talking."
  • A game of Expert (obviously from the show's early years) had "taxidermist" as the suggestion for what Ryan was an expert on. Greg is then faced with the task of interviewing an unresponsive Ryan, who spends the entire game completely motionless. He doesn't flinch. He doesn't blink. He never once cracked a smile until the buzzer sounded. Even on repeat viewings, it's a mesmerizing, awesome performance.
  • See the Josie Lawrence "faux-Albanian" clip. That was Jim's very first time on the show, where he got the idea to follow the trend of taking potshots at Josie. And he pulled it off.
    "Sheep come in lots of different sizes. Little, middle and big. I like stroking the big ones... Some of those sheep play really hard-to-get..."
  • Caroline Quentin's Song Styles duet with Josie, from the incredible pipes she unleashed to Colin and Ryan's standing ovation. To think the song was supposed to be about a beached whale.
    • Quentin's Hoedown verse about being stood up also deserves a mention. She does it with an authentic country twang and it took her all of fifteen seconds to come up with the verse as she was the first performer.
  • On the last season of the British version of the show, Colin makes an awesome crack at Clive in World's Worst.
  • In one of his first British appearances, Ryan is chosen to be the host of Party Quirks. He immediately guesses every quirk mere seconds after the guest walks in the door, and never has to be the host ever again.

First US version:

  • One episode had Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg as special guest. Colin went toe-to-toe with her on "Questions Only," and managed to buzz her out.
  • One of Colin's best must have been during the "Going Bald" hoedown, after both Drew Carey and Brad Sherwood had riffed on Colin's distinct lack of hair. The look on his face as he is about to deliver it just cements it:
    Colin: People always kid me 'cause I'm losing all my hair / I can't really help it that I'm follically impaired! / It really is quite horrible, but my life is not through / I still get way more sex than either Brad or Drew!note 
  • This Newsflash game is widely considered the show's single funniest game and the most awesome and heartwarming for Mochrie, if only for the line:
    Colin: It all started with a badly-timed bald joke!
    • Which ironically makes it the best timed bald joke ever. Also, you can calculate to the second where it dawns on him that it's a montage of him from earlier episodes.
  • "We're watching animal porn!" Colin says something stupid, realizes how stupid it was, and delivers a spectacular punchline to his own stupid statement... all in less than seven seconds.
    • Best part, Colin is so professional and so good at keeping a straight face (while Colin often gets Ryan to crack, Colin himself almost never breaks) that after the punch line, he consciously avoided looking at Ryan in order to help himself keep a straight face and didn't loosen up until Ryan broke character, signaling the scene was temporarily over.
  • And from that same episode, we have Wayne and Jeff performing a jaw-dropping operatic song about motorcycles. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Considering the unscripted nature of this show, a few Moments stem from the genuine unplanned accidents that take place. Special mention must be made here of Ryan Stiles, who accidentally shattered the neon light on Drew's desk with his head, and refused to break character until the scene had ended. Less damaging but equally Awesome 'accidents' include:
  • A not-as-accidental one: Ryan, Wayne and Chip find out during one Hollywood Director game that the Stomp style of musicals actually fit perfectly into the show's improvised format. The fact that the whole audience is clapping along by the end says it all.
    • In a similar vein, this Sound Effects involves Colin as a monk who sneaks out of a monastery for a night on the town, so Ryan sort-of-beatboxes a club theme with Gregorian chanting thrown in. It works.
    • And of course the infamous Y.M.C.A parody where Wayne and the others sing to a crowd member named "Howard". The tempo on the keyboard malfuctions, and the song suddenly speeds up, with the whole troupe trying to keep up.
      • And in the same game, Wayne manages to misspell Howard ("H-O-R-W-A-R-D!"). Throw in Howard's profession (designing closures for hazardous waste sites), Howard's enthusiasm and lack of rhythm, and the silly hats, and you have a perfect storm of hilarity.
  • The Newsflash game is known for its use of increasingly obscure footage that most people wouldn't even believe existed - yet Colin has not only guessed very closely each time, but in one case, gave the movie's exact name.
