Awesome / Where Eagles Dare

  • Smith gets his when he accomplishes his mission (exposing the traitors) with a brilliant Batman Gambit: He holds everyone at gunpoint, saying that until he gets proof that says otherwise, everyone's an enemy. He reveals himself to be a German spy, and tells Schaffer to drop his machine-pistol. Then he has the three German double agents write down the names of every German spy in Britain they know of to prove they are truly German agents. Once they do so, he tells them that he, a British officer, just played them all for fools, and Schaffer falls right into sync. The awesome part is that Smith had tipped Schaffer off without anybody knowing about it. When he had Schaffer at gunpoint, he told him to discard his machine-pistol, despite the fact that he knew Schaffer had a silenced handgun, and that Schaffer knew he knew. Schaffer wasn't quite sure what was going on, but the fact that Smith "forgot" to mention his sidearm clued him in to the fact that something was up.
  • Schaffer gets his moment when he holds off a detachment of Germans in a hallway using two MP40s. When they start throwing grenades, he throws them right back, only retreating when they start throwing them two or three at a time.