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Awesome: Wakfu
  • The final part of episode 12, depicting the last seconds of a Gobbowl match, is made of pure awesome (with a pint of Dragon Ball thrown in). The few minutes that follow are excellent too.
  • Ruel and Sadlygrove's Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 14, followed by Amalia & Moon's.
  • The entire episode 17 is an Awesome battle between Nox and Grougaloragran. Those guys are pure Badass.
  • The last three episodes are a feature-length CMOA all by themselves.
  • Yugo almost teleporting into space.
  • Yugo fighting Nox.
  • This usually happens when Sadlygrove gets serious.
  • The gang gets a collective one in "Le Silence des Anneaux" with a big fight scene that looks like it came straight from the animes, complete with cheesy Shounen-esque music.
  • The Fact that Sadlygrove's old master came back from the dead, simply because Sadlygrove wasn't sure of his way in life, and that he was bored, is pretty awesome in itself, then there is the fact that he truly did come back, as even Rubilax is terrified to see him.
  • Adamai vs Qilby fight. Adamai lost in the end, but it still showed just how dangerous an adult Eliatrope can be.
  • The various tidbits of Rushu vs Goultard near the end of the series. It started with Goultard curbstomping Rushu, prompting him to assume his true form. Goultard simply continued punching him around like a ragdoll, prompting Rushu to re-absorb his Sushus, gaining a massive power boost, which simply evened the playing field. Ultimately, Goultard made a Heroic Sacrifice of pulling Rushu back to his dimension, although he's shown to be alive and continued the fight in Rushu's home dimension afterwards, still evenly matched.
  • The Kickstarter campaign to create an official English dub concluded on 2/19/14, finishing with a total of $483,524, over six times its original starting goal of $80,000 and making it one of the top five most-funded projects in the entire Kickstarter Animation category.


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