  • Chip's killer Snagglepuss impression during a Weird Newscasters, finishing by running off and leaving his stool rocking just like in a Hanna Barbera cartoon. It's pretty much impossible to tell if that was deliberate. The only way it could have been better is if he actually got Colin to crack up afterwards; as it is he still needs a few seconds to regain his composure, something he's usually doing to everyone else.
  • Awesome for Wayne and for the show's musicians - watch the back and forth between Wayne (singing in the style of Louis Armstrong) and the trumpet player here.
  • One round of Weird Newscasters had Chip, as a gameshow announcer, inadvertently sabotaging Colin's Theme Naming shtick by calling out his actual name. It doesn't stop him.
    "Iiiiiiintroducing COOOOLIIIIINN!!!!"
    (Beat) "...Welcome to the 6 o'clock news, I'm Colin Themarines."
  • After the director stops a sketch from being about Hitler, all the performers run with it for the rest of the show, sneaking references to Hitler into almost every sketch. Drew gets into the act by keeping a list of all the things it's apparently more okay to make fun of than Hitler.
  • The crowner for Colin could have been that one game of Greatest Hits where he joined in on all of the dancing.
  • Ryan said that his best time on the show was when he gave a passionate kiss to Florence Henderson.
  • Sid Caesar's guest appearance. It's great to pay tribute to a comedy legend, but when he came on stage, he looked a little worse for wear. Then he breaks out into the greatest round of Dubbing the show has ever seen.
  • Brad finds words that rhyme with the name Naroshi.
    • Even funnier when Drew jokingly dares Brad "try rhyming that!" As you can see, he does.
    • Bonus awesome points for actually making Ryan crack up laughing.
  • Wayne working the word pachyderm into a song.
  • One game of Greatest Hits featured Wayne and Josie having to sing in the style of GILBERT AND SULLIVAN. But really, all of the songs are just awesome.
  • Colin Mochrie is Captain Hair!
  • Wayne's absurdly high note at the end of this game of Greatest Hits.
  • Once when Wayne, Ryan, and Chip were playing Motown Group: Wayne and Chip turned in their usual brilliant musical performances; Ryan, who's usually so-so at the musical games, busts out w/ a phenomenal bass verse, stealing the scene from Wayne and Chip.
  • Stephen Colbert's appearance. He was hilarious throughout but his CMOA was probably Foreign Film. The fake language was German and since Colbert actually speaks German every line he said was an actual German phrase including a line from one of Hitler's speeches ("Heute Deutschland, morgen die Welt!"/"Today Germany, tomorrow the world!").
  • A nice pair of zingers between Colin and Wayne during a game of World's Worst TV Advertisements.
    Wayne: Order Colin Mochrie's guide to dialects in different countries! You get French, "HALLO!", Spanish, "HALLO!", Indonesian, "HALLO!"
    Colin: The Wayne Brady surfboard - with a bump big enough to sit on!
  • The episode with Robin Williams as a whole. Awesome for Robin because he fit the show's format like a glove, and awesome for Ryan, Wayne and Colin because they managed to hold their own with Robin freakin' Williams, one of the most manic improvisors ever.
  • One episode ended with Drew participating in a World's Worst "priest or rabbi"; his impression of Jerry Lewis as a rabbi practically brought down the house.
  • Denny Siegel makes the best Let's Make A Date guess of all time. You know you've scored one when you can get a reaction from Colin AND Ryan.
    Denny (guessing Wayne, who's actually Jar Jar Binks): Wait a minute, bachelor number one, are you dating Woody Allen?
    Drew (after everyone else finally stops laughing): No, but that's a great guess, though.
  • For Kathy Greenwood:
    Drew: (reading) "Things You Can See From The Moon Other Than The Great Wall of China."
    Kathy: "Hey look, those are Ryan's shoes!"
    • One round of Song Styles has her effectively humping Colin and Wayne in the chest - and Wayne loves it!
    Drew: "I gotta say Kathy Greenwood, that was some of your best work!
    • She actually got a playing of Party Quirks completely right. Because it's a special occasion for Kathy, Drew gives her 3000 points.
  • The game of Party Quirks where Colin is obsessed with confirming everyone's gender. His total commitment to this role sells it. Definitely Crosses the Line Twice.
