Awesome / Wax Works

Between the Nausea Fuel and The Many Deaths of You, Wax Works has a few impressive moments.
  • Jack the Ripper, who is none other than your twin brother in the London Waxwork, likes causing trouble and making you look bad just for looking like him — to the point where you can be arrested and hanged if you come across the police, or beaten to death by a lynch mob if they catch you. With that in mind- nothing is more satisfying and awesome in that waxwork than to defeat the bastard in a sword fight- your swordstick versus his knife. Awesome music ensues after fatally stabbing him and causing him to fall backward into the River Thames.
    • Knocking him into the Thames wound up being a backup killing plan in case he didn't actually die from the stabbing, à la horror movie villains. The state of the Thames at that time was less than pristine, so getting Thames water in a stab wound would likely finish someone off.
  • The Graveyard's protagonist is a simple gravedigger who went to retrieve his shovel, who ends up taking on a powerful necromancer and his entire army of zombies and winning despite the massive power gap.
  • If Alex's dream is any indication, the last thing Ixona the witch saw before her death during the climax was the last of the evil twins basically transformed into a literal demon with horns and giving her, her curse, and Beelzebub what would be equal to a cosmic middle finger.
    • The Reveal that YOU were the cursed twin brother who was destined to turn to evil, and sought after both ending the curse and saving your good twin is awesome as it is heartwarming.