Awesome / Walk the Line

  • At the end features Johnny at Folsom starting off the legendary concert where he not only calls the prisoners his best audience, tips his hat to them, and throws a glass of dirty water down to the ground, but also shouts "This one's for your Warden!" before singing "Cocaine Blues"
  • June grows tired of Johnny's constant marriage propositions and flatly states he is only allowed to talk to her on stage. He later interrupts the concert to propose marriage to her in front of a crowd of hundreds.
  • Johnny's dealer shows up to his new house just after Thanksgiving, and is promptly told to leave. By June's father. At shotgun-point. Look closely and you can see that sweet old Mother Maybelle Carter is also wielding a shotgun.
  • The entirety of Reese Witherspoon's performance.
    • Especially the part where she starts throwing beer bottles at the entire drunken band and yells, "You can't walk no line!"
    • It gets even more awesome because after it was announced that Witherspoon was cast, people were outraged that she was cast, given she was known for fluffy romantic comedies at the time and her casting was seen as disrespectful to a music icon like June Carter. Instead, she proved them all wrong and gave the most acclaimed female performance of 2005, garnering all the awards, culminating in the Academy Award for Best Actress. Disrespectful, indeed.
    • Or can we acknowledge that Joaquin completely improvised pulling an entire sink out of a wall?