Awesome / Weezer

  • Every single music video.
    • The video for "Pork And Beans" featured a slew of YouTube stars circa-2007. Awesome at the time, still kind of dizzying today as a nostalgia trip.
  • The sick guitar solo from "Tired of Sex".
  • The music video for Photograph shows home made clips of what the band did during the Green Album Tour. Somewhere between clips of Rivers playing soccer and everyone playing pranks on their new bassist, the band is shown performing on stage as Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D barge onto the stage and join in.
  • A short clip of a live performance started making the rounds online due to the fact that while playing "Beverly Hills", Pat Wilson caught a frisbee that was thrown by an audience member, held it in his mouth for a few moments, and put it back down without missing a beat.
  • "Pork & Beans" being a basic ode to the Internet, hitting Hilarious in Hindsight as the Internet culture began to grow after the song.
  • Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Just read some fans' ecstatic reactions at finally having another good Weezer album. Some of the most unexpected enthusiasm came from the notoriously cynical /mu/, adding a nice layer of heartwarming to the whole thing.