  • During a game of "Props," Ryan and Drew are horsing around with horseshoe-shaped pink foam pads. Drew doesn't miss the chance for comedic gold and has Ryan play the appropriately-shaped tall and skinny pole while Drew flings his "horseshoes" at him with granny-style tosses. Drew misses the first toss miserably. Not expecting to nail the second, he chucks it at Ryan's head... and gets it hooked around his neck. Cue cheering from the amazed crowd, Ryan smiling with utter humility (his expression says, "I can't believe he actually did it - and now I look like a fool again"), and a priceless look of sheer astonishment and happiness on Drew's face as he celebrates with a victory dance.
  • After Richard Simmons has some fun in "Living Scenery," his insane, over-the-top antics have Ryan and Wayne laughing their asses off, Greg can barely contain himself from his seat, Colin, the hardest to crack out of the guys, has completely lost his composure, Drew's in tears from laughing so hard, and everyone in the studio audience is thrashing wildly with the greatest laughter ever triggered in one single show, something so rare and unprecedented it may very well be THE funniest episode Whose Line ever spawned during the course of the whole series.
    Kinley Mochrie: That man (referring to her father, Colin) did things with Richard Simmons that no one else would do!
  • Drew's comeback to a fat joke Ryan makes at the beginning of this video
    Drew: A lot of people forget that on The Drew Carey Show, Ryan and I have been totally naked.
    Ryan: Of course, some of us needed a wide angle lens.
    Drew: And some of us needed a zoom.
  • Ryan's incredibly moving (as well as hysterical) monologue during a game of Weird Newscasters, in which he plays a demanding temperamental Hollywood actor trying to give an Oscar winning performance. Given the standing ovation he got from both the audience and other performers, he succeeded big time.
    • Made even better when accompanied by sad violin.
  • This game of African Chant sung to Julia, a dance instructor who definitely stole the show when she started leading the performers with dance.
  • During one episode, when Drew announced Colin, Ryan, and Wayne for the next game, the audience cheered even louder than ever, to the point where the three ended up giving a bow before the game even began!
  • Colin as Disco Boy in this game of Superheroes. His dance moves were surprisingly swift, and the entire room roared in thunderous applause (Drew even gave him a standing ovation).
  • The "Greatest Hits" about taxi drivers had three great songs: "I Can't Pronounce the Driver's Name" (in the style of disco), "I Think We're Goin' Around in Circles" (in the style of Elvis), and "Your Air Freshener Smells Like Crap" (in the style of heavy metal). Jeff and Wayne had amazing singing chemistry.
  • Brad does a fantastic impression of Fred Schneider from The B-52s, and always gets an enthusiastic audience response. In the first instance he did this (in the Greatest Hits about ant farmers), the audience applauded/cheered after he had only sang two words.
  • Let's face it: we would buy absolutely anything if only it was advertised by Colin and Ryan.
  • In general: The cast famously hated Hoedown. But Drew loved it and kicked ass at it. A game that was loathed by a collection of some of the world's best improv comedians for being so dang difficult, and the host, not a trained improv performer, was the best at it.
    • This hoedown, of the rare Ryan-less variety, is perhaps the crowning achievement, with all of the performers firing on all cylinders and Chip giving the absolutely perfect final line

Second US version:

  • Wayne was named an executive producer. He has a lot of good ideas, and he has given a lot to the show. He deserves it.
  • While the first episode was good but a bit uneven, the second episode of the new CW version demonstrated that Whose Line has made a solid comeback with one of the funniest "Scenes From A Hat" rounds in series history. Clearly they needed that first episode for practice.
    • The musical games have come back, with Laura Hall and Linda Taylor once again providing the music.
    • They also brought a bunch of the old crew back. The buzzer even makes the same sound as before. It's like coming back home.
    • During the Helping Hands segment, Ryan passes popcorn to special guest Kevin McHale by pouring it into his own mouth and shooting it to Kevin's. Kevin catches one
    • Also, by the third episode Aisha Tyler has started making Canada jokes and issuing joke points. While she's not as good as Drew yet, she's clearly opening up to the cast.
    • The revival got renewed for a second season within two weeks of its premiere because of high ratings.
      • The first two episodes brought in an average of 2.96 million viewers (only one other show on the network that week managed to get over 1 million viewers) and averaged a 1.15 rating among viewers 18-49, whereas most shows on the network over the summer are lucky to get a 0.5 18-49 rating.
    • Kyle Richards (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) doing the splits.
    • In "What's in the Bag" in the first episode, Colin finds a pair of sunglasses in the bag, puts them on, and tells Wayne "Sorry, there's just a bit of a shine." That's right, Colin finally made a bald joke at someone else's expense.
  • Speaking of which, the first Gary Anthony Williams episode. You can see him gesturing for Wayne and Colin to join him on stage for the "bad hairloss commercial" one. That's right, it was his idea.
  • The Kevin McHale episode. Colin's claim of holding a note for 50 minutes may not actually pan out that way, but YOU try making one breath last 15 seconds.
  • Wilson Bethel plays a doctor-themed Helping Hands with Ryan and Colin. Ordinarily, this is a game where Colin gets to shove potentially disgusting things into Ryan's mouth. Instead, Wilson shows what a good sport he is. Aisha actually cheers at the bravado.
  • The Lisa Leslie episode.
    • Ryan actually getting to work with a woman his size.
    • Heather Anne was happy and honored to meet Lisa. It was a definite girl power moment for her.
  • The second Nyima Funk episode, with Living Scenery. After Ryan brings up waffles, Nyima gets the idea to pose prettily and remain very still, giving Ryan the idea to treat her like a particular brand of waffle syrup known for a distinctive bottle design. Possibly the only time you'll see one of the old guys follow the new guy's lead.
  • Another one for the "Greatest of Greatest Hits" collection: Wayne and Jeff sing "Pulling Sally's Pigtails" as Kanye West and Neil Diamond.
  • One episode brought back the Irish Drinking Song, and well, let's just say that Colin Mochrie STILL got it after all these years!
    • Similarly, the return of Hoedown, in particular, how excited Aisha was knowing that the fans had been waiting for it for so long (judging by the huge applause it got when it was announced), and that she'd get a front-row seat to the players having to suffer through their favorite game in the world.
  • Linda Taylor played some EPIC guitar riffs during the game of Dubbing with Jack Osbourne; Aisha even awarded her 5,000 points for it.
  • Nyima Funk had a moment of awesome in the Scenes From a Hat where the topic was "Tattoos you don't want to discover on a new partner's body". Wayne said "Next rest area ten miles?" and without missing a beat... well, you gotta see it for yourself.
  • One word: boing. Even Ryan said "What is happening here?" in the middle of it.
  • I have performed in a choir full of a-holes, but never this literally.
  • If you're only familiar with Ryan's (or any of 'em really) ridiculous Elvis Presley impression, you may not be prepared for Wayne's near-perfect rendition of Jailhouse Rock-era Elvis.
  • Kunal Nayyar's Metal Scream.
    • Also from that episode, Aisha interrupts Ryan's suggestion in Scenes from a Hat where he's playing a Doctor. Ryan glares at her, and says "he's in the middle of fucking surgery."
  • Ryan being a sperm cell in "Party Quirks" and tackling a "didn't want to come" joke. It got past the censors!
  • Much like Wilson Bethel above, Padme Lakshmi from Top Chef scores one when she gamely eats something that Colin was going to feed to Ryan.
  • Forget Breaking the Fourth Wall, Kathie Lee Gifford breaks the first wall by taking what Colin would've fed to Ryan to feed Brad and Wayne!
  • The fans get one for following through on their calls for a revival, watching Whose Line? lovingly, and quickly earning the show a third season.
  • The entire "sexy jobs" Scenes from a Hat, and pretty much that entire episode was a Crowning Moment of Awesome. From Wayne finally getting the best of Aisha with the waxing gag, to Jeff Davis milking a bull, to Wayne's impression of Stephen Hawking, to Jeff taking over the camera, Ryan taking over Aisha's buzzer, and Aisha herself smacking the buzzer with her breast... It transcended funny and went right for awesome.
  • Gary Anthony Williams plays a British metal singer in a game of Duet. And pulls it off remarkably well!
    • Gary again in a ragtime number in Greatest Hits, which earns uproarious applause.
  • On Thanksgiving Day 2014, Whose Line? aired in a two-hour block from 8P.M. to 10P.M., just like ABC used to do when their schedule was lean. Treat for the fans, perfect ratings opportunity, win-freaking-win!
    • They did it again on Thanksgiving Day 2015, with even higher ratings.
    • On Thanksgiving Day 2016, they did it yet again.
  • Ryan, Wayne, and Jeff parodying Les MisÚrables during a game of Hollywood Director. The "Do You Hear the People Sing?" style song that the three come up with is purely epic, and Wayne even manages to gather an entire crowd of audience members to play the ensemble!
  • The singing part of "Scenes from a Hat" in the Heather Morris episode, which went from funny to epic as practically everyone brought their singing A-game.
  • The game of Living Scenery where Colin lifts Randy "The Natural" Couture. Yes, that Randy Couture. Damn!
    • To clarify: Colin picks up Randy Couture. Not the other way around. And hits Wayne with him. (okay, it's a light tap, but still)
    • He does it again in the episode with Chris Jericho.
  • Aisha takes an unforeseen leap by getting out of the chair and actually joining in for one "Scenes from a Hat".
  • Brad Sherwood hits it out of the park, three times in a row.
  • They got Bill Nye the Science Guy on the show. Seriously. One of the few special guests who can match Colin and Ryan in age... and can still bust more dance moves than both of them combined!
  • More representation from Dancing with the Stars in season 4 with Alfonso Riberio. After getting around the implications of three black guys in an 80s hiphop number, Alfonso proceeds to light the stage on fire.
  • In a way, the sea creatures Newsflash leads to the audience becoming surprisingly quiet and well-behaved for a change, most likely fixated with the shots of seldom-seen sealife.
  • The game of Props from the same ep really shows how the guys have learned to step up their game, from Jon spitting water as part of his bird bath act to Wayne putting his own shoes on his hands for... well, just watch. For some, it's just the fact that Jonathan Mangum did a long overdue Doctor Who reference that the audience got!
  • After they barely get the stage back up when Alfonso Riberio lit it on fire, Brett Dier proceeds to tear it down.
  • Taking Audience Participation Up to Eleven, one "Let's Make a Date" has Ryan as a busy worker ant who rallies the audience behind him as the rest of the 'colony'. He empties an entire block!
  • Brad Sherwood again, this time earning some kind of medal of honor when Scenes from a Hat does "if Olympics athletes were drunk". Brad as a pole vaulter breaks into a shaky run, makes a full U-turn and runs back up the stage, where he makes a fantastic flying leap off the edge!
  • The episode with Tony Cavalero churns out two for the price of one:
    • Song Styles - Wayne grabs an additional suggestion from Tony and does his song about pro wrestling, leading up to a playful mock-grapple between them. Tony reaches to tag Colin in the back, and he flat out rejects it - Wayne reaches to tag Aisha, who literally leaps with both feet into action, pinning and straddling Tony on the floor.
    Wayne: Let's hear it for Tony Cavalero and defending champion Aisha Tyler!!
    • Dubbing revisits the Jack Osbourne one with Linda Taylor lending impromptu guitar riffs again, but then goes even further when Wayne successfully gets Laura Hall to jam out on the piano at the same time. Ryan and Colin sorta-singing in time with the beat just adds to it.
    • Much like Brad's death-defying stunt above, Greg flips a big one to everyone who thought the older guys would be less relevant now, by snarking it up across the whole episode.
  • Chip Esten. Guest starring. On Whose Line. Season 13!
    • And now Colin is an executive producer as well, along with Ryan and Wayne.
  • One Special Guest is Wanye Morris of Boys II Men fame. Put him alongside Wayne for Song Styles and already you have epicness in the making.
    • Wanye in Helping Hands leads to another historical moment - not only the guest digging into the same stuff Colin normally feeds to Ryan, but also for spitting it all into Colin's hands just like Ryan always does. Wanye celebrates along with the audience, and rightfully so.
  • The long-awaited tribute to Hamilton in season 5 episode 14. Since Wayne actually starred in the show at one point, it's clear that he knew exactly what he was doing throughout the